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Joe’s Falafel Can Change Lives

Best thing about Joe’s Falafel is the freshly baked pita, called laffa, made right before your eyes. It’s “SO GOOD,” says louiselovitz, who also likes the piping-hot, “crispy and fluffy” falafel. When you combine the falafel and the fresh laffa bread in a sandwich, you get absolute perfection, GK in SO says, calling the combination [...]


Lucky Rice comes to L.A.: A different kind of night market

Lukshon’s soft shell crab with sambal kacang If you were disappointed by not getting anything to eat at Pasadena’s packed 626 Night Market, or live on the Westside, you might prefer Lucky Rice’s first L.A. Night Market, a nighttime tasting event Aug. 4 at H.D. Buttercup at the Helms complex, hosted by Lukshon/Father’s Office chef/owner [...]


Freddy Smalls Sports New Summer Cocktails

Freddy Smalls Everyone who’s ever laid down their thoughts on West L.A.’s Freddy Smalls agrees that it’s a damn fine place to get a proper buzz on. The moody space is perfect for a dram, the nineties hip-hop just our speed, and David Fleisher’s drinks are engaging but never fussy. Toasting to summer, Fleischer has [...]


Free Slurpees Tomorrow: 7-Eleven’s National Holiday

Tomorrow is 7/11. That’s right, you know the drill. It’s Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven locations. Hallmark might not sell Slurpee Day greeting cards (yet), nor is the holiday pre-labeled on you… Continue reading “Free Slurpees Tomorrow: 7-Eleven’s National Holiday” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


The Edison Embraces Sushi on New "Far East" Menu

The Edison It was easy to trace the city’s recent craze for all things speakeasy to the success of The Edison. It’s a little harder to explain what influences the same Downtown bar’s new turn to Asian cuisine, however, as it unrolls a new “Far East” menu that includes sushi, prosciutto-wrapped scallops in yuzu brown [...]


Kitchen gadget: Barbecue mop

If you love outdoor cooking, there's nothing like taming a tough cut of meat through the mastery of a low and slow fire, or deftly handling a lean cut quickly over a hot grill. But often it's that signature touch — a thoughtfully honed sauce — that separates barbecue masters from weekend warriors. And while [...]


5 Picks for DineLA’s Summer Restaurant Week

Next week kicks off DineLA’s first ever summer-session Restaurant Week, which consists of discounted prix-fixe lunches and dinners at some of the city’s most popular restaurants, available from… Continue reading “5 Picks for DineLA’s Summer Restaurant Week ” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs

Dining date: 5/28/12 While most of the foods I prepare sous vide have been meats, I’ve been trying to broaden my repertoire a bit lately. I’ve poached whole eggs a number of times; they’re one of the easiest things to sous vide since they don’t need vacuum sealing, just place them in the water straight [...]


Entries Still Being Accepted For DineLA’s "Pro-Am Celebrity Chef-Off"

Ben Ford To get people jazzed over the first summertime restaurant week (July 16-27), dineLA is holding a “Pro-Am Celebrity Cookoff” this Wednesday morning that will pit two home chefs with one of two celebrity chef partners. One winner will find themselves teaming up with Border Grill and Street’s Susan Feniger, the other with Cochon [...]


Summertime dinners — what could be simpler?

It's summertime, and as the song should have said, the cooking is easy. How easy? This weekend we started with this dish of lemon cucumbers from our garden seasoned very simply and served with little bricks of fresh feta cheese. These cucumbers are so sweet and crisp, all I did was dress them with a [...]


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