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Guinness and Ice Cream for St. Patrick’s Day: A Recipe for Stout Float

Jeanne Kelleystout float​I don’t know if a stout float is an Irish dessert but it doesn’t really matter, as Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t really Irish anyway. A beer float can be aweso


Where to O.D. on Corned Beef Sliders, Green Drinks, and Street Parties on Saint Patrick’s Day

“Your mother Eire is always young” Seriously, you’ve never seen so many corned beef sliders in your life. Our restaurants and bars are unfurling the Irish tricolor for Saint Patrick’s Day this Saturday, flipping green drinks and Irish eats from the usual pub-bound suspects to less expected, more covert operatives like Nick & Stef’s, Freddy [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Soak your wooden skewers

Before you throw your next batch of skewers on the grill, take some time to soak the wood before threading the food. Wooden skewers, like the classic bamboo skewers pictured above, can burn easily over a hot grill. Soaking them in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes before threading will keep the skewers from [...]


Top 5 Weekend Food Events: St. Patty’s Day Cooking Class, LQ@SK, Downward Dining, Free Food & Art, Gourmet Sandwiches

LQ@SKteriyaki foie gras and rabbit albondigas​Pop-Up Art Gallery + Free Food & Cocktails Westwood’s Palomar Hotel is displaying artwork from Palo Klein Uber, Chris Trueman and Alison Rash for on


A Prolific Gold Points the Way to My Taco in Daily Dish

Tacos at My Taco Our biggest fears about Jonathan Gold’s new gig were that we’d be seeing less of the critic, who has long turned in three reviews each Thursday for L.A. Weekly. Since starting the job last week, the good news so far finds Gold already offering regular posts to the L.A. Times‘ Daily [...]


Have a piece of pie for National Pi Day

Today is National Pi Day, celebrating the mathematical constant 'pi' or approximately 3.14. If you're a math geek, today probably means doodling the symbol in your notebooks or playing around with the irrational number. For foodies — or anyone with a sweet tooth — the similarity in pronunciation to a beloved dessert can mean only [...]


A 12 Best Highlights From FoodExsia’s Largest Food and Beverage Exhibition

A. FrougAlongside its samples of grilled beef, Sukarne Global charged FoodEx visitors 200 yen for a picture with the Sukarne cow mascot and female representatives.​Reporting from Tokyo, where ju


Omakase in Orange County

Porthos was a longtime fan of Shibucho, which has some of the best sushi in Orange County. And at about $60 per person, it’s a fantastic bargain for omakase. But the customer service just wasn’t there. “After 10-12 visits, I was still treated second rate (always served last if you’re not Japanese) and after [a] [...]


Law & Order Actress Elisabeth Rohm Opening Rejuice on Pico

Rejuice How much fresh juice does one city need? Apparently, as many as it takes to exhaust the supply of juice-related puns. Only days after spotting Main Squeeze rolling onto Main Street Santa Monica, a new business named Rejuice is springing up on the other side of the seaside city, across the street from freaky-deaky [...]


Taco Tuesday: The joys of barbacoa

There are few pleasures more reliable in Los Angeles than the lamb barbacoa at My Taco in Highland Park. This is not, unless I'm mistaken, the legendary barbacoa of rural Hidalgo, pit-roasted for hours in a wrapping of maguey leaves, but more of a city version: a delicate, spicy tangle of long-cooked meat crisped on [...]


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