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Test Kitchen tips: Helping to prevent air pockets in cakes

Occasionally when mixing cake batters, pockets of air can develop from the leavening agent, whether you're using a chemical leavener (like baking powder or soda) and/or mechanically leavening with air from beaten egg whites (as with an angel food cake, or the chiffon cake pictured above). To remove or prevent air pockets before baking, run [...]


Buy This Now: Apple Wood from Ha’s Apple Farm

Felicia FriesemaApple wood from Ha’s Apple Farm at the Hollywood market​It’s that lateral management time of year. But unless you’re an apple or pear farmer, this is about as important to you a


We’re Giving Away Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two at The Edison’s Queen of Hearts Ball

“The joker ain’t the only fool who’ll do anything for you” If it feels like you’ve called every restaurant in town, but so far been unable to find an empty seat for your Valentine’s Day tête-à-tête tonight, no need to panic, Grub Street’s got your back. To celebrate that crazy little thing called love, we’re [...]


Test Kitchen tips: "Natural" versus "Dutch-process" cocoa

Like chocolate, cocoa powder is made from cacao beans. After the beans are processed into a paste known as chocolate liqueur, some of the cocoa butter is removed and the remaining solids are pulverized into a powder. Natural (or non-alkalized) cocoa powder is typically sold unsweetened, and while it may taste rather bitter and harsh [...]


Now Open: Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar

J. RitzBlue Cow’s Roots and Berries salad​Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar, the latest project that opened yesterday, Feb. 13, from an expanded team behind the string of Mendocino Farms sandwich shops, br


Plan Check Opening in West L.A. on February 22nd

Plan Check Terry Heller’s Plan Check, bringing Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix to the Westside alongside contemporary U.S. comfort cooking from Umami Burger’s launch chef Ernesto Uchimura, has set an opening date. Expect Plan Check’s doors to be open on Wednesday, February 22nd, following friends-and-family runs this week. The new Little Osaka restaurant will be [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Resting the dough

If you've ever wondered why your crust shrank as you were baking a pie, or your bread never puffed as it should in the oven, it may be that you didn't give the dough time to "rest" or "relax" before baking. As you form a dough, proteins in the flour are connected by liquids to [...]


Compass Green: A Mobile Greenhouse Project Pitstops in L.A.

Compass Green​Nick Runkle and Justin Cutter doubtless get tired of the if-you-build-it Iowa jokes, but maybe reframe the statement in the opposite direction: if they build it, they’ll come to yo


This week’s Culinary SOS: Mexican pot de creme from Carpe Diem

This week's Culinary SOS comes to us from Shirley Burke in Los Angeles: My husband and I recently visited downtown Napa, Calif. The amazing chocolate dessert at Carpe Diem is absolutely the best chocolate dessert I've ever tasted! And I am not a big dessert person. Satin-smooth chocolate with a texture between a pudding and [...]


Blue Cow Kitchen & Bar: Bring on the vegetables…and cocktails

Roots and berries salad What: Sandwich wizards Mendocino Farms grows up into Blue Cow, a full bar and restaurant. Where: 350 S. Grand, Downtown (California Plaza, across from Starry Kitchen) What to get: Lamb Lavash, Spanish Chicken Tartine, Smoked Brassica, Root Salad, Smoked Pecan Bourbon Old-Fashioned. When: Opening Monday Feb. 13 or thereabouts Who: Mario [...]


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