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This week’s Culinary SOS: 14K’s tuna tartare

This week's Culinary SOS comes from Matt Euen in West L.A.:  My wife and I recently dined at the 14K restaurant at the Crowne Plaza in Washington, D.C., during happy hour, and we had the most wonderful and addictive ahi tuna tartare. We had it every day we were there. Can you please get the [...]


Best Thing at UMAMIcatessen? Foie Gras Doughnuts

Though Chowhounds have varying opinions about UMAMIcatessen, everybody agrees on one thing: The foie gras doughnuts are spectacular. They’ll disappear soon, after California’s foie gras ban kicks in, so get them while you can. As for the rest of UMAMIcatessen’s offerings, many Chowhounds think the food is good, not great. sku, on the other hand, [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Perbacco’s pine nut tart

This week's Culinary SOS comes from Deborah Pollack in Ventura:  My husband and I recently spent a weekend in San Francisco and had a superb dinner at Perbacco. Everything was wonderful, but our dessert was one of the most delicious I've ever tasted. If you could get the recipe for its pine nut and honey [...]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 5/14 – 5/18

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “Animals have been talking to me. And any shaman will say that that’s not that weird.” Q & A With Roy Choi: Slinging Tac… Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 5/14 – 5/18″ > Read the [...]


Sorghum; Community Ovens; A Perfect Daiquiri

A mixologist decodes the myriad styles and flavors of rum. Plus, a Southern chef’s quest to save sorghum and a group of bread bakers build a community oven in LA.


Pam Anderson Gives Out Lap Dances at BOA

We’ll just have a glass of water, thank you. Okay maybe not all Kings fans are subdued and orderly when having a night out on the town. Last night, following the hockey team’s victory in Downtown, Pamela Anderson and a group of fellas left Staples Center and took their act to West Hollywood’s Boa. After [...]


Object of Desire: Tofu spring rolls

It has come to my attention that vegans are angry with me today, what with all the foie gras and all. So as a peace offering, I thought I might point out that Golden Deli, the Vietnamese noodle shop whose crackly cha gio, fried spring rolls, have been fetish objects in the San Gabriel Valley [...]


Food News Roundup: Urasawa #2 Most Expensive U.S. Restaurant, New Obama Food Initiative + Health Food Cheaper Than Junk

L.A. Observed: The Daily Meal calculates the country’s most expensive restaurants — with L.A.’s Urasawa No. 2. Melisse is No. 11. CBS News: Obama announces a food initiative aimed at improvin… Continue reading “Food News Roundup: Urasawa #2 Most Expensive U.S. Restaurant, New Obama Food Initiative + Health Food Cheaper Than Junk” > Read the [...]


Why Did Sushi Vanish from Shunji’s?

A few Chowhounds have complained about the lack of sushi in chef Shunji’s omakase, so PeterCC quizzed him on a recent visit. Shunji explained that his omakase is intended to be a selection of cooked dishes—there some sushi in the restaurant’s opening weeks, but that was a grand-opening promo. Part of what made Shunji give [...]


Are you friend or foe of foie gras? Taste some now before it goes away June 30

Montes rose of syrah has a label drawn by Ralph Steadman! Like the first time I set foot in Paris, the first time I had foie gras was a sweetly memorable experience. I was 23 and leaving Paris soon, moving back to L.A. for good. My French boyfriend wanted to take me too a really [...]


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