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Baja’s best plus local food artisans hit Saturday’s L.A. Street Food fest

Mariscos La Guerrerense’s wonderful Ensenada seafood tostada stand The L.A. Street Food festival is actually in Pasadena, but this summer’s edition features a wide array of native to L.A. food trucks, a clutch of the city’s best artisanal foodcrafters and most unique of all, several chefs and stands coming up from Baja California and bringing [...]


The Hammer Plans a One-Day Food Biennial Next Saturday

Twelve prodcuers were chosen out of hundreds Next Saturday, July 28, The Hammer Museum will present its own pop-up market of L.A.-crafted, small-batch independent edibles called “New. Artisanal. Now,” described as a one-day food biennial coinciding with the Made in L.A. art biennial. Whittled down from a long list of hundreds by local food trend-setters [...]


Live chat: Lunchtime with Jonathan Gold!

He's back! Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold appears for his weekly live chat on Wednesday at noon, "Lunchtime With Mr. Gold." Tune in and bring your questions. He'll be here to answer as many of your dining queries as he can get to in half an hour.  Maybe you've got a burning desire for Islamic [...]


Fame-Seeking, Bobby Flay-Impressing Home Cooks Wanted

A new Food Network show is casting, and looking for home cooks. It’s a great opportunity if the following things are important to you: 1. Cooking. 2. Thinking you’re better than everyone else. 3…. Continue reading “Fame-Seeking, Bobby Flay-Impressing Home Cooks Wanted” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Union Station Welcomes Back "East L.A. Meets Napa," This Friday

Senor Fish at 2011’s event This Friday, from 6:00 to 9:00 P.M. at Union Station, health care non-profit AltaMed is reprising its tasting event “East L.A. Meets Napa.” An annual favorite of Angeleno eaters, the evening doesn’t involve the same selection of hip restaurants that usually rally at such things. Instead, the event rallies some [...]


Dinner tonight! Green papaya salad with shrimp

Perfect for the summer season, this Vietnamese salad combines fresh papaya or mango tossed with a bright dressing of lime juice, garlic, sugar and chopped Thai chile. Top the salad with fresh grilled shrimp, peanuts and a sprinkling of fresh herbs. The whole dish comes together in less than 45 minutes. For more quick-fix dinner [...]


Food Journals Can Help You Lose Weight, Study Reports

As Speedo weather sweeps much of the country, dieters are using tweezers to eat, spending fortunes on salad bar creations and avoiding meals altogether in order to look dandy in beach-side Faceb… Continue reading “Food Journals Can Help You Lose Weight, Study Reports” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Cacao Mexicatessen Expanding Space, Going Boozy

Cacao Mexicatessen Like many of our city’s food-crazy citizens, we can’t get enough of the revolutionary dishes coming out of Eagle Rock’s Cacao Mexicatessen, which merges enlightened culinary wizardry and gleaming product to a progressive Mexican menu that flies its Mayan and Aztec roots. Fortunately, L.A. is getting a lot more Mexicatessen soon, as the [...]


Food FYI: Sweet news about sour cherries

CHERRY PIE A slice of cherry pie a day helps keep the doctor away? Or at least the sour cherries in the pie might. Sour cherries contain the same sort of anti-inflammatory compounds as aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. And they contain more of these anti-inflammatory compounds than any other food, a study says. [Los Angeles [...]


Czech Republic Makes Beer with Gold + Encourages Beer Bathing

Recently we were amazed — and a little appalled — by the news of Rogue’s plan to brew ‘beard beer.’ Today we’re just flabbergasted. A brewery in the town of Ostrava in the Czech Republic has r… Continue reading “Czech Republic Makes Beer with Gold + Encourages Beer Bathing” > Read the full post on [...]


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