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Where to Eat Near LA’s Pantages Theatre

Despite the fact that Los Angeles is the land of movies and television, recent talk around town has been more about the award-winning play The Book of Mormon. The satirical show is playing now through Thanksgiving weekend at the Pantages Theatre, and multiple LA hounds have posed a pertinent question: Where should we eat before […]


ROC Star Dumpling House Opening Soon, Reveals Menu

ROC Dumpling House Little Osaka got a whiff of the San Gabriel Valley when Eater announced arrival of ROC Star Restaurant. Chef Perry Cheung, raised in New York but attended an S.F. culinary school, checks in for an update today. He is aiming to bring all that is tasty from San Gabriel Valley to Sawtelle. […]


GABF Fresh From the Floor: L.A. Brewers and Friends + a Beer Slideshow

DENVER — Eight Los Angeles Co. brewers have entered the Great American Beer Festival competition this year. Doubling from last year’s professional brewer entries, Beachwood, Eagle Rock, Ladyfa… Continue reading “GABF Fresh From the Floor: L.A. Brewers and Friends + a Beer Slideshow” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Chowhound Find: Lance’s Filipino

When you work in an office, it’s easy to get into a lunch rut. LA Chowhound young_chower recently ventured outside the usual lunch-spot rotation and found a diamond in the rough, a place almost nobody’s talked about: Lance’s Filipino Cuisine in Hawthorne. It’s miles from LA’s historic Filipinotown district, but this hole in the wall […]


City Sip and Sassafras Seduce Revelers with Spinning Specials

Wheels of drunken fortune Recently, City Sip and Sassafras both rigged spinning wheels in order to evoke the drunk gambler in every man. At City Sip, the giant spin the bottle getup will be spun daily by the house, resulting in free pours, free snacks, or BOGO offers. Do you feel lucky? City Sip’s Spin […]


"My Name Is Joe Biden and I’ll Be Your Server"

It is difficult to capture the hyper-sincere flim-flammery that is our good ol’ crazy Uncle Joe. Doesn’t he seem like the kind of well-meaning yet obtuse relative who’d ask you to reach into hi… Continue reading “”My Name Is Joe Biden and I’ll Be Your Server”” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Rincon Taurino


WHY Tender al pastor with a crunchy glaze, pit-barbecued lamb and chicken on weekends, and tender but lean pierna de cerdo (pork leg), served in burritos or tortas. WHAT First-timers come for the excellent tacos and burritos, then return for the Saturday and Sunday barbacoa, whole pit-roasted lamb, served in two courses: lamb soup, followed […]

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Early Report: Cousins Maine Lobster in Pasadena

Three weeks ago, Cousins Maine Lobster—one of LA’s dueling lobster-roll trucks—joined the Pasadena brick-and-mortar restaurant scene. The early word on Chowhound is positive. Fried Ipswich clam bellies with tartar sauce are tasty, though at $13.50 the small portion size could be an issue. Lobster rolls come in two sizes for $14 and $17, either hot […]


Remember L.A.’s Little Italy at Saturday’s Taste of Italy benefit

The Eastside Market on Alpine St. is one of the few remaining landmarks of L.A.’s Little Italy. Didn’t realize there was a strong Italian community in L.A.? It’s true that any vestiges of Italian neighborhood’s like San Francisco’s North Beach or New York’s Little Italy have pretty much disappeared, but they’ll make a one-day return […]


WTF: Travel+Leisure Choses Only Son of A Gun and Water Grill in Best Seafood List

Last May, Travel+Leisure listed L.A. as the ninth best city in America for burgers. In this month’s best of seafood list, T+L includes Son of A Gun and Water Grill as L.A. entries. However, the magazine clearly misplaced its Oxford dictionary as it left out every and any sushi restaurant in America, as well as […]


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