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Hot summer food fests: East L.A. Meets Napa es muy picante; L.A. Times’ the Taste lowers prices

East L.A. Meets Napa tasting sampler: Nopales sopa, mole tamales, cochinita pibil sopa, ceviche, oh my! Is it really time to start planning for July and August events already? Actually, si, and the first thing to mark on your calendar is East L.A. Meets Napa, a benefit for community health organization AltaMed that brings together [...]


5 Questions for Mark Gold

Mark Gold is chef-owner of Eva restaurant on Beverly Boulevard and consulting chef at the new Sadie LA in Hollywood. At Eva he's known for his refined, Southern California market-fresh approach. Sadie LA's menu might be described as Los Angeles comfort food — salads and roasted vegetables, mezze and fried chicken. Gold also has installed [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Purple Pig’s pig ears with kale

This week's Culinary SOS request comes from Mary Anne Hernandez of Vancouver, Canada:   We've just returned from a trip to Chicago, and I tell you, we were there for just five days, but we were at the Purple Pig three times. My fave is their fried pig's ears with crispy kale. What an amazing dish! [...]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 6/11 – 6/15

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.” “Foie gras masquerading as Singaporean street food? Why not? Time is fleeting.” 10 Best Foie Gras Dishes in Los Angeles… Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 6/11 – 6/15″ > Read the full post on Squid [...]


How to Grill a Steak; Catalan Cuisine; Ketchup Leather

Prepare for Father’s Day by learning how to grill the perfect steak, how to craft a proper Old Fashioned and even wow Dad with “ketchup leather” on his burger.


Sweethome Grill: A Taste of Beijing in the SGV

Following initial reports earlier this month, more Chowhounds are descending on San Gabriel’s brand-new northern Chinese joint, Sweethome Grill. Grilling is surely the kitchen’s forte, says J.L. “The grilled foods are beautifully seasoned and blissfully pungent, but not overly so.” One surprise hit: grilled man tou (bao bread). It looks like garlic bread, “and one [...]


New ice cream sandwiches at Fōnuts

Fōnuts, the purveyors of unfried, gluten-free and vegan donuts is introducing a new player to their summer menu: fōnut ice cream sandwiches. Owners four-star pastry chef Waylynn Lucas and her partner, voice actor Nancy Truman, have come up with some modern and nostalgic flavor combinations for their new sandwiches, featuring seasonal ingredients and all house-made ice [...]


10 Food Safety Tips for a Happier Summer BBQ

With summer and Father’s Day right around the corner, barbecue season is here. Cooking and eating outside with family and friends are some of our favorite activities, but it’s all too easy to ma… Continue reading “10 Food Safety Tips for a Happier Summer BBQ” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Pan-Fried Buns Score at Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village

Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village is starting to hit on all cylinders, even on dishes other than dim sum. Porthos ranked it very good overall, with a couple of truly excellent hits, including shen jian bao (pan-fried buns). Shanghai No. 1′s version have a “nice crispy browned bottom with plenty of juice in the bun,” [...]


ScoJo Eats With Bradley Cooper at The Bel-Air; The Killers Chow at Comme Ca

ScoJo This week, Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johannsson were spotted supping in Wolfgang Puck’s latest, just days after Steve Spielberg wrapped his jaws around Sonny Sweetman’s cooking. All three Kardashian sisters were also spotted this week putting things in their mouths; for Kim and Khloe, a straw at Bagatelle, while the other one, Kourtney, tweeted [...]


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