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80-Foot Smoker Hitting The Rose Bowl Flea Market This Sunday

The Ultimate Smoker This Sunday, July 8, The History Channel is setting up shop at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Flea Market for the L.A. edition of a national “Cross-Country Cookout” tour, less than two weeks before the L.A. Street Food Fest reprises its annual celebration of sidewalk eating here. Part of a larger U.S. promotion, the [...]


50 Shades of Food: A boozy berry shortcake

Pull up a chair and settle in for our 50 Shades of Food series, where we introduce you to mouthwatering, shiver-inducing, hot, sexy food porn. It's safe-for-work browsing, sure to get your heart racing and your palms a little sweaty, and the only drawback is a possible hunger pang or two after viewing. "You never [...]


Steve Nash’s Secret Diet + NBA Eating Habits

Yesterday came the news that the Lakers had landed future Hall of Fame point guard (and all-around amiable Canadian dude) Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for a boatload of future dr… Continue reading “Steve Nash’s Secret Diet + NBA Eating Habits” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Luscious Berries, Tomatoes from Valdivia Farms

Some great summer produce is coming from Valdivia Farms these days. “Best berries I’ve had in a decade and heirloom tomatoes that ACTUALLY taste like tomatoes,” BekahR says. Valdivia has a produce stand in Carlsbad, but also shows up at many farmers’ markets throughout Southern California. BekahR spotted them at the Saturday Irvine farmers’ market [...]


Q & A with Post & Beam’s Brad Johnson

The Times' Patt Morrison has an interesting question and answer with Brad Johnson, the restaurateur  behind such various locations as Roxbury, Memphis and BLT Steak. Guess what? His father was restaurateur Howard Johnson. OK, as he says, "not that Howard Johnson." And, he says, Post & Beam is drawing people to Ladera Heights who might [...]


Grill Around the World in 8 Ways: Celebrating July 4th like an Angeleno

A proper Fourth of July feast probably begins at the grill. And in contemporary Los Angeles, this all-American meal is as likely to be comprised of yakitori and carne asada as hot dogs and hambu… Continue reading “Grill Around the World in 8 Ways: Celebrating July 4th like an Angeleno” > Read the full post [...]


Coffee Bean To Benefit Operation Homefront on the Fourth

1776 We’re taking tomorrow off to stand in our front yard and salute the flag all day. Hopefully, you won’t starve without us. In the meantime, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will honor and assist wounded servicemen, vets, and military families with a new program commencing at its stores tomorrow at 09:00 hours. The program [...]


For summer sandwiches: Shun Classic U2 Ultimate Utility Knife

My husband was in Sur La Table the other day, looking at knives, his big weakness in the cookware category. He overheard a French chef raving to the clerk about a Japanese knife on special. "This is a fantastic knife," he told her. "Everywhere else, it’s over $150 — and you’re selling it for $79.95? How [...]


82: Sooo Cali Dog at Dog Haus

Leading up to this year’s Best of L.A. issue (due out Oct. 4), we’ll be counting down, in no particular order, 100 of our favorite dishes. 82: Sooo Cali Dog at Dog Haus. Maximalist-topping hot… Continue reading “82: Sooo Cali Dog at Dog Haus” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Chipotle Spreading to Culver City

Ay! Ew, what’s that we smell wafting over to Culver City? It’s Chipotle, burrito-fying a new under-construction development of retail shops at the intersection of Washington and Sepulveda. We can’t confirm that the brand’s rapidly spreading “burritofication” offensive actually has anything to do with that zombie-style attack in Florida, but we would probably opt to [...]


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