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Coffee Might Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Any bleary-eyed 9-to-5er can vouch for coffee’s miraculous qualities. But while java is keeping your face from slamming into your keyboard, it also might be protecting you from sun cancer (shoul… Continue reading “Coffee Might Help Prevent Skin Cancer” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Melisse (Los Angeles, CA)

Melisse “Foie for All” 1104 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401 Dining date: 6/30/12 June 30 was the last day to legally serve foie gras in California (although some loopholes do exist). Melisse has been at the forefront against the ban and, combined with the fact that it’s one of the best restaurants in the city, [...]


Kevin Kathman Kicks Off AK Supper Club at Capri

Kathman and crew at Capri Last week we learned that pop-up restaurant Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing was ending its run at Capri restaurant and this past weekend, we learned exactly who was coming in to fill its paw prints. Kevin Kathman, a Cold Springs, Minnesota native who worked for three years at Thomas Keller’s French [...]


Food FYI: Wine scoring, ‘It’ grills and cocoa crumbs

DECANTER RECANTS While most important American-based wine publications have always caclulated their wine scores on a 100-point scale, it was a point of pride to the Brits and others that they had their own way of measuring. I say "was" because British-based Decanter magazine, the oldest and still one of the best publications in the [...]


10 Best Tamales in Los Angeles

At L.A.’s Mexican restaurants, the classic combination plate — you know, the #5 or the “Macho Combo” or the “Pancho Villa Platter” that serves up a burrito, taco, tamale and chile relleno toppe… Continue reading “10 Best Tamales in Los Angeles” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Si Hai’s Taiwanese Salty Rice Rolls Rock

Si Hai is an excellent Taiwanese bakery with terrific fan tuan (salty rice rolls), PeterCC says. The individual grains of rice form a nice structure, not too sticky and with plenty of filling. The standard fan tuan is stuffed with a Chinese doughnut and sweet dried pork fluff; the suan cai fan tuan comes with [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: House of Bread’s berry bars

This week's Culinary SOS request comes from Gabby Robinson in Denver:  I recently moved from San Luis Obispo to Denver. I miss the berry bars at House of Bread in San Luis; they were my favorite breakfast after a run or before class, and they were even my last meal before commencing the 18-hour drive [...]


Stick to Small Dishes at Earthen

Though the Chinese beef noodle soup and various vegetable and tofu dishes are disappointing, Earthen is a great place for nibbles, including scallion pancakes that are among the best hobbess has ever tried. The pot stickers are exemplary too, heinous says: “Great caramelization on the bottoms, nice and juicy on the inside, but not overly [...]


Battle of the Burgers: The Howie burger

This year, we received more than 140 entries in our second annual Battle of the Burgers! We asked you to vote for your top 20, and then we got down to testing. We're running our five favorites in Saturday's Food section, but will feature one burger recipe a day this week here at the Daily [...]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 6/25 – 6/29

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “‘You can always spot people who don’t cook because they think that pancakes are made with butter,’ she said.” An Elegy … Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 6/25 – 6/29″ > Read the full post [...]


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