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History of Ketchup; Homemade Mustard; Is White Bread Racist?

Find out why ketchup became America’s favorite condiment. Learn how to make mustard at home. Plus, how race, war and politics created white bread.


Rihanna Shoots the Bird at Baldi; Diane Keaton Toasts at Toscanova

“It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny…” Rihanna made her 1,574th trip to Giorgio Baldi this week, but the Bahama mama refused to let the media push up on her as she made an exit. Making a break for it (lookin’ all fine in the process) the singer hid her face, got into [...]


Fig & Olive to open at Fashion Island

Fashion Island, the popular Newport Beach outdoor shopping center with the ocean views is welcoming a new addition to its culinary lineup. The olive oil-centric restaurant Fig & Olive is slated to open its sixth U.S. location at the center by summer 2013. The restaurant will be located on the south side of the shopping [...]


Hostaria del Piccolo Plans Venice Opening By End of Summer

The Piccolo team at its new space Our drawers are already bunched up over the heinous new mixed use condo/shopping center now marring Rose Avenue in Venice, soon to be followed by a perfect storm of strollers and Google staffers. But at least one prized local is taking the cue to set up camp in [...]


Test Kitchen video tips: Cleaning leeks

As wonderful as they may be in a recipe, leeks can often be a real pain to clean. A member of the onion family, leeks look like large scallions with a thick stalk or base. Because the white part of the base is prized in cooking, farmers mound dirt around the leeks to keep out [...]


Two Recipes from David Myers: Soy-marinated Tuna + Steak With Daikon-ponzu Dipping Sauce

Anne FishbeinChef David Myers at Comme ÇaIf you read Laurie Winer’s story about L.A. cookbooks and chef David Myers, you may have had a lot of reactions — one of which might have been hunger. Sure, y


Rocio’s Moles De Los Dioses: Food of the Goddess, indeed

Rocio’s "Mole of the Goddesses" I had been wanting to try Rocio’s Moles ever since the queen of moles, Rocio Camacho, landed at her new restaurant in Bell. Although I had been to Bell with Bill Esparza on the Latin desserts crawl, it still seemed like a fur piece to go for lunch. But then [...]


Where to Find The Nearest Costco During The Zombie Invasion

Grrrrr…. The trickiest move you’ll have to make when the zombies break ground on their graves and run amok through L.A. (though we pray they’re going to be the slow, stupid kind) is the ability to supply yourself with food, water, ammo, booze, and something good to read while you remain holed up on the [...]


National Grilled Cheese Day: Celebrate with 12 recipes

The grilled cheese sandwich may be the perfect food. So good that this cheesy, melty, crispy sandwich deserved the entire month of April devoted to it. April 12 happens to be National Grilled Cheese Day. Being a self-proclaimed grilled cheese fanatic, I like to envision the streets of L.A. closed off for a day of [...]


5X5 Collaborative Chef Dinners Begin April 29

David Guilbert Photographythe five chefsFrom late April to September, a few of L.A.’s most acclaimed restaurants will offer a six-course tasting menu at $150 per person, not including wine pairings. A


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