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Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 7/30 – 8/3

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “Aside from the chocolate covered blueberries, the best part of Shutters, he says, is the ocean view.” Top 5 L.A. Hotels … Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 7/30 – 8/3″ > Read the full post [...]


Ratata: French Comfort Food in Westwood

Ratata is “a very homey, cozy, hole-in-the-wall French eatery,” says J.L., who notes that the chef-owners are a friendly couple from Paris. Highlights include an aromatic, home-style mushroom soup, perfect for dipping bread into. There’s  a solid version of the comfort classic hachis parmentier, the French version of shepherd’s pie, and the boeuf bourguignon (pictured) [...]


Gastronomico: How many forks did it get in the Los Feliz Ledger?

Gastronomico: where dubious decor meets delicious dishes EatingLA returned to try more dishes at Gastronomico on Hillhurst Ave. for a review in the Los Feliz Ledger. Here’s an excerpt from the review.  crispy Yukon gold potatoes The casual Los Feliz cafe Gastronomico is at first a bit hard to grasp, but stick with it and [...]


Elijah Wood Teams Up With Coolhaus; Jon Mayer and Katy Perry Step Out to Pace

The Lord of the Dance Last night, Wilfred actor and lead hobbit Elijah Wood hosted a party at Culver City’s Marrakesh House to debut Sounds of Since Way Back, a limited edition boxed-set of rare 7″ vinyl that he curated for Bushmills with Rainbo Records. While the little lord of the dance boogied the night [...]


Deliverance: On the Road With a Domino’s Delivery Guy

From our 2012 Restaurant Issue, celebrating everything pizza in L.A. Sixteen-year Domino’s veteran Mark Porter drives like my old driver’s ed instructor. In fact, Porter’s maneuvering of his re… Continue reading “Deliverance: On the Road With a Domino’s Delivery Guy” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Water Grill (Los Angeles, CA) (2)

Water Grill 544 S Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90071 Dining date: 7/25/12 Recently, we welcomed a couple of new team members at work. To celebrate the addition, a group of us went out to dinner downtown. Given that many of my co-workers enjoyed Water Grill the last time we went, it was a fairly [...]


Good Food, Great Tortillas Under the Radar at El Abuelo

El Abuelo is a small, family-run place in the San Fernando Valley, and even though it’s always packed with families and well-behaved children it seems completely off the Chowhound radar. That’s a shame, since the food is delightful and very, very fresh, PaulF says. In particular, the huevos a la mexicana are excellent, with the [...]


And the Wiener Is…Seoul Sausage Co. Competing on Great Food Truck Race

Seoul Sausage Co. Another season of The Great Food Truck Race is revving up to debut on August 19 on Food Network. Yes, that show is still on. LAist reports that our city’s own Seoul Sausage Co. is throwing its hat into the ring, competing alongside lesser known locals like Barbie Babes and Pop-a-Waffle, plus [...]


Cheese, Please: What’s the Deal With Mozzarella?

From our 2012 Restaurant Issue, celebrating everything pizza in L.A. In L.A.’s not-so-distant pie past, family pizza night meant Friday evening quibbles over thick versus thin crust, debates ov… Continue reading “Cheese, Please: What’s the Deal With Mozzarella?” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Mother’s Beach Food Truck Thursdays: New Restaurant Openings Los Angeles

Each week, we highlight a recently opened restaurant that Chowhounds are talking about. Want the early word on what’s new and noteworthy where you live? Check out Chowhound. New in Marina Del Rey: There’s a new weekly food truck gathering Thursday evenings at Mother’s Beach—trucks include Chowhound favorites Cousins Maine Lobster, Border Grill, and Sprinkles. [...]


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