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Sycamore Kitchen: The neighborhood spot La Brea needed

In the 1990s, lunchers along La Brea were happy with spots like Rita Flora, Maison et Cafe and Sonora Cafe. After all, you can’t always spend three hours at Campanile, and there’s no place to eat items bought at the bakery. So Sycamore Kitchen, the more casual spot from Hatfield’s Karen and Quinn Hatfield, is [...]


Tuesdays at Tom’s Starts at Tom Bergin’s

Tom Bergin’s Starting at 12:00 P.M. tomorrow, the recently remade Tom Bergin’s will start offering a series of Tuesday specials starting at noon and stretching towards midnight each week. Titled “Tuesdays at Tom’s,” chef Brandon Boudet will add to his a la carte menu with a $15 per person “Tavern Plate” that changes every week [...]


Twitter #Weekendeats highlights: Here come the unique eats

Some Mondays, during our #weekendeats chat, a clear theme emerges. Maybe people felt like pasta over the weekend, or cravings for chocolate were insatiable, but this week, things got interesting. There wasn't so much a theme as there was an appreciation for unique eats. Here are the highlights: First, let's start with a snack. How [...]


L.A. Weekly Flickr Pool Reader Photo of the Day: Farro With Broccoli Di Cicco From Ray’s

Who says museum food can’t be top notch? Our L.A. Weekly Flickr pool photo of the day comes from Ray’s at LACMA: a farro dish with broccoli di cicco, shiitake mushrooms, green onions, chili sauc… Continue reading “L.A. Weekly Flickr Pool Reader Photo of the Day: Farro With Broccoli Di Cicco From Ray’s” > Read [...]


Ray’s (Los Angeles, CA)

Ray’s LACMA 5905 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 Dining date: 7/13/12 Ray’s (and connected Stark Bar) has been a place I’ve wanted to try for some time now. Opened a little over a year ago, it’s somewhat quietly gained some strong accolades including being named a Best New Restaurant in 2011 by Esquire. It’s [...]


A Burger Haven Opening Within Haven Gastropubugust 1

The Haven Burger On August 1, Haven Gastropub in Pasadena will open a new lunchtime restaurant-within-a-restaurant called Burger Haven. Chef and fighter-for-foie, Greg Daniels, tells Grub Street that Haven’s backroom will come into play as its own individual entity, with a separate entrance found in the adjoined alley. This won’t be the place to order [...]


Bar Stella opens at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake

Bar Stella, the bar attached to Silver Lake's Cafe Stella at Sunset Junction, has opened. Cafe Stella owner Gareth Kantner has created a Moroccan-inspired boite that channels "Casablanca," a respite from the bustle of Sunset Boulevard. A marble-topped bar is manned by white-jacketed bartenders, and the space is decorated with Moroccan poufs, brass lamps, African [...]


A Vanilla Bean Deal At The Gourmandise School + Their Vanilla Extract Recipe

If you are a baker or have even the slightest of crème brûlée aspirations, you really need to get over to The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica. They are currently selling 4 ounces of vanilla b… Continue reading “A Vanilla Bean Deal At The Gourmandise School + Their Vanilla Extract Recipe” > Read the full [...]


SAAM’s Molecular-Gastronomy Thrill Ride

If you want the best of The Bazaar, LA’s hub of molecular gastronomy, hit up the chef’s tasting room called SAAM. It’s pretty much a ride through every one of The Bazaar’s can’t-miss items, andytseng says. FED calls it “a mind-blowing roller coaster,” adding, “I’m not much of a fan of molecular, or modernist, or [...]


Forklore: Mist seed

A lot of gardens have a place for the striking ornamental plant love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena or N. hispanica). It gets its English name from the fact that its dainty blue or white flowers hide shyly among a mass of thread-thin leaves. You might not be aware that the crunchy, pitch-black seeds of love-in-a-mist are edible–they [...]


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