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Savory Soufflé, CA Drought Means Few Porcinis and Fewer Jobs

Prolific baker Greg Patent demystifies a cheese soufflé, Amelia Saltsman shares a cauliflower recipe and we hear how the drought is may affect California?s economy.


A Recipe for Valentine’s Pie From Valerie Gordon’s Sweet

As you know, next Friday is Valentine’s Day. You may celebrate this holiday or you may not, but either way it’s a good day for pie.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ] Read the full post on Squid Ink


Manual Arts Duo Wins LAUSD’s Cooking Up Change Competition

Remember cafetera cheeseburger pizza squares glazed with orange cheese? School lunch can be a very bad thing.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ] Read the full post on Squid Ink


The LA Spot Where Mole Tater Tots Are a Thing

As if crispy fried potatoes weren’t deliriously delicious already, the team at Amor y Tacos in Cerritos has gone above and beyond the typical potato side dish, topping tater tots with their house-made, 21-ingredient mole, plus queso fresco, cilantro, onion, and sour cream (pictured). The tots “may be one of the most crave-worthy things I’ve [...]


3 Insanely Over-the-Top Valentine’s Day Food and Drink Experiences

Valentine’s Day approacheth, and despite its falsely soothing imagery of baby-faced cherubs and sweet posies, it is in reality a Day of Judgment that strikes terror into any reasonable man. Now, a gentleman could always give his lady love such tokens as a framed baby picture, chocolate-covered [insert trendy fruit here], a hand-written haiku, a [...]


Early Report: Budacki’s Hot Dog

Chicago wiener seller Budacki’s Drive In has opened a Los Angeles location near Exposition Park, and the shop’s prices are sure to draw hungry (and thrifty) folks to the yard—one hound enjoyed a dog, a beef sandwich, fries, and a drink for just eight bucks. See More Stories Like This Share on Facebook | Tweet [...]


The Zombie and The Mai Tai: Two Historic Tiki Cocktail Recipes

At last week’s Golden State of Cocktails, one of the best seminars was tiki-themed. Lead by Joe Swifka of La Descarga and rum enthusiast Matt Robold (who runs the website rumdood.com), the seminar traced the history of tiki culture, which began in Los Angeles with Don The Beachcomber in 1934.… [ Read more ] [ [...]


Chowhound Find: Antonio’s Pizzeria in Sherman Oaks

Antonio’s Pizzeria has delivered family-style Italian fare to pasta- and pizza-lovers in the San Fernando Valley since 1957. A slice of pizza is a given, but ponder the Spaghetti Caruso while you’re at it, made with onions, marinara, chicken livers, garlic, and wine. See More Stories Like This Share on Facebook | Tweet this | [...]


Search for Homicidal Sex Offender in Hollywood Hills Comes up Empty, Cops Say

A community of multi-million-dollar homes was besieged by law enforcement searching for one seriously bad dude today, sheriff’s officials said. The hunt for 54-year-old Oscar Bridges in the terrain above the Greek Theater and near Runyon Canyon Park involved a helicopter, cops on horseback, and nearly 50 deputies on the ground, the L.A. County Sheriff’s [...]


Melisse (Santa Monica, CA)

Melisse 1104 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401Dining date: 1/24/14 Melisse, like the restaurant of my last post Providence, is oft-considered one of the best restaurants in the city for its French-Californian cuisine. It’s truly one of the few refined fine dining destinations that has survived through all the food trends Los Angeles has seen [...]


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