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Lindy without Grundy? The store will go on

What will Lindy do without Grundy? Just watch and see.


Immediate Action Dance/Pennington Dance

Stories ripped from the headlines and dancing with art are the varied approaches taken by choreographers in this concert shared by Liz Hoefner Adamis’ Immediate Action Dance and John Pennington’s Pennington Dance Group. Adamis’ two new works consider activists in Pakistan and South Africa who have galvanized international outrage. Malala… by Ann Haskins Stories ripped [...]


Carl’s Jr. is testing Bisnuts, a new biscuit/doughnut hybrid

Carl’s Jr. is on a mission to create the next big culinary hybrid with the Bisnut. It’s a mix of the fast-food chain’s signature biscuit and a doughnut.


Heirloom Bakery & Café


WHY A dessert case packed with dreamy retro desserts, including Hostess-never-had-it-so-good chocolate cupcakes. WHAT Heirloom’s first-rate breads and baked goods, fine sandwiches (try the Cuban) and excellent salads (especially the Cobb) have made it one of the most popular breakfast and lunch spots in South Pasadena. The setting is stylish, hip and friendly, and the [...]

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Repeal of food safety law requiring gloves in ‘final push’

The proposed repeal of the California law that requires food workers to wear gloves has inched its way through the state Assembly and Senate and is in its “final push” toward a vote by Gov. Jerry Brown. 


Fuck Buttons

U.K. electro duo Fuck Buttons met in art school and over the past decade, on only three albums, have created aural masterpieces. Using the simplest of instruments, such as children’s toys and Casio keyboards, Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power build a mélange of rigorous and angular sounds that mesmerize… by Britt Witt U.K. electro [...]


Trencher Puts on the Sandwich Feed Bag in Echo Park

Low-key Trencher is tucked just off of Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park EatingLA has been on a bit of a hiatus for the past few weeks, devouring oysters and salumi in Seattle and working on a fun cocktail and beer-intensive project. But of course we haven’t stopped eating, and one recent visit was to Trencher, [...]


Not just another new brewery — Highland Park is knocking it out

Another week, another new brewery opening in Los Angeles. It’s getting tough to keep up with all the new beer flowing around town, and it’s a great problem for L.A.’s craft beer fans to have. This week’s opening is the long anticipated Highland Park Brewery — a small operation run out of the…


Unsung Heroes: A Celebration of Mike Viola

Songstress Inara George, the “bird” of electropop duo The Bird and the Bee, will play a special tribute show at the Largo honoring Mike Viola, the musician, songwriter and producer who penned many of the wonderfully hilarious songs in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (he’s also known for his… by Sascha Bos Songstress Inara [...]


Grand Central Market open for dinner starting July 3

Downtown’s reimagined Grand Central Market has drawn crowds for breakfast (Egg Slut’s breakfast sandwiches, G&B coffee, Wexler’s bagels with lox … ), but it until now had closed every day at 6 p.m. 


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