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LA’s Best Dive Bars

Certain occasions call for drinks in a cavernous, slightly seedy bar, and Southland residents have plenty of such watering holes to choose from. In some, beer prices are as low as the lights and frozen burritos popped in the microwave count as dinner. See More Stories Like This Share on Facebook | Tweet this | […]


De Sano Pizza Bakery: So Italian, East Hollywood Might Need a New Little Italy Sign

East Hollywood is already divided into Little Armenia and Thai Town, but now it may be time to carve out a Little Italy neighborhood on desolate eastern Santa Monica Blvd. near Normandie. The brand-new DeSano Pizza Bakery is so Italian, the Nashville-based pizzeria has a .it web domain, normally reserved for websites based in Italy. […]


Boneyard Bistro Still Digging Deep

Boneyard Bistro is holding its own in Sherman Oaks, with top-notch barbecued brisket and a serious list of stout beers, plus Pliny the Elder on tap. Prices are higher than those at neighboring kitchens, but the variety and quality keep Chowhound member fishyak coming back again and again. See More Stories Like This Share on […]


Sitting in Bars with Cake, Russian Tailgating, Chipotle’s New TV Show

Can you find love in a bar if you bring cake? Anya von Bremzen tells us how to drink vodka like a Russian, and Chipotle announces a TV show aimed at industrial farming.


Valentine’s Day on Netflix: What to Watch for the Lovers and the Haters

By Tatiana Craine Whether you want to spend the night with your sweetheart, your friends, or just by yourself, it’s Friday night, and going out on a Friday night that just happens to be Valentine’s Day means you’re going to get swamped by plenty of PDA-prone couples, folks looking to forget their romantic woes at bars, […]


Early Report: The Chicken and Rice Truck

Missing the street meat you scarfed down during that last trip to New York? Get in line at Chicken and Rice, LA’s newest food truck. The sidewalk eatery is serving up renditions of the Big Apple’s classic falafel, lamb, or chicken piled above seasoned rice. Find its location via Twitter. See More Stories Like This […]


Court Makes it Easier to Hide a Gun in Your Pocket

If you like guns, and you like carrying them around without the world knowing, the otherwise liberal United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth District just gave you a gift. Legal experts are using “huge” to describe this 2-1 decision. The court today ruled that the concealed-weapon permit process of San Diego County and its […]


Slow Southern Food at My Two Cents

“From the Soil to your Soul” is the tag line of My Two Cents, a kitchen on Pico Boulevard with a knack for Southern dishes and a notably friendly staff. The Creole shrimp and corn grits are hard to pass up on a first visit, but so is the fried chicken, and both are served […]


Kamasi Washington Intends to Make Jazz New Again

Thirty-two-year-old tenor saxophonist Kamasi Washington has been playing for nearly two decades with 10-piece band West Coast Get Down. A little more than a year ago, they went into a Silver Lake studio and recorded six albums in 30 days. Washington’s contribution to that effort is called The Epic, a… by Mark McDermott Thirty-two-year-old tenor […]


Where to Eat Beef Chow Fun in LA

According to Chowhound member K K, the ideal plate of chow fun has tender beef and fresh noodles tinged just the right shade of brown from their brief swim in soy sauce. Beyond that, personal preference prevails, from those who prefer a greasier order to diners who require the addition of chile sauce. What kitchen […]


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