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Today’s Eat Beat: Ragout of spring vegetables

With spring just around the corner, perhaps you're looking for a new and creative way to use all the amazing produce you're finding in the market about now. In today's Eat Beat, Food editor Russ Parsons demonstrates how to make a wonderfully delicious rustic ragout of spring vegetables. You can find the recipe here. Catch [...]


Roy Choi on Cookbooks: Fannie Farmer, Betty Crocker + Choi’s 41-year-old Recipe

Anne FishbeinRoy Choi, with cookbooks​If you love both Roy Choi (Kogi, Chego, A-Frame, the world) and your treasured stack of cookbooks, those demi-glace-spattered volumes cluttering your kitche


A-Won: Japanese Food By and For Koreans

You can have a great experience at A-Won Japanese Restaurant in Koreatown if you arrive with the right expectations. First, you have to realize that even though the sign out front claims that A-Won is a Japanese restaurant, it is not that at all. In fact, A-Won is a Korean restaurant that serves Japanese food [...]


Jose Andres Starts a Food Truck; Village Coffee Shop Reopens as Beachwood Cafe

• Opening day of Jose Andres’ much-anticipated D.C. food truck featured long lines and $20 Iberico-ham sandwiches. [WP] • A mother of four was forced by a TSA officer to pump breast milk into her empty baby bottles before she could pass through airport security. Empty or full bottles? Make up your mind, TSA. [NYDN] [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Filleting a fish

I'd rank filleting a fish right up there with learning how to slice a holiday turkey, or baking a beautiful three-layer cake. There's nothing like the satisfaction to be had when you finally get it right. Filleting a fish is not hard, but it's one of those kitchen techniques that does take some practice. Follow [...]


Michigan Man Sues AMC Theaters Over Overpriced Goobers and Other Snacks

naydeeyah/FlickrAMC’s overpriced snacks​ Movie theaters make a good chunk of their profits selling exorbitantly overpriced snacks to those of us who believe that the moviegoing experience is not


A Taste of Tokyo in Torrance

Judging from some of the solid Japanese food options, there’s a little bit of Tokyo in Torrance. It’s not home to the very highest-end sushi—you’ll need to go to the pricey, famous Los Angeles hotspots for that—but it is where you can find a variety of bargains and hidden treasures. First there’s Kantaro. It’s no [...]


Nabisco Plans Not-So-Spontaneous Flash Mob Today At The Grove

Turning 100 Save for that one episode of Modern Family, we’ve never personally experienced a “flash mob” (excuse us for being about as au currant as your grandmom today). But we always figured the keys to these internet-organized sensations must be spontaneity. One minute, you’re minding your own at the mall (please see the previous [...]


More bad news for Paula Deen

This has not been a good winter for Paula Deen. First there was the kerfuffle over her diabetes revelation (she had been diagnosed with it but kept quiet while still shoveling out recipes for the likes of deep-fried butter … until there was a sponsorship deal in place for an anti-diabetes drug). Now comes the [...]


Pambazo at Metro Balderas

D. Solomonpambazo at Metro Balderas​Angelenos who visit Mexico City inevitably return home on the hunt for certain foods. Squash blossoms. Huaraches. Mollejas. And the mighty pambazo. While the


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