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Salma Hayek Hits ink.; Vince Neil Takes Shots at Casa Vega

“Tequila!” This week, Salmita Hayek hit the house of Voltaggio, acting kind of shy when the cameras turned their focus her way unlike most of the attention-starved celebs around here. Over in the Valley, Vince Neil kept up his eighties ways though he’s now in his fifties and lacking looks that kill, doing shots at [...]


Republic of Laughter, or ROFL, Open on Melrose

The Republic of Laughter on Melrose Avenue is now open, and it’s pretty damn funny. Chef Govind Armstrong created the menu, which is described as “artfully designed conscientiously sourced far… Continue reading “Republic of Laughter, or ROFL, Open on Melrose” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


No. 221: Trattoria Neapolis (Pasadena)

Whereas some neighborhoods are known to be dining meccas or going through a culinary renaissance, Pasadena can’t quite seem to shake off its reputation of being a dine-out “food desert”. Sure there are a few gems here and there in the ‘dena (Intelligentsia for a good cup ‘o joe and some quick bites, Raymond/1886 for [...]


West LA’s Kotoya Ramen Looks Like a Winner

Showing promise in West Los Angeles: Kotoya Ramen It’s currently closed (the official launch date is August 21), but several hounds made it to the soft opening. Like most new ramen joints, Kotoya features a tonkotsu (pork) soup base. The miso ramen has a very distinctive flavor, with a good amount of spice. It comes [...]


Kotoya Ramen to Return on August 21

Kotoya Ramen West L.A.’s newest ramen shop, Kotoya, briefly opened at the start of the month for a soft-launch test of its color-coded tonkotsu ramen and tsukemen, leading to some early impressions by Yelpers and Chowhounds. However, the restaurant had to nip its soft-opening in the bud to turn its attention to an exhaust duct [...]


Top Chef Masters Recap: Art Smith Teppanyak-ity-yaks

Who says a Quickfire has to involve fire at all? On last night’s episode of Top Chef Masters, raw was the name of the game for the chefs, who found themselves surrounding a massive ice sculpture… Continue reading “Top Chef Masters Recap: Art Smith Teppanyak-ity-yaks” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Surfas Costa Mesa: Openings Los Angeles

A recent opening Chowhounds are talking about. Want the early word on what’s new where you live? Check out Chowhound. New in Costa Mesa: Surfas, Culver City’s beloved gourmet restaurant supply spot, is in the process of opening a second location in Costa Mesa. There’s even an attached Surfas Café, just like at the mother [...]


Andrew Zimmern, Guy Fieri, Paul Prudhomme, Ming Tsai and more hit town for L.A. Food and Wine festival

This weekend, well-known chefs and food personalities are hitting town for the lavish, spread-out Los Angeles Food and Wine festival at L.A. Live, in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Though they’re both sold out, I’m looking forward to tasting food from The Slanted Door’s Charles Phan and TV’s Ming Tsai, who will be at [...]


Green Flash Collaborates With Belgium’s St. Feuillien On a Black Saison

Friendship Brew Green Flash, the San Diego brewery perhaps known best for its award-winning IPA, “Palate Wrecker” ale, and tooth enamel-endangering Imperial IPA with an IBU of 101, has teamed up again with Belgium’s 139-year-old Brasserie St. Feuillien brewery on its forthcoming “Friendship Brew,” hitting the market in September with equal parts tradition and innovation, [...]


Are You In The Lousy Tipper Database?

Tipping is an act of faith – you’re often gone, never to return, before the server even knows what you left. If you tip well, you’ll most likely not receive any thanks, just the warm glowing feel… Continue reading “Are You In The Lousy Tipper Database?” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


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