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Garlic Powder From China: Naughty or Nice Spice?

Making a mad dash through Whole Foods Market, buying ingredients for a holiday dinner, I didn’t bother to read labels. It wasn’t until later, about to shake some “365” brand garlic powder into a… Continue reading “Garlic Powder From China: Naughty or Nice Spice?” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Silver Lake Pizza Update: A Closure + A Relocation

If Los Angeles is having its barbecue moment, then it seems only natural that the tidal wave of some other once-trendy food has crested, and is coming crashing back to sea level. In Silver Lake… Continue reading “Silver Lake Pizza Update: A Closure + A Relocation” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Bourbon.Pomegranate.Cinnamon: Christmas in a Glass, a cocktail or punch

Christmas in a Glass can be made as a sour or as a punch This cocktail is an hommage to Julian Cox’s Sherry Manilow cocktail at Picca, but a simpler version that packs a lot of the same flavors can be created at home with just a bit of preparation. Cox’s version expertly combines Oloroso [...]


Red Lobster Restaurants to Close

In a move sure to set the culinary world and classy guys everywhere reeling, Darden has announced that it will either sell or spin off its Red Lobster restaurants. Adding to the devastation, t… Continue reading “Red Lobster Restaurants to Close” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Cotogna (San Francisco, CA)

Cotogna 490 Pacific St San Francisco, CA 94133Dining date: 12/3/13 Cotogna opened just over three years ago, the next-door sibling to two Michelin-starred Quince. Cotogna’s food is a comfortable, rustic Italian style differing from Quince’s more modern, refined Italian. The commitment to quality and strong execution is shared at both places; they even share a [...]


India’s Restaurant: A New Delivery Option for Silver Lake and Los Feliz

India’s Restaurant, at the corner of Fountain and Hoover It’s safe to say that few were upset at the demise of Point Dume, one of many local mini-mall Chinese restaurants that infuriated in its inability to offer better-than-mediocre Chinese food. Though one might have hoped for actually good Chinese or possibly updated, creative Indian in [...]


Christmas means KFC in Japan, Cooking Goose, Pig Ear Cheetos

Hank Shaw explains why we don?t eat goose more, Tracy Slater discusses the KFC Christmas tradition in Japan and Jonathan Gold tries The Church Key?s pig ear cheetos.


Samosa House West Heats Up

After recent changes to the kitchen staff, Samosa House West should be back on your culinary must-visit map, according to Chowhound Moomin. While steam tray items like jackfruit and cauliflower pakora are still available, there’s now a prominently posted chaat menu offering freshly made street snacks like dabeli and Dahi puri. See More Stories Like [...]


5 Great California Beers to Drink for Christmas

L.A. is a challenging city for getting into the Christmas spirit. Here we dream not of a white Christmas but one less clotted with smog. Angelenos wish for a Christmas when the leaf-blowers will… Continue reading “5 Great California Beers to Drink for Christmas” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Ricky’s Fish Tacos Returns to Hollywood

After having his Hollywood parking-lot tent shut down earlier this year, Ricky Piña of Ricky’s Fish Tacos lit up his fry pans in a Chinatown parking lot, and local fans were grateful for his determination. Now news comes that Piña has upgraded to a food truck, and the vehicle will serve its inaugural taco this [...]


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