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Eat-LA.com is now accepting advertising from a limited number of like-minded businesses. Here’s the story:

Eat-LA.com is all about community, and our community is growing fast! We have almost 11,000 Twitter followers, an active Facebook page, and on this site we are averaging:

— 39,000 visitors per month
— 163,000 page views per month

More importantly, we have built a community of readers who check in frequently for our interviews, food stories, features, events and new restaurant reviews. Our editorial content is smart, informed, entertaining and (unlike at many other online and print publications in town) completely free of influence from advertisers.

We only have a few ad spaces, and they’re filling up fast, both because of our high-quality site and our modest rates. At $100 to $500 per month, our rates are dramatically lower than print publications. But how many coffee-table magazines get looked at 181,000 times per month?

If you’d like to find out more about advertising, please call us at 626.793.9796 or e-mail info at prospectparkbooks.com.

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