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Butter Carving; The Last Supper; Sizzurp; Cheftestants

An art historian decodes the unusual meal depicted in Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th Century painting, The Last Supper. Plus, market inspired Passover sides.


Amy Poehler Meets Up With Dad At Madeo; Too $hort And Peter Murphy Busted For Meth-y DUIs

Peter Murphy, burning from the inside You successfully navigated Saint Patrick’s Day’s warren of sobriety traps and green-faced rookies spilling from the sidewalk, just to watch a couple of your musical heroes go down in flames tipping on four wheels. On Tuesday, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus got popped for a DUI after schmacking into another [...]


Street Gourmet L.A. Hits Travel Channel This Saturday

Bill Esparza Bill Esparza, the Mex-pert blogger behind Street Gourmet L.A. and L.A. Magazine‘s Digest blog, will hit the small screen as host of The Travel Channel’s Street Eats: USA. Esparza will showcase restaurants from Little Belize, The SGV, and Vernon’s El Faro Plaza, while also taking a look at some nouveau food trucks. He [...]


Maccheroni Republic (Los Angeles, CA)

Maccheroni Republic 332 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013 Dining date: 2/2/13 and 3/16/13 Maccheroni Republic opened at the end of last year, from the old owners of Locanda Veneta in mid-city. The location couldn’t be more different, from the Beverly Hills-adjacent Locanda Veneta to this spot across the street from Grand Central Market in [...]


What to Eat at Govind Armstrong’s Willie Jane, Now Open on Abbot Kinney

Willie Jane Last October, John Mascarenhas partnered with Post & Beam restaurateur Brad A. Johnson to turn Abbot-Kinney’s longstanding Lily’s into Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, taking the same lupine name of the owner’s popular pop-up, even as the chefs who built a buzz around its cooking were going on to Southern glory at The Hart [...]


Crossroads: A stylish vegan spot for pretty people

Artichoke "oysters" are a fun take on oysters on the half shell, with fried oyster mushrooms sitting on artichoke leaves instead of shells, topped with kelp "caviar" What: A small plates Mediterranean restaurant that happens to be all vegan, Crossroads is much more upscale bistro than scruffy hippie hangout. Where: 8284 Melrose, across from Duff’s [...]


Not a Burger Stand Rewarding Customer’s Best Impressions

The Truffle Shuffle Burbank’s Not a Burger Stand, which actually kinda is a burger stand (and one accused of having a pretty bad burger at that), is currently offering a 10% discount in exchange for your best impressions. Perfect for a town long on talent but short on acting jobs, the diner presents each required [...]


Proposed Echo Park Restaurant Space Draws Neighbor Noise Concerns

Under construction from Spacecraft The Glendale Boulevard rooftop restaurant space that’s been under consideration from Sammy Kahen for four years could face additional delays now that neighbors are paying attention. According to The Eastsider, a nearby resident is concerned that the venue’s request for a live music permit could add additional noise to an already [...]


Eva Ends Three-Year Run on Beverly

Mark Gold In yet another bummer of a chef’s business going belly up, Mark Gold has closed his three-and-a-half-year-old Eva in West Hollywood. Despite critical acclaim and widespread national attention for a discount offer for turning in your cell-phone, Eva recently struggled with zoning permits and a few nosy neighbors, necessitating a bailout at the [...]


Baking with Beer; Cooking with Liquid Nitrogen; Eddie Huang

It’s St. Patty’s Day on Sunday. How about adding Guinness to your cupcakes? Plus, “cooking” with cold. Chef Sang Yoon blanches vegetables with liquid nitrogen.


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