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Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Car .06 miles to Madeo; Ryan Reynolds Chomps on Casa Vega

Even for Hollywood, that’s a little lazy It ain’t easy being green, as friend-of-the-environment Gwyenth Paltrow reportedly told West Hollywood recently by taking a limousine for all of ten seconds just to travel from Stella McCartney’s boutique to Madeo, a couple of days before Earth Day, no less. Sure, this is L.A. and all, but [...]


A Spot of Tea pops up at Spice Station

Friday through May 6, Spice Station in Silver Lake is hosting A Spot of Tea pop-up tea shop in celebration of all things British (it's Brit Week and Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee). A Spot of Tea — "a cozy vintage tea room with an authentic Britsh vibe" — was created by the Anglo American [...]


L.A. Restaurants After The Riots

A KTown rebound “After the riots, L.A.’s insularity somehow fostered restaurants with a strength of purpose, even stronger and more specific than they had previously been. Mainstream restaurants began to find their inspiration within L.A.’s communities rather than outside them. You began to see chefs congregating at places like Guelaguetza and Sapp on their days [...]


A Getty dinner, putting on the Ritts

In conjunction with the current retrospective exhibit for the iconic fashion photographer Herb Ritts at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Restaurant executive chef Mayet Cristobal and chef de cuisine Matt Lee have designed a special "Dine in L.A. Style" menu inspired by Ritts' work. The menu features a lot of black and white, plus [...]


DineLA Adding New Summer and Weekend Dates

DineLA DineLA’s restaurant week is switching up the program to include new summer and weekend dates, removing the event’s previous fall stint but keeping the run in January. Running from July 16 to 27, the basic idea will be the same, while DineLA will offer its first weekend menus on Saturday and Sunday over the [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Mashed Potatoes 101 (plus 7 recipes)

There is an art to comfort food, and mashed potatoes are no exception. And while personal preference may have a lot to do with what you might consider "perfection" — do you like your mashed potatoes smooth or lumpy? Creamy or fluffy? — there are nevertheless some tips you can follow to elevate your spuds [...]


Spago Cooking Up 20th Birthday Lunch in Vegas

Puck Before Las Vegas’ top-tier selling-point became its legion of famous chefs running their own Sin City satellites, there was just Wolfgang Puck, who was told he was crazy for bringing Spago to the town of free fried shrimp buffets and three-dollar steak specials. Two decades later, we all know who’s having the last laugh [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Quinoa 101 (plus 6 recipes)

Quinoa is a South American grain-like crop that is increasingly becoming popular in North American cuisine. While the leaves of quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) plant can be cooked as a potherb, the seeds, or "grains" (while quinoa is not a true cereal, its seeds resemble and are similarly used like grains) of the plant are probably [...]


Takeout Paella at La Española

The best paella in Los Angeles doesn’t come from a traditional restaurant; it comes in a humble Styrofoam takeout container from La Española Meats, a Spanish meat market in Harbor City. “The cruel reality is that there is no consistently great restaurant paella in L.A.,” J.L. says. But the takeout paella from La Española is [...]


Toasting L.A.’s new Greenbar distillery with a Vanilla Shandy cocktail

L.A. welcomed its first commercial distillery since prohibition Sunday evening as Greenbar Collective had its grand opening in a Downtown warehouse. (Unfortunately the draconian local liquor laws mean there’s no tasting room, so it’s wholesale only.) Litty Mathew and Melkon Khosrovian’s company has come a long way since we voted on fruit and herb-infused vodkas [...]


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