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Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 1/30-2/3

Flickr/Lauren Manning​In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “Is it a deadly bludgeon in the war against the atrocities of Fresh-Mex, Mission burritos or food-c


Chicago’s Giuseppe Tentori to Cook at M.B. Post on February 24th

Tentori Chef Giuseppe Tentori, of Chicago’s Boka and highly praised GT Fish & Oyster, is coming to M.B. Post this month to kick off a new guest-chef and guest-farmer series called “Can You Dig It?” On February 24th, Tentori, a close friend and former co-worker of chef-owner David LeFevre, will prepare a three-course meal of [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Stove-top smoking

Sometimes nothing beats smoking a nice cut of meat outdoors on a lazy, hot day — that is, so long as the weather cooperates. But the great outdoors can get a little testy, especially during these winter months. Even in Southern California. Next time you're hankering for a smoked rack of ribs, consider smoking in [...]


Happy World Nutella Day 2012: Or, What to Eat During the Super Bowl Halftime Show

​In addition to being the Super Bowl (Pats v. Giants, by the way), this Sunday, February 5th, is the 6th annual World Nutella Day. Okay, this is one of those holidays (Arbor Day, National Cream


A Look into Kitchen 24, Now Open in West Hollywood

24/7 party people Even at twice the size, the second location of Kitchen 24 is completely cute, with colorful, angular sculptures strafing the outdoor patio, tiny stencils of steaks and beer glasses on its windows, and the same cafeteria chic found at its Hollywood space, courtesy of Kristofer Keith and crew at Spacecraft. Currently soft-opened [...]


Valentine’s Day dining guide

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day the weekend before or the day of–with your significant other or your best friends–L.A. restaurants are paying homage to love with prix-fixe menus and aphrodisiac foods and spirits to enhance the experience. Chaya: The Chaya restaurants — in Beverly Hills, downtown and Venice — are all offering special Valentine's Day [...]


LudoBites 9.0 Heads to Hawaii

grantzprice/FlickrA Hawaiian beach​Attention, LudoBites completists: Buy your plane ticket now. The next LudoBites pops up in Hawaii. From March 6th through 17th, LudoBites Hawai’i Nine-0 will


A Look at Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger’s City Throwback Menu

Even the logo is back! Last week we learned that Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger were taking us back to the eighties in their plutonium-powered DeLorean. Today the chefs reveal the highlights that will land on the menu Wednesday, February 9th at Downtown’s Border Grill. As suspected it’s a global grab-bag of dishes, starting [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Parchment paper

Sturdy, strong and wonderfully non-stick, parchment paper is an invaluable tool in the kitchen, used in a variety of cooking and kitchen tasks. Kitchen parchment is paper that has been treated with sulfuric acid to strengthen it, making the paper grease- and moisture-proof. It's also highly heat resistant. A silicone coating makes the paper non-stick. [...]


Abricott: Now Open in Pasadena

A. Scattergoodinterior of Abricott​For all of you who think of Pasadena as a food desert of sorts, your barren culinary landscape just improved. John and Jo Wee, the couple who own and operate D


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