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Berlin Currywurst Opening Cahuenga Location Next Week

Berlin Currywurst Hardeep and Lena Manak are opening a second location of their Berlin Currywurst on Cahuenga Boulevard next week. First opened in Silver Lake in 2011, the authentic German street-sausage stop will serve its menu of various wursts, spicy sausages, tofu brats, and fries made from family recipes, and will also serve twelve German […]


11: Sugar and Spice Beignets at Hatfield’s

11. Sugar and Spice Beignets at Hatfield’s. There are myriad glorious things to find at Hatfield’s, Quinn and Karen Hatfield’s lovely study in elegance and culinary atavism in what was once … Continue reading “11: Sugar and Spice Beignets at Hatfield’s” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Picca’s new fall menu: Why you should put aside prejudice and order a sweet potato cocktail right now

Caigua (Peruvian cucumber), stuffed with beef, raisins and feta Picca chef Ricardo Zarate has come up with a swath of new menu items, despite being busy with the more-recently opened Mo-Chica downtown and plans for a new restaurant, Paiche, in Marina del Rey. Even though Picca is nearly always buzzy and full, it seems like […]


Brad A. Johnson Hammers Laurel Hardware; Rodell Reveals No Surprises at Nobu Malibu

Nobu Malibu Brad A. Johnson’s experiences at Laurel Hardware sound much more like our own than Jonathan Gold’s did, as the Time Out critic calls out the vintage signage and tree-lined patio as the restaurant’s best features. “Like the stereotypical blonde bombshell who looks good in a bikini, there unfortunately isn’t much going on upstairs,” […]


12: Kalbi at Soot Bull Jeep

Celebrating this year’s Best of L.A. issue — now out in print and online — we’re counting down, in no particular order, 100 of our favorite dishes. 12: Kalbi at Soot Bull Jeep. If a spacesh… Continue reading “12: Kalbi at Soot Bull Jeep” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Lou on Vine Reincarnated as BOSC

Months ago, Los Angeles Chowhounds lamented the closing of Lou on Vine, a French/Mediterranean restaurant known for its comfort food, superior wine selection, and the infamous Pig Candy. According to lil mikey though, hounds can rest easy. While the restaurant now has the name BOSC and is under entirely new management, many of the old […]


Thanksgiving Edition: BBQ Turkey, Thomas Keller on Leftovers

This year why not cook your Thanksgiving turkey on the grill? A BBQ expert explains how. Chef Thomas Keller looks forward to Thanksgiving leftovers.


Hip, Delicious Maximiliano in Highland Park

Highland Park’s York Boulevard has become a hip food destination. One spot Chowhounds are especially excited about is Maximiliano, a bustling Italian restaurant that is “elevating comfort food to a higher level,” according to ExtraCheesePlease. The homemade pastas, brick-oven pizzas, and other Italian staples here are affordable. The delicious pasta Bolognese has made bunbun return […]


Jennifer Aniston Flashes Her Rock at Madeo; Jessica Biel Eats at Ivy at The Shore

Icy Aniston Last night, the opening of Georgetown Cupcakes in Beverly Hills brought Hollywood T.V. stars in to flirt with frosting, including Alex Newell from Glee and The Lying Games‘ Alexandra Chando, just as the debut of Kimberly Snyder’s Glow juice bar and smoothie shop drew attention from Drew Barrymore on Wednesday. With red carpets […]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 11/12 – 11/16

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “What’s the toy surprise inside? A mini defibrillator? A dose of nitroglycerin? A Valium?” Cracker Jack Introduces Caff… Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 11/12 – 11/16″ > Read the full post on Squid Ink


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