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3 Events: Lamb Showdown; Common Grains; ‘American Menu’

Panel + soba: Common Grains will host a panel discussion at Atwater Crossing on Sunday, featuring grain miller and farmer Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills in South Carolina and Monica Spiller from the Whole Grain Connection, a nonprofit aiming to enhance the desirability of organic and sustainable grains. Other grain experts also will speak, and [...]


Activists Call for Food Safety Czar’s Ouster

Flickr/WayTruSix EU countries have outlawed genetically modified corn. ​Occupy cornfields! Support is growing for a petition calling for the ouster of Michael Taylor, a senior adviser for the FD


Cooks County turns into Soba city on Wednesday

Can’t wait until Common Grains launches its Soba-Ya Restaurant in late February in Torrance? Want to see what happens when artisanal Japanese buckwheat soba noodles meet the modern cuisine of recently-opened Cooks County? On Wednesday night, Common Grains, a collaboration between soba maker Sonoko Sakai and rice company Shinmei, hosts a pop-up East Meets West [...]


Another Restaurant Row Grows in Downtown

Bottega Louie, at the crossroads Downtown continues to bring it when it comes to exciting new restaurants and now Brigham Yen reports on the rise of a secondary “restaurant row,” growing aside the restaurant-dense 7th Street stretch that manifested over the years. Yen next readies the city center for Industriel, a new French concept coming [...]


For Valentine’s Day, Le Bon Garcon limited-edition caramels

It's that time of year: time to start thinking about giving sweets to the sweet. Le Bon Garcon, the L.A. caramel maker founded by pastry chef Justin Chao, has Valentine's Day gift boxes featuring a new caramel flavor called Caramour that gets its subtle pink tinge from blood orange puree.  Chao, who graduated from Ecole [...]


Jason Robey Debuts New Cocktail Bar at Ammo

AmmoThe Blood Orange Fizz.​Already known for its clean, California-inspired menu, Ammo hopes to be known for its alcoholic libations as well. Tomorrow, the Highland Avenue restaurant officially


Forklore: Old fish eggs

In Italian restaurants, you sometimes find dishes flavored with a red-amber sausage-like substance called bottarga. This is the salted eggs of the gray mullet, but it's nothing like caviar, which is preferably as fresh and lightly salted (malossol) as possible. These mullet fish eggs, still in the original egg sack, are salted, pressed and dried [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Molasses cookies from MILK

This week's Culinary SOS comes to us from Selby Blum in Los Angeles: Milk has the best molasses cookies I've ever had. My entire family adores them, and I would love to be able to make them for my dad on his 66th birthday. Please help? These cookies are out of this world. I need [...]


Drago’s Black & White Tagliolini

Last week, we said a sad farewell to Angeli and honored the occasion with one of chef Evan Kleiman’s most adored desserts. Now we turn to another superb Italian place that’s saying arrivederci: Drago, the Santa Monica flagship of chef Celestino Drago. To honor the occasion, he’s shared with us one of the best recipes [...]


Burmese Food; Winter Sorbets; LA’s Best Food Court

Myanmar is in the midst of a coming out party. Could that mean more Burmese food on the menu? Plus, a mall food court that resembles Los Angeles.


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