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San Tung (San Francisco, CA)

San Tung 1031 Irving St San Francisco, CA 94122 Dining date: 12/24/12 San Tung is consistently one of San Francisco’s most popular Chinese restaurants, known for its long waits almost as much as its food. Located in the Sunset district of the city, the first-come first-served restaurant always seems to have a crowd waiting outside, [...]


Ike’s Place Reluctantly May Have a Few Dodgers Sandwiches When It Comes to L.A.

Apparently, even their good sandwiches look like bad burritos up there As Grub Street noted back in 2011, Ike’s Place, a popular purveyor of big, messy sandwiches in San Francisco, is coming to L.A. The restaurant catapulted to fame after appearing on Man Vs. Food, which generally sets the tone for these monstrosities from the [...]


Men-Oh: Bowling a perfect 10 in Little Tokyo ramen

Tokushima ramen with a richly porky broth Men Oh Tokushima is certainly no secret – it was named Little Tokyo’s best ramen by Jonathan Gold in this exhaustively helpful guide to ramen published on Super Bowl weekend. But it’s still so new that on the very day the article appeared, the ramen shop wasn’t even [...]


Horse Meat Scandal; Canal House Cooks; History of the A&P

How did horse meat end up in frozen beef burgers in the UK? A journalist untangles the EU’s complicated food web to find out. Plus, a history of the A&P.


Bartender Johan Stein Replaces Dave Fleisher at Freddy Smalls

The King’s Garden David Fleisher recently moved on from his roost at Freddy Smalls Bar + Kitchen, after introducing West L.A. to the killer craft cocktails of this dimly lit neighborhood bar and restaurant. Now in his place is Johan Stein, a Venice local with past experience working under Julian Cox at Sotto and the [...]


What to Eat at Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza, Opening Monday in Culver City

Fried green olives with crushed almonds at Wildcraft Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza is currently soft-serving friends and family on Culver Boulevard, opening to the public this Monday at 11:30 A.M. This tight everyday Italian concept was conceived by Abigaile owners Jed Sanford and Chris Stone, with the Hermosa Beach restaurant’s SGV-raised chef, Tin Vuong, and partner [...]


Free Boozy Punch at The Varnish on Sunday

Eric Alperin at The Varnish The Varnish, the Downtown bar that scored a win for “Best American Cocktail Bar” at the Tales of the Cocktail competition this summer, is turning four this Sunday (drinking dens are so cute at that age).But why do you really care? Because the destination is celebrating by giving everyone free [...]


Andre Guerrero Dreams of Ramen

Guerrero with fellow participants at Noodle Bowl Fest in Santa Monica “We’ve been talking about doing a ramen noodle concept…We’re going to do little small plates, little dumplings and of course the main course would be soup noodles, probably ramen and a couple others. This isn’t the last time you’ll see me doing soup noodles.”—Andre [...]


Evan Funke @ this is not a pop-up (Los Angeles, CA)

this is not a pop-up: Evan Funke Square One 4854 Fountain Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029 Dining date: 2/6/13 this is not a pop-up, housed in Hollywood’s Square One Dining space, follows a similar concept to the now-defunct Test Kitchen, housing chefs for a short period of time to cook whatever they want. It’s a [...]


Johnny Rockets Gives Us A New Excuse to Use Up Old Bottles of Heinz

Cynthia Kostylo’s Mouth Rushmore No. 57 Though we already know food-based art is generally crap and there are much better ketchup brands than Heinz out there, curiosity caught the better of us. So, holding our noses, we stopped by Santa Monica’s Johnny Rockets on President’s Day to see their ketchup art workshop in full Factory [...]


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