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Portland, Maine: Bagels, beer and Bigfoot make it just as groovy as its West Coast cousin

Bite into Maine lobster trailer at Portland lighthouse Still a California girl, I had never been north of New Hampshire before, so a recent week in Rhode Island seemed like a good excuse to drive up to Maine. Lured by lobster and having heard that Portland is a great beer town, I was eager to […]


Santa Monica Seafood: Go for the Spot Prawns, Stay for the Salt Water Taffy

The Santa Barbara Spot prawns we picked up recently at Santa Monica Seafood, inspired by Michael Cimarusti’s salt cooking technique, set us back $13.95. For two. Not exactly a cost-cutting shopp… Continue reading “Santa Monica Seafood: Go for the Spot Prawns, Stay for the Salt Water Taffy ” > Read the full post on Squid […]


A County Fair Foodlpaca Burgers, LA Food & Wine

Deep fried, wrapped in bacon or on a stick – discover the best of carnival food at the OC Fair. Plus, Jonathan Gold enjoys an alpaca burger in Downtown LA.


Mostly Praise for Hui Tou Xiang’s Dumplings

Most Chowhounds really enjoy Hui Tou Xiang’s dumpling-centric menu. Almost everybody loves hui tou pork dumplings, which are nice and crisp on the flat side, oniontears says, with a juicy filling featuring good pork flavor. The xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are also excellent, even if oniontears thinks the thin top skin is a tad […]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 8/6 – 8/10

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “For Mexican, I go to My Taco a lot. It’s near my house in South Pasadena. The food there is really good and fresh and wel… Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 8/6 – 8/10″ > […]


Raves for Farmshop in Santa Monica

After eating one of the best meals he’s had in a long, long time, Tom P called it: Santa Monica’s Farmshop is amazing. The salads—from smashed beets with pecans and blue cheese crema to melon with sopressata, whipped fromage blanc, black olives, and Thai basil—are beautiful both in presentation and flavor. Tom P calls the […]


Salma Hayek Hits ink.; Vince Neil Takes Shots at Casa Vega

“Tequila!” This week, Salmita Hayek hit the house of Voltaggio, acting kind of shy when the cameras turned their focus her way unlike most of the attention-starved celebs around here. Over in the Valley, Vince Neil kept up his eighties ways though he’s now in his fifties and lacking looks that kill, doing shots at […]


Republic of Laughter, or ROFL, Open on Melrose

The Republic of Laughter on Melrose Avenue is now open, and it’s pretty damn funny. Chef Govind Armstrong created the menu, which is described as “artfully designed conscientiously sourced far… Continue reading “Republic of Laughter, or ROFL, Open on Melrose” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


No. 221: Trattoria Neapolis (Pasadena)

Whereas some neighborhoods are known to be dining meccas or going through a culinary renaissance, Pasadena can’t quite seem to shake off its reputation of being a dine-out “food desert”. Sure there are a few gems here and there in the ‘dena (Intelligentsia for a good cup ‘o joe and some quick bites, Raymond/1886 for […]


West LA’s Kotoya Ramen Looks Like a Winner

Showing promise in West Los Angeles: Kotoya Ramen It’s currently closed (the official launch date is August 21), but several hounds made it to the soft opening. Like most new ramen joints, Kotoya features a tonkotsu (pork) soup base. The miso ramen has a very distinctive flavor, with a good amount of spice. It comes […]


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