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Vertical Wine Bar’s new spring menu + more pop-up action for Laurent Quenioux

lamb two ways: the shanks were particularly luscious Diver scallops with English peas and lardons Itinerant French chef Laurent Quenioux, formerly of Bistro LQ et al, has been executive chef at Pasadena’s Vertical Wine Bistro for several months and launches his new spring menu this week. "It’s light, it’s simple, it’s vegetables, it’s what people [...]


Now Coachella Yuppies Can Get The Bazaar to Pack Their Lunch

Somehow content with Boar’s Head In yet another sign that the festival has parted from any semblance of underground cool or lo-fi, underground anything, The Bazaar is packing a lunch for Coachella-goers. That is, those who haven’t spent their last cent scoring a ticket in the first place. Geared to the spendy consumer who only [...]


U-Mini, a new Umami Burger, is coming to Westwood

UCLA students rejoice, Umami Burger — the juggernaut of a savory burger chain — is barreling toward Westwood Village, with a targeted opening date of "summer 2012." That could mean August, but when Umami owner Adam Fleischman moves, he tends to move fast. So it could be sooner. The new Umami location is being called [...]


Starbucks has Venti Recycling Goals

Starbucks/Kathryn BarnardStarbucks recycling bin​If you’ve ever finished your drink in a Starbucks cafe, then looked around in vain for a recycling bin in which to deposit the empty cup, you’re


Creamy Yellow Curry at Abricott in Pasadena

The Pasadena lunch scene is improving, thanks to a growing number of casual restaurants. The latest arrival is Abricott, which is impressing Los Angeles hounds with its Vietnamese-influenced fare. “The decor is sweet and whimsical,” Chowpatty says. “[It has] a nicely-decorated private room in the back, a cozy nook where a couple can share a [...]


Man Stabbed Below Noodle at Urban Noodle

Oof! If fatal beatings, wayward assault rifle fire, and targeted shootings in and around our local eateries haven’t entirely convinced you to just cook at home this week, surely nothing stands between you and your favorite dishes. The latest life-threatening dining disaster comes from Downtown, where yesterday a man was stabbed in his neck inside [...]


Taco Tuesday: Tacos de birria at El Pariente

There are a lot of great reasons to visit the El Pariente taco truck on a weekday. You may find that somebody has made cecina, which is salty, air-dried beef designed to make cows taste a little like game animals, and there is a formidable alambre — a mass of sauteed meat, onions, peppers and [...]


New Bhimas’ Spring Dosa: What to Eat When Celebrating Spring in Artesia

B. Hansenspring dosas at New Bhimas​What should you eat to celebrate today’s arrival of spring? A spring dosa, of course. It’s the dish of the season at New Bhimas, a South Indian vegetarian res


Food + art = beautiful and delicious at the Getty Villa and Langham

Two upcoming events take advantage of lovely settings for European art and culture-inspired meals. At the Royce at the Langham in Pasadena, a lunch this Saturday (March 24) is inspired by the art of Monet. Artist Nori Green will talk about Monet’s life at Giverny and his famous lunches with artists, while chef David Féau [...]


Jersey Mike’s Subs Spreading to Marina del Rey

Over the border While Venice is famously resistant to the charms of chain restaurants, a quick jump over the southern border at Washington Boulevard brings one into Marina del Rey, a middle earth that knows no limits to what it will to stomach for lunch and a lighting-fast dinner. The Shoppes of Marina del Rey [...]


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