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Are You In The Lousy Tipper Database?

Tipping is an act of faith – you’re often gone, never to return, before the server even knows what you left. If you tip well, you’ll most likely not receive any thanks, just the warm glowing feel… Continue reading “Are You In The Lousy Tipper Database?” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Gallego’s Deli Being Replaced By Second Location of Siam Chan

Siam Chan In late-March, Gallego’s Mexican Deli called it quits, closing its last Westside address on Venice Blvd. in Mar Vista after a career that lasted 66 years. A staffer told Grub Street hat the closure was coming due to a skyrocketing rent, though there was some hope that los hermanos Gallegos podría volver in [...]


Gyoza Eating Contest Returns to Little Tokyo: Grab Your Chopsticks + Loosen Your Belt

Think you could eat 264 gyoza in ten minutes? That’s the record the world’s best competitive eaters will have to beat to snatch the title from 2011 champion Pat Bertoletti at this year’s Day-Le… Continue reading “Gyoza Eating Contest Returns to Little Tokyo: Grab Your Chopsticks + Loosen Your Belt” > Read the full post [...]


Hoy Ka Thai Noodles: Familiar flavors with a new name

 BBQ trio of pork over rice The Thai town restaurant scene is constantly evolving, and though old favorites like Jitlada, Sapp and Ruen Pair are still going strong, it’s always worth checking out the newer — or renamed — entries. Formerly Ord Noodles, now spiffed up with a new sign and known as Original Hoy [...]


A Look Into Sweet Crush Ice Bar, Open Today in Brentwood

Sweet Crush Ice Bar Sweet Crush Ice Bar opened today in Brentwood Village, introducing San Vicente to an inventive new take on Asian shaved ice. Owner Yael Lustmann tells Grub Street that the store is her “fourth child,” as it was her first three human children who inspired the idea by their constant scraping of [...]


5 Questions for Thi Tran

Thi Tran is chef of Starry Kitchen, which she runs with her husband, Nguyen Tran. She's famous for her fried tofu balls, he's famous for more than occasionally wearing a banana suit. The duo who started as an underground supperclub from their apartment have closed the Starry Kitchen restaurant but will be launching a collaborative [...]


70: Brisket Banh Mi at Gjelina Take Away

Leading up to this year’s Best of L.A. issue (due out Oct. 4), we’ll be counting down, in no particular order, 100 of our favorite dishes. 70: Brisket Banh Mi at Gjelina Take Away In its pure… Continue reading “70: Brisket Banh Mi at Gjelina Take Away” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Is It Ethical to Eat Meat?; Welsh Rarebit; Foraging for Pie

Is it ethical to eat meat? A vegetarian and a carnivore weigh in. Jonathan Gold enjoys Welsh rarebit on Sunset Blvd and a forager makes wild elderberry pie.


Boo’s Cheesesteaks, a Taste of Philly in Silverlake

Boo’s Philly serves up some cheesesteak excellence, lil mikey says. You can get seven ounces of steak on a 10-inch Amoroso’s roll, and yes, you can get it with Cheez Whiz if your heart so desires, but also white cheddar, American, or provolone. The cheesesteaks taste just like the ones JeMange ate as a child [...]


Roadfood’s ruin: What hath Guy Fieri wrought?

Like other food-obsessed Americans, I spent the years before the Internet poring over Jane and Michael Stern’s guidebooks Roadfood and Goodfood. I dog-eared, highlighted and nearly memorized them as we drove from L.A. to New Orleans to Memphis, through Nebraska and Iowa and back. We hit many of the temples to regional American cooking, from [...]


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