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Hispanic Heritage Month at Xiomara on Melrose

October is National Hispanic Heritage Month, and though finding great Spanish-influenced food is as easy as stepping onto an L.A. street corner, you could seek out Cuban-influenced California cu… Continue reading “Hispanic Heritage Month at Xiomara on Melrose” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Sonny’s Hideaway: How Many Forks Did the Highland Park Spot Rate?

Manila clams at Sonny’s Hideaway Sonny’s Hideaway is certainly an improvement from Highland Kitchen and some of the previous spots. Read the review in the Los Feliz Ledger and see how many forks it rated. Here’s an excerpt from the review: Although both cocktails and menu items include all sorts of trendy ingredients from lime [...]


Allumette Impresses in Echo Park

Allumette describes its fare as avant-garde comfort food, and after a recent visit to the Echo Park restaurant, Ciao Bob declares the food delicious as well. Blue prawns with pork belly, white peach, and pickled wasabi were a favorite, and the Szechuan pork dumplings (pictured) are a must, if they’re available. See More Stories Like [...]


Hakkasan Beverly Hills: First Look

There’s no sign outside of Hakkasan Beverly Hills, just a menu on the sidewalk and a cryptic symbol above two huge doors, covered in geometric metal lattice, that are practically impossible to o… Continue reading “Hakkasan Beverly Hills: First Look” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Lexus Culinary Masters Dinner @ Animal

Until recently, upon hearing the words “automobile PR”, my mind would instantly jump to test drives, car shows, expos with scandily-clad women waving checkerboard flags. And probably a good mix of testosterone-driven grunting alongside a near-obsessive geekout over the vehicles’ technical specs & features. And that was a notion that was disproven when I was [...]


Chowhound Find: Copper Still Bar

For cleverly mixed cocktails with a side of pupusas or yuca sticks, hunt down the Copper Still Bar, a speakeasy hidden inside Jaraguá Salvadoran Restaurant in Koreatown. And be sure to befriend bartender Nancy Kwon—she’s the one running the show, crafting drinks with fresh ingredients and a lot of love. See More Stories Like This [...]


Now Open: Orsa and Winston

After a week of preview nights open only to MasterCard holders, Josef Centeno’s newest restaurant is open to the public as of this evening. Centeno is billing Orsa & Winston as an Italian/Japane… Continue reading “Now Open: Orsa and Winston” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Healthy Snacking: Krave’s Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky

I’ve never been much of a jerky lover as a kid—having been fed those over-dried leathery strips that smell funny and tastes even weirder—and it’s recently that I discovered actually like them. Well, at least the actually tasty ones like the ones made by Krave. I first came by Krave about a year ago when [...]


September Restaurant Roundup: Ludo’s Fried Chicken, Mas Tacos + Mystery Omakase

We’ve cooed over cronuts, farm-to-table fare and inventive cocktails. Now we’re back to L.A.’s most iconic food: tacos, fancy and otherwise. Chef Ricardo Diaz recently opened Colonia Taco Lounge… Continue reading “September Restaurant Roundup: Ludo’s Fried Chicken, Mas Tacos + Mystery Omakase” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Eat Drink Love, Episode 8: The Season Finale

Editor’s note: As many of you know, Bravo debuted a new show about the L.A. food scene recently. Since some of us spend our Sundays Thursdays watching sports instead of reality television (yes, e… Continue reading “Eat Drink Love, Episode 8: The Season Finale” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


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