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Taco Tuesday: Chicharron de queso at Loteria Grill

A party hat fashioned from crispy cheese; a bowl of guacamole; tiny, hot tortillas, no bigger around than eyeglass lenses, stamped out from fresh masa. Loteria Grill made its reputation with the stew-based tacos called tacos de guiso. Its original Farmers Market location was the first place in town to specialize in Mexico City-style tacos [...]


Summer Reading List: New Food + Beverage Books For The Family

The upside of June gloom: It’s the perfect excuse to check a few titles off the kids’ summer reading list and to get started on your own. After all, the sunburns and 100 degree days will be wait… Continue reading “Summer Reading List: New Food + Beverage Books For The Family” > Read the full [...]


Cassell’s Burgers Moving to Normandie Hotel; Jared Simons Leaves Lexington Social House

Simons is going back to work for Steven Arroyo at La Otra Escuela Beverly Hills: BierBeisl is holding a Schnapps seminar, featuring a tasting of six flavors, this Thursday night with brandy distiller Hans Reisetbauer. Tickets are $65. [BierBeisl] Citywide: Sanrio, makers of Hello Kitty, are teaming up with Yogurtland for themed, co-branded merchandise. [LAT] [...]


Twitter #Weekendeats highlights: Meatless Monday supreme

We happen to celebrate a lot of bacon and other lust-worthy meats quite frequently here on Daily Dish, so today I thought it would be fun to give a well-deserved nod to some meatless dishes, for #MeatlessMonday, shared during our #weekendeats chat. Angharad, author of the blog EatingforEngland.com, shared a recipe for black bean burgers; [...]


Cauliflower in Echo Park: Mohawk Bend and Red Hill Play With Their Vegetables

If we were to conduct a poll of the most appetizing vegetables, it’s unlikely that cauliflower would show up anywhere near the top 10. The oddly shaped lumpy white vegetable looks a bit like br… Continue reading “Cauliflower in Echo Park: Mohawk Bend and Red Hill Play With Their Vegetables” > Read the full post [...]


La Cave (Las Vegas, NV)

La Cave Wynn Las Vegas 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109 Dining date: 5/12/12 After a heavy lunch at Holsteins, my parents and I were looking for somewhere to grab a very early dinner before our flights out of town. There aren’t a ton of options open in the 4-4:30 range, but [...]


Hot summer food fests: East L.A. Meets Napa es muy picante; L.A. Times’ the Taste lowers prices

East L.A. Meets Napa tasting sampler: Nopales sopa, mole tamales, cochinita pibil sopa, ceviche, oh my! Is it really time to start planning for July and August events already? Actually, si, and the first thing to mark on your calendar is East L.A. Meets Napa, a benefit for community health organization AltaMed that brings together [...]


5 Questions for Mark Gold

Mark Gold is chef-owner of Eva restaurant on Beverly Boulevard and consulting chef at the new Sadie LA in Hollywood. At Eva he's known for his refined, Southern California market-fresh approach. Sadie LA's menu might be described as Los Angeles comfort food — salads and roasted vegetables, mezze and fried chicken. Gold also has installed [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Purple Pig’s pig ears with kale

This week's Culinary SOS request comes from Mary Anne Hernandez of Vancouver, Canada:   We've just returned from a trip to Chicago, and I tell you, we were there for just five days, but we were at the Purple Pig three times. My fave is their fried pig's ears with crispy kale. What an amazing dish! [...]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 6/11 – 6/15

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad.” “Foie gras masquerading as Singaporean street food? Why not? Time is fleeting.” 10 Best Foie Gras Dishes in Los Angeles… Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 6/11 – 6/15″ > Read the full post on Squid [...]


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