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Pierre Gagnaire (Tokyo, Japan)

Pierre Gagnaire ANA InterContinental Hotel Tokyo 1-12-33 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Dining date: 11/11/12 My third main foray into Western cuisine in Japan was my first time to a Pierre Gagnaire restaurant. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about Gagnaire’s lone U.S. restaurant Twist in Las Vegas, but still felt like I had to try his [...]


Fleming’s Prime Opens Tonight in Beverly Hills

You know, this kind of thing… Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar soft-opens tonight in Beverly Hills, with a grand-opening fundraiser planned on January 24. The new restaurant includes an updated look for the Newport-based steakhouse chain, which has 64 other locations around the country. Fleming’s Beverly Hills is dressed up in glass from concrete [...]


Where The Chefs Eat: Border Grill’s Mary Sue Milliken

Where the Chefs Eat is an ongoing series in which we ask a local chef to give us his or her favorite dining options. This week, Mary Sue Milliken, chef and owner of Border Grill, tells us her re… Continue reading “Where The Chefs Eat: Border Grill’s Mary Sue Milliken” > Read the full post [...]


Early Report: Joe’s Café in Granada Hills

“I was immediately blown away by the quality,” says cdub after a recent breakfast at the newly opened Joe’s Café in Granada Hills. The pancakes were impressive: a fluffy short stack topped with bananas and berries, according to the menu. The French toast looked amazing, made with artisan bread and stuffed with cream and fresh fruit. [...]


The Science Show: Calories, Fermentation and Meat Patents

Why do onions make us cry? What causes a brain-freeze? Why is it harder to lose weight then gain weight? Food scientists weigh in on these vexing questions.


Chowhound Find: Bear Flag Fish in Newport Beach

The Newport Beach area isn’t lacking in fish joints, but Chowhound lil mikey has found another spot that seafood-lovers should put in rotation: the seafood-market-slash-casual-restaurant Bear Flag Fish Co. The smoked salmon—served in small pieces for easy eating—is fantastic. And at another Bear Flag branch just up the Pacific Coast Highway, Local encountered delicious fish [...]


Historic L.A.: Tam O’Shanter celebrates 90 years with craft beer, carolers, trivia and rarebit poutine

Los Feliz Blvd. was a dirt road when the Tam O’Shanter opened in 1922. There’s no doubt that the Tam O’Shanter was way cooler in the 1920s, when movie set designer Harry Oliver gave it the look of a ramshackle fairytale house with a random Indian gift shop on the side. But the Lawry’s-owned restaurant [...]


The Game Gets a Parking Ticket at The Roxbury; Ian McKellen Holds Court at Lucques

Gandalf Hollywood, you’re slipping. All the juicy celebrity dining news went down in other cities this week. Lindsay Lohan punched a chick in the face while stalking a member of a boy band outside of a New York bar, Halle Berry’s baby daddy, Oliver Martinez, pulled a Donald Trump, having his new restaurant cited for [...]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 11/26 – 11/30

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “Ahh, to be a fly on the wall of the marketing department of KFC.” Should KFC Put Chicken Spices In Cookies? No, Really…. Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 11/26 – 11/30″ > Read the full [...]


The Best Tamales in Los Angeles

Tamales are celebration food in Mexico and Central America, so it’s no surprise that as the holidays approach, Angelenos’ desire to find the best heats up. Fortunately, Los Angeles has tons of excellent options, in styles ranging from traditional Yucatecan to upscale contemporary. Here are 11 versions Chowhounds think are LA’s finest, listed alphabetically. 1. [...]


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