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Bacon Lube: For Lovers Only

J&D’s Bacon Lube​Here’s a novel way to get bacon into your body. Like the American Express Black Card, which was an urban legend long before it was a real product, bacon lube is finally real –


Learn to Make a Perfect Tamale at Playa

Hot tamales! This Saturday morning at 11:00 A.M., Playa chef de cuisine Kevin Luzande will explore one of John Sedlar’s, and the whole city’s, biggest passions, as he presents a free demo on making the perfect tamale. Luzande will show the crowd how to build, fill, and properly cook a tamale, while brunch drinks will [...]


Today’s ‘Eat Beat’: Homemade herbed honey mustard

  Who knew homemade mustard could be so easy? Today's "Eat Beat" recipe demonstration is for herbed honey from Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter. You can find the recipe here. Catch our televised recipe demonstrations on KTLA-TV Channel 5 every Wednesday and Friday toward the end of the 1 p.m. news hour; you can also [...]


Arsenic Hysteria: Now It’s Been Found in Rice

Flickr/DanoIt looks so harmless.​ First it was apple juice. Now researchers say there is inorganic arsenic in rice, and that it could particularly affect pregnant women, CBS News reports. Arseni


Stunning Pop-Up Prix Fixe at Le Comptoir

Le Comptoir is Gary Menes’s new pop-up restaurant at Tiara Café, and the changing five-course prix fixe menu is stunning, says mikeop34. “It was a lot of fun to sit at the counter, watch the team of 3 chefs handle everything with precision, and chat with them about their food and experiences in a very [...]


Umami Burger Hits Hermosa This Week; Casey Lane Talks Heritage in Venice

Citywide: Ludo Lefebvre launches the first episode of his baby website, LudoBabyBites, today. [LudoBabyBites/Bugaboo] –You can now buy pre-packaged, bacon-wrapped hot dogs at Costco, you know, in case you happen to be drunk while grocery-shopping or something. [LAist] Culver City: High praise for Overland Avenue’s Tub’s Chili. Writer Mary McGrath sees potential growth in its [...]


Artisan House offers a one-stop shop in Downtown L.A.

There's a new restaurant-bar-market hybrid Downtown called Artisan House, and it takes the term "handcrafted" seriously. Located on the ground floor of the Pacific Electric Building, Artisan House offers patrons a place to eat, sip a cocktail or pick up the ingredients for tonight’s dinner party. The restaurant, bar and market are soft-open, and slated [...]


Banh Mi at Spice Table: 30 Sandwiches in 30 Days (Day 20)

Guzzle & NoshThe classic banh mi at Spice Table​What the hell is a bánh mì these days? The sandwich, derived from the Vietnamese term for bread, was once a cheap, quick, portable fix. Now, every


No. 209: Venison Fair @ Chaya Venice

In LA, it’s a rather tricky affair when restaurants decide to put game meats on the menu. Sometimes it gets so buried with other flavors and texture you wonder why even bother with an exotic meat, and at the opposite end of the spectrum there are dishes that so unapologetically, unctuous and gnarly you kinda [...]


Short Order: A first taste

Everyone’s heading to Farmer’s Market to see what Mozza’s Nancy Silverton, Bill Chait and the late Amy Pressman have done to wow the city’s burger enthusiasts  So for now, an early lunch at Short Order is the best way to avoid the fledgling burger destination’s inevitable early service glitches. Arriving at noon on Friday, we [...]


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