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Taco Tuesday: Tacos de birria at El Pariente

There are a lot of great reasons to visit the El Pariente taco truck on a weekday. You may find that somebody has made cecina, which is salty, air-dried beef designed to make cows taste a little like game animals, and there is a formidable alambre — a mass of sauteed meat, onions, peppers and [...]


New Bhimas’ Spring Dosa: What to Eat When Celebrating Spring in Artesia

B. Hansenspring dosas at New Bhimas​What should you eat to celebrate today’s arrival of spring? A spring dosa, of course. It’s the dish of the season at New Bhimas, a South Indian vegetarian res


Food + art = beautiful and delicious at the Getty Villa and Langham

Two upcoming events take advantage of lovely settings for European art and culture-inspired meals. At the Royce at the Langham in Pasadena, a lunch this Saturday (March 24) is inspired by the art of Monet. Artist Nori Green will talk about Monet’s life at Giverny and his famous lunches with artists, while chef David Féau [...]


Jersey Mike’s Subs Spreading to Marina del Rey

Over the border While Venice is famously resistant to the charms of chain restaurants, a quick jump over the southern border at Washington Boulevard brings one into Marina del Rey, a middle earth that knows no limits to what it will to stomach for lunch and a lighting-fast dinner. The Shoppes of Marina del Rey [...]


More slurping on Sawtelle: Miyata Menji to open Wednesday

Sawtelle is booming with another round of new restaurants, and the next anticipated opening is Japanese import Miyata Menji — the tsukemen joint that has taken over what was the former gr/eats space. A bold move with Tsujita L.A., which serves ramen and tsukemen at lunch, directly across the street?   Japanese comedian Tetsuji Miyata brings his Miyata [...]


Meet Your Food Blogger: Valentino Herrera of Trippy Food

Trippy FoodValentino Herrera​Valentino Herrera abides by two philosophies: Try everything, at least once. And share unusual experiences with others, especially when it comes to travel and eating


This week’s Culinary SOS: Julienne’s double-chocolate espresso cookies

This week's Culinary SOS comes from Pat Schwanhausser in Elkin, N.C.: I am from North Carolina and recently visited Los Angeles. While there I visited Julienne in San Marino. The double-chocolate espresso walnut cookie is the best I have ever eaten. Would it be possible to get the recipe for this cookie? Julienne was happy [...]


A week of matzo brie at Jar

If you didn't grow up with it — and maybe even if you did — matzo brie is the culinary equivalent of  wet cardboard. Jar chef Suzanne Tracht is out to change that impression. In honor of Passover, Tracht is offering a week of matzo brie variations. Though it's typically eaten at breakfast, Tracht will [...]


Recipe 31: Irish-Italian-American

I know, I know… tomorrow green beers and Irish car bombs will be all the rage for St. Patrick’s, but instead of a drink that’s (artificially) green to the point of frightening or one that’s as crazy un-PC as hell, why not celebrate it with a little class? You can go easy-but-chic (and brunch friendly) [...]


Oreo Turns 100; Irish Breakfast; History of the Tomato

Is the tomato a fruit or a vegetable? According to the Supreme Court, it’s both. Plus, how to cook an Irish breakfast and a salute to the cookies you twist, lick and dunk.


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