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LA’s Cheap Eats; Raw Milk; Fortified Wine

Discover the best cheap eats in Los Angeles. Plus, the controversy over raw milk in California and a new look at fortified wine.


5 Questions for Matt Antoun

Chef Matthew Antoun has never been to culinary school. Instead, he spent time cooking in 11 different restaurant kitchens, including Thomas Keller’s Per Se, and the West Branch French restaurant, both in New York City. In 2010, after leaving Per Se, Antoun returned to Los Angeles to start his own catering company, Modern Art Catering. [...]


The Best Soul Food in Los Angeles at Mama Joan’s

Soul food: “known simply as ‘food’ in cafes/diners across the South, it’s a rare species out here,” says cant talk…eating. But Mama Joan’s Soul Food, on a dismal stretch of road near the 110, is as good a soul food joint as cant talk…eating has had in Los Angeles. All the standards are there: fried [...]


Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 5/29 – 6/1

In which we highlight the past week in food, either at home or abroad. “If you want more of this salsa, it’ll be an extra quarter. This would be but a small price to pay for a fleeting moment … Continue reading “Short Attention Span Dinner Theater: Your Week in Food, 5/29 – 6/1″ > [...]


Good Westside Vietnamese?

News flash: There’s good Vietnamese food on the Westside! banjoboy has grown accustomed to driving up to Van Nuys or out to San Gabriel for a Vietnamese fix, but Sawtelle’s brand-new Nong Lá is utterly legit. The bun dishes in particular are very good. “Portions might be a bit smaller than some of the other [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Kuleto’s minestrone

This week's Culinary SOS request comes from Elizabeth Reers in La Jolla:  I was at Kuleto's in San Francisco recently, and we had the best minestrone soup. It was fabulous. I have called and emailed, and nothing. Can you please obtain the soup recipe? Thanks for your help. Rich, hearty and amazingly flavorful, this is [...]


Pig BBQ Pop-Up at Tony’s Saloon Downtown This Weekend

Looks like we’ve got an old-fashioned pig smoke going down in the Arts District this Sunday, June 3, hosted by chef Adam Cole of Lindy and Grundy and Ink. sommelier Adam Vourvoulis. The duo will… Continue reading “Pig BBQ Pop-Up at Tony’s Saloon Downtown This Weekend” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Raku (Las Vegas, NV) (2)

Raku 5030 Spring Mountain Rd Las Vegas, NV 89146 Dining date: 5/10/12  One of my (and my family’s) favorites in Las Vegas is Raku. It’s an off-strip spot located in a Chinatown plaza which was probably a hidden gem for some time. Not anymore though; it’s become very well-known for its homey, comforting Japanese food and robata [...]


Skewered Meats and Extra-Long Noodles at Sweethome Grill

Sweethome Grill, purveyor of quality Chinese noodles and skewers, serves up some long noodles. “Even standing up at the table to pull up the noodles from the bowl didn’t help,” says bulavinaka. “I know long noodles are fortuitous but serving them intact requires someone with the height of a famous and gracious former Chinese basketball [...]


Kristen Stewart Drinks "Poison Apple" at Napa Valley Grille; Adam Levine Spied With New Flame at Mustard Seed Cafe

Stewart with co-star Sam Clafin in Westwood This week, Kristen Stewart drank down a “Poison Apple” cocktail (which starts with Bulleit Bourbon and that Sour Apple Pucker stuff) at a post-premiere private event at Westwood’s Napa Valley Grille for the Snow White and The Huntsman star, which must about a Mormom politician’s mission to lose [...]


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