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Eagle Rock Brewery Bottles Equinox; El Chapin To Reopen as The Highland

Growler at Eagle Rock Brewery Baldwin Hills: KevinEats gets the first look at Govind Armstrong’s new wood-fired, grow-your-own restaurant, Post & Beam. [KevinEats] Brentwood: Jeff Cerciello opened the market component at Farmshop. [Eater] Chino: A new, possibly Babylon-burning brewery named I & I Brewing is now open and serving six brews. [Eater] Downtown: Nick & [...]


‘Eating Las Vegas,’ again

The boys are back at it again. "Eating Las Vegas 2012" flings three critics — Max Jacobson, John Curtas and Al Mancini — at what they’ve agreed are the 50 essential restaurants there. Much of the time the critics wildly disagree on the merits of any particular restaurant, which makes for interesting reading. Like the [...]


NYC Cracks Down on Kimchi

Guzzle & NoshA tub of fermenting kimchi.​Bureaucrats stomp in where angels fear to tread. Health inspectors in New York City have recently cracked down on how kimchi is stored, penalizing many K


Forklore: All that rot

Two of the creepiest-sounding foods of all time were the medieval Near Eastern condiments murri and kamakh. They started as raw barley dough, wrapped in fig leaves and stored in a box for 40 days. When the dough had thoroughly rotted (turned white with "red veins" running through it), it was ground up and rotted [...]


Los Angeles Beer Fans Rally for Blue Palms Brewhouse

Daniel DrennonBrian Lenzo’s Last Stand?​Less than a week ago, Brian Lenzo was riding high on a three and a half year wave of loyal customer support for his Blue Palms Brewhouse, one of the most


Pasadena PinotFest arrives once again

Has an entire year rolled around already? At any rate, it’s once again time for the annual Pasadena PinotFest (the fourth, actually) which kicks off Jan. 15 with a five-course dinner at Altadena Town & Country Club. Each course is cooked by a local chef and paired with a Pinot Noir producer. Chefs involved include [...]


Ramen Jinya: Wilshire’s noodle nirvana

basic bowl of porky ramen bliss Us mid-Wilshire office workers were suffering along with Baja Fresh and Callendar’s for a long time before the food trucks arrived. They brought welcome diversity to office lunches, though not much in the way of seating or healthy food. If you’re looking for burgers or beer, the Counter is [...]


The Food and Drink of ‘Mad Men;’ Honey; Angeli Closes

The food and drink of Mad Men is a glimpse of 1960 trends. A honey sommelier decodes the honey jar and Evan Kleiman says closing Angeli was the hardest decision of her life.


Taylor Swift Spends New Year’s at Kate Mantilini; Benji Madden Goes to Gjelina

Benji Madden at Gjelina Next weekend, the town will be neck-deep in celebrities as The Golden Globes returns, again allowing Ricky Gervais to play Space Invaders with the fragile egos of Hollywood biggest stars. A few famous faces have already aligned in the past week, as we spied Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden swaggering towards [...]


Today’s Eat Beat: Tagliolini al limone

Today's Eat Beat features a pasta recipe from our Culinary SOS column demonstrated by Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter. Reader Janie Orenstein from Pacific Palisades wrote: The lemon pasta at Angelini Osteria on Beverly Boulevard seems remarkably simple. My attempts at re-creating it have been remarkably underwhelming. Can you get the exact measurements and ingredients [...]


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