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Eats at the London 2012 Olympics

LONDON — Game on for eating well during the Olympics, which begins today, July 27, and run through Aug. 12. Already one of the best dining cities in the world, London has been spiffed mightily … Continue reading “Eats at the London 2012 Olympics” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Early Bird: Perfect Breakfasts in Orange County

js76wisco thinks Early Bird has the best breakfast in Orange County and beyond. Everything the kitchen touches is excellent, and made with top-notch ingredients. The hash browns are the best js76wisco has had anywhere; they’re seasoned with chives, onions, and other things, no need for hot sauce or ketchup. The bacon is crispy, smoky, salty, [...]


Evening Under the Stars: 28 Restaurants, 80 Wines, and The One and Only Kenny G.

Take us home, Kenny! Shhhh, be vewwy, vewwy quiet, it’s tasting event season! This Saturday, Torrance will mark the spot for “Evening Under the Stars,” a South Bay-based food and wine tasting with local restaurants including Ortega 120, Gonpachi, and Aimee’s Bistro, among the 28 participants, running from 6:00 to 9:30 P.M. on July 28, [...]


The Great Dinnerware Exchange at Heath Ceramics

For the month of August, Heath Los Angeles is offering an irresistible deal: Bring in your tired old dinnerware and get 25% off on the equivalent piece of Heathware. So if you’ve had your eye on a cobalt blue cereal bowl ($28) or a cardoon soup bowl from the Chez Panisse collection ($37), now is the time. [...]


4 Perfectly Plausible Explanations for the Needles in the Sandwiches on Delta Flights Leaving Amsterdam

First things first: Do not panic. Yes, there is a needle in your turkey sandwich. Yes, it is poking out from its little temporary home between the mayo and the lettuce. The needle is sharp. It … Continue reading “4 Perfectly Plausible Explanations for the Needles in the Sandwiches on Delta Flights Leaving Amsterdam” > [...]


No. 220: Southern California’s Zombieland

For me, there are few cocktails as fascinating as a zombie. Asides from being deceptively potent nature, it’s got an interesting past, quite a few different recipes, and ominious warnings, with many bars explicitly noting they serve a two-zombie maximum per customer. There are a few variations on the origin of that cap, often relating [...]


Beijing Delights at Little-Known Deerfield Garden

Deerfield Garden in Monterey Park is still a great destination for Beijing-style food, Jerome says. But for some reason, the place continues to fly under the radar of Chowhounds, even though it’s chock-full of San Gabriel locals. The pot stickers are truly excellent, Jerome says, made correctly with a slurry that forms a crisp second [...]


Larchmont Grill Now In The Thick of Burger Week

Larchmont It’s “Burger Week” at Melrose’s Larchmont Grill. Who knew? Through this Sunday, the restaurant is offering a menu of loco-ass Wagyu burgers, including creations like the “Ultimate Mushroom” with sauteed shiitake, cremini, and oyster ‘shrooms and an “Ooh La La” burger with country ham, walnuts, Dijon, and gruyere. Also of note is a “Chile [...]


Tsukemen from a different kitchen

The Sawtelle corridor, which was for a while called Little Little Tokyo but is now pretty much known as Little Osaka, has become the epicenter of Japanese noodles in Los Angeles, stand after stand, cheek by jowl, many of them serving among the best ramen in town. If the stretchy, springy, fantastically wheaty tsukemen, dip [...]


Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne Opening in Montecito

Goin with husband David Lentz Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne of A.O.C., Tavern, and Lucques are no strangers to Santa Barbara. Styne went to college there, as did her husband, and Goin’s husband, David Lentz, runs a location of Hungry Cat in the city’s Downtown. Just in from the duo’s camp, Goin and Styne will [...]


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