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Will We Ever Have Clean Water for All?

Water, water everywhere – and not a drop to drink that hasn’t been outsourced by Danone, Pepsi, Coca-Cola or Nestlé. This week’s trenchant question from the good folk at Zócalo – “Will We Ever Have Clean Water for All?” – examines why almost a billion people in the world are… by David Cotner Water, water […]



Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) is known for her iconic unibrow almost as much as her art. Her creativity blossomed during her explosive marriage to fellow Mexican painter Diego Rivera, when she posed for a series of self-portraits that became emblematic of her painting career. But Kahlo wasn’t just an artist -… by Tanja M. Laden Frida […]


What Happens in Vegas: From Buffets to Mind-Bending Mixology

Good Food heads to the strip to explore the evolution of Vegas dining, all you can eat buffets, luxury fine dining and the city’s most mind-bending cocktail.


Hammer Museum’s “Take It or Leave It,” Reviewed

Based on the artists in it, the Hammer’s “Take It or Leave It” exhibition should be a staggeringly good show. Gretchen Bender, for instance, was a badass. Her video installation Total Recall, on 24 television monitors and three big screens in the Hammer’s video gallery, splices together animation, imagery of… by Catherine Wagley Based on […]


The Welcome Return of Kurt Russell

A wise man — or, more precisely, a wise-ass trucker named Jack Burton — once opined that “it’s all in the reflexes.” Few actors have had better reflexes than Kurt Russell, who makes a welcome return to theaters this weekend in The Art of the Steal. Having been largely MIA… by Nick Schager A wise […]


Carsick Cars

Some time in the last decade, China cracked open and rock spilled out, thanks to bands like the ghostly, Velvet Underground – influenced droners Offset: Spectacles, the Joy Division – meets – Pere Ubu post-punkers P.K. 14 and the revved-up pop artistes Carsick Cars, a standout and maybe even breakout… by Chris Ziegler Some time […]



Psychedelic music has taken on many forms over the years, from the classic acid-rock excesses of the late 1960s to the less literal, but no less engrossing, passages of world-music bands like Tinariwen. British duo Shpongle, featuring Simon Posford and Raja Ram, takes the old trippy traditions and gooses them… by Falling James Psychedelic music […]


Real Estate

The five guys behind New Jersey-born band Real Estate are heading directly toward an overtly Wilco-esque spot in the pantheon of classic indie rock, and they wouldn’t balk at the comparison. In addition to the interest and influence it has found in Wilco, Real Estate recorded its newest album, this… by Kelsey Whipple The five […]


L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (Taipei, Taiwan)

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Bellavita Mall 5F No. 28, Song Ren Rd, Xinyi District Taipei, TaiwanDining date: 2/9/14 I’m not sure how it really originated, but I’ve made it a point to dine at Joel Robuchon’s L’Atelier wherever there is one where I’ve traveled. My first visit was to the original Paris location seven years […]


Black and White and Dead All Over

Tonight’s Zócalo Public Square asks the burning-if-not-faintly-quaint question, “What Kind of Newspaper Does Los Angeles Deserve?” While L.A. has always been blessed with newspapers it truly needed – this very Weekly among them – at this point in our media-saturated fever dream, it’s good to consider the newspaper as a… by David Cotner Tonight’s Zócalo […]


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