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Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 4/916 – 4/20

Flickr/Lauren ManningIn which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “This meal need not stray too far from your preferences. Not when there are such wide-ranging options like


Wolfgang Puck Eats at ink.; Dr. Dre Visits Katana

Puck When Wolfgang Puck shared his diet with us a few weeks back, we became just a little concerned that he wasn’t checking out L.A.’s restaurant scene enough, understandably preferring to eat amongst his own empire. This week the great chef broke the mold, giving us a sigh of relief as he paid a visit [...]


Test Kitchen video tips: Defining the grain in meats

Often, you'll see a recipe say something like, "Slice thinly against the grain." So, what does this mean? And why should you do it? The "grain" refers to the flow of the muscle fibers in a cut of meat. Like wood, the fibers tend to go in a single direction. Slicing a cut of meat [...]


What’s in Season at the Farmers Market: Soledad Goats’ Eggs

Felicia FriesemaEggs from Soledad Goats at the Hollywood marketThinking of eggs as a seasonal crop might be a paradigm line some seasonal eaters aren’t ready to cross. But consider for a moment the c


FDA Targets Two California Seafood Producers Over Toxic Finds

Breaking the bonds of trust Following this week’s news that seafood is being majorly mislabeled in L.A. and a national scandal over salmonella-spreading “tuna scrape” that lead to a recall of 59,000 pounds of tuna, it’s clear there’s something really (wait for it) fishy going on in the world of U.S. seafood. HuffPo reports on [...]


Cochon 555 returns to L.A.; chefs announced

Cochon 555 — the contest in which five chefs compete against each other in a whole-pig cook-off — will return to Los Angeles on May 6. The five chefs create a nose-to-tail menu featuring five heritage breed pigs, served with wines from five winemakers. Judges and guests vote on the best preparations. This year's chefs [...]


Evan Kleiman Pops Up at the Charleston With a 4-Course Dinner

JoAnn Stougaard Evan Kleiman’s chocolate chunk bread puddingIf you’re still mourning the loss of chef Evan Kleiman’s Angeli Caffe (who isn’t?), you can sample her food again at the Charleston on Mond


Chaya Serves Eight Courses of Wild Alaskan Seafood

Wild Fish Fair To celebrate its embrace of sustainable seafood, Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills is running a special menu of eight dishes piled high with wild Alaskan fish and shellfish through April 30. Chef Shigefumi Tachibe’s recipes include a mushroom tart with sea urchin and Alaskan king crab, ravioli stuffed with mi-cuit wild salmon, [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Strawberries 101 (plus 29 recipes)

With strawberries showing up in the market now, how do you know what to look for? Here are some tips on choosing, storing and using berries, courtesy of Food Editor Russ Parsons: Choose the best berries by aroma, not color or size. The flavor of strawberries is complex; only by sniffing around will you be [...]


Asian Lanka: Finding Sri Lanka’s Culinary Identity

Eddie LinKottu roti at Asian LankaTaric, a Sri Lankan immigrant and a regular at Asian Lanka Restaurant in Reseda, is one of those gregarious strangers who can trigger hunger pangs when he speaks to y


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