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Nam Prik; Vegan Celebrities; Molecular Gastronomy at Home

What do Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Morrissey have in common? They are all vegetarians. We investigate the link between celebrities and vegetarianism.


Kim Kardashian Arrives at In-N-Out Burger; Elton John Celebrates Birthday at Craig’s

Still standing. With intercontinental kondemnation over Kim Kardashian’s quick visit to In-N-Out, accusations that Miley Cyrus was testing the lure of ex-sex at Paty’s, and the constant scrutiny given Britney Spear’s every fast food pit-stop, it’s getting so a girl can’t eat in this town anymore. The media went a little easier this week on […]


Ebanos Crossing Puts a Southwestern Twist on Downtown’s Prohibition Trend

Ebanos Crossing After giving modern-day L.A. an atmospheric, “dry twenties”-style haunt and strong cocktail program to soak in, Downtown’s The Edison was followed by a gold rush of speakeasies, supper clubs, and bathtub gin joints sprouting up all over the scene before until the trend tapered off sometime in 2011. Today L.A. Downtown News spies […]


Naomi Pomeroy @ Paiche (Marina Del Rey, CA)

Naomi Pomeroy (Beast) Paiche 13488 Maxella Ave Marina del Rey, CA 90292 Dining date: 3/26/13 While it seems like downtown’s Mo-Chica is still a relatively new restaurant, chef Ricardo Zarate and Stephane Bombet (Picca, Mo-Chica) are about to unleash their newest concept Paiche in Marina Del Rey. Dubbed a Peruvian izakaya, the team is bringing […]


Bears Break Into Monrovia Home To Eat Chinese Food

“Should I go for Hangzhou or Chongqing cuisine tonight?” Meatball, the bear who captured our hearts while terrorizing Glendale’s garbage cans, may be locked in an ursine Supermax now after going one Happy Meal over the line. But the legend lives on today in two new northeast bears with a keen nose for people-food. Yesterday, […]


A Spice Alley Launching at Hollywood Farmers Marketpril 7

Spices from World Flavorz Maybe your seasoning supplies are already filled by Penzey’s or Silver Lake’s Spice Station. Still, the prospect of anything resembling a Moroccan spice bazaar in foot-phobic L.A. is pretty enchanting. The Hollywood Farmers’ Market plans just this starting on April 7 when it debuts a “Spice Alley,” completely dedicated to piquancy. […]


Our Celebrated Kid Chefs Just Keep Getting Younger

Megan Garringer. The next Brooke Williamson? First there was teen-chef Flynn McGarry making a splash in the kitchen. Then came a 12-year-old threatening to cook your dinner at Chez Melange. And just when we thought an impending television show called Junior MasterChef would launch this whole questionable phenomenon over shark-saturated waters, a report strikes that […]


Malibu’s Most Wanted: Wolfgang Puck Rekindles Rumors About Beachside Concept

Puck Seven years after closing Granita at Malibu Colony Shopping Plaza following its fifteen year run, Wolfgang Puck is at the center of uncertain rumors that he may come back to Malibu. The Malibu Times reports that Puck is back in talks with local real estate and Oracle mogul Larry Ellison to take over the […]


Butter Carving; The Last Supper; Sizzurp; Cheftestants

An art historian decodes the unusual meal depicted in Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th Century painting, The Last Supper. Plus, market inspired Passover sides.


Amy Poehler Meets Up With Dad At Madeo; Too $hort And Peter Murphy Busted For Meth-y DUIs

Peter Murphy, burning from the inside You successfully navigated Saint Patrick’s Day’s warren of sobriety traps and green-faced rookies spilling from the sidewalk, just to watch a couple of your musical heroes go down in flames tipping on four wheels. On Tuesday, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus got popped for a DUI after schmacking into another […]


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