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Food News Roundup: Urasawa #2 Most Expensive U.S. Restaurant, New Obama Food Initiative + Health Food Cheaper Than Junk

L.A. Observed: The Daily Meal calculates the country’s most expensive restaurants — with L.A.’s Urasawa No. 2. Melisse is No. 11. CBS News: Obama announces a food initiative aimed at improvin… Continue reading “Food News Roundup: Urasawa #2 Most Expensive U.S. Restaurant, New Obama Food Initiative + Health Food Cheaper Than Junk” > Read the [...]


Why Did Sushi Vanish from Shunji’s?

A few Chowhounds have complained about the lack of sushi in chef Shunji’s omakase, so PeterCC quizzed him on a recent visit. Shunji explained that his omakase is intended to be a selection of cooked dishes—there some sushi in the restaurant’s opening weeks, but that was a grand-opening promo. Part of what made Shunji give [...]


Are you friend or foe of foie gras? Taste some now before it goes away June 30

Montes rose of syrah has a label drawn by Ralph Steadman! Like the first time I set foot in Paris, the first time I had foie gras was a sweetly memorable experience. I was 23 and leaving Paris soon, moving back to L.A. for good. My French boyfriend wanted to take me too a really [...]


La Brea Bakery Goes Electric

The new ride In a hopeful return to the days of the Helms Bakery trucks we’re always reading older Angelenos wax nostalgic about, La Brea Bakery is announcing the roll-out of four electric trucks to deliver loaves and rolls to over 80 restaurants and retailers. The Smith Electric Co. vehicles, which cause zero tailpipe emissions, [...]


The foie gras wars get meta at Melisse

Melisse, the Santa Monica restaurant of chef Josiah Citrin, is about as luxe, calme et volupté as things get in Los Angeles, a subdued Santa Monica dining room with two Michelin stars. The $115 prix fixe menus are, one would think, most appreciated by the comfortably well-off, and events here tend toward sedate benefit dinners. [...]


Twitter Feud of the Week: The Great Squash Blossom Debate

This week’s Twitter war began innocuously enough: On May 8, Portland-based food blogger and restaurateur Nick Zukin, who owns a Mexico City-style snack shop called Mi Mero Mole in PDX, inquired … Continue reading “Twitter Feud of the Week: The Great Squash Blossom Debate” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Kiriko’s Sushi Still Rocks

Kiriko is serving some excellent sushi omakase, says PeterCC. Surprisingly, the sushi sits on warm rice. A serving of chutoro “didn’t so much melt in my mouth, as it just instantly incorporated itself into the rice,” he says. “The combination of the warmth and tang of the rice with the coolness and, uh, toro-ness of [...]


Tam O’Shanter Turns 90, Celebrating With Old-Timey Menus

Not bad for 90! Atwater Village’s Scottish steakhouse, Tam O’Shanter, is turning 90 next month, which means it’s probably too old to get a job showing off its gams at The Tilted Kilt. But the good news, as relayed by NBC, is that the Lawry’s-operated restaurant is rekindling its 20th-century past with monthly menus that [...]


Food FYI: The cost of junk food vs. healthful food

WEIGHING FOOD COSTS The cost of food depends on how you measure it, according to a new USDA report. Junk food isn't necessarily cheaper than grains, dairy and greens. [Los Angeles Times] 'TO CUT A KNIFE' Joel Bukiewicz, a knife maker in Brooklyn, talks about how he decided to make his first knife using an [...]


The Wednesday Edition: A Roundup of Newspaper Food Stories

You can’t replace the feeling of lounging on the couch with a scrunched-up newspaper. But with the web, at least you don’t need to worry about getting ink on your hands and bagel. Here’s a roundu… Continue reading “The Wednesday Edition: A Roundup of Newspaper Food Stories” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


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