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10 Great Restaurants for Ignoring Valentine’s Day

There’s a lot going on Thursday, February 14th. For instance, it’s Dr. Henrik Zinkernagel’s birthday and the 46th anniversary of Aretha Franklin recording her cover of Respect. It’s also been1… Continue reading “10 Great Restaurants for Ignoring Valentine’s Day” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


First Public Fruit Park Opens in South Bay; Adam Horton Joins Whist

Avocado tree Brentwood: Compartes Chocolatier’s Jonathan Grahm recently opened 100 pop-ups in Japan and is expanding his local product line. [LAT] Century City: David Myers’ new Hinoki & the Bird is a huge hit with Hollywood producers, with the creators of Mad About You and Friends already regulars. [THR] Citywide: Ziggy Marley is considering his [...]


Bhanu’s: Indian Cuisine in the SGV, a Grocery Store + Where to Find Ghost Chiles

Walk into Bhanu’s Grocery and Cuisine in San Gabriel and you’ll see a grocery store that’s slowly being consumed by a restaurant. “We started off with five tables,” Richard Harrison, a server at… Continue reading “Bhanu’s: Indian Cuisine in the SGV, a Grocery Store + Where to Find Ghost Chiles” > Read the full post [...]


State Bird Provisions (San Francisco, CA)

State Bird Provisions 1529 Fillmore St San Francisco, CA 94115 Dining date: 12/28/12 This was one of the restaurants I really wanted to try while I was in San Francisco (probably #1 on my list). Opened on the last day of 2011, it was named to numerous lists for best new restaurants of the year, including [...]


Settebello Pizzeria Spreading to Oxnard

Settebello pizza Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana, currently L.A.’s most meticulous purveyor of authentic, thin-crust Neapolitan pie, is bringing its wood-burning oven and imported ingredients to a new valley. The restaurant, which had its start in Salt Lake City, Utah, opened to Pasadena in 2011, and holds a degree from The Vera Pizza Napoletana, is confirmed to [...]


To Meet Rising Demands, Maker’s Mark Waters Down Whisky

Making bourbon takes time. Years and years in fact. So when demand rises quickly, bourbon makers can’t do much to react to that demand except start the process of making more bourbon and hope tha… Continue reading “To Meet Rising Demands, Maker’s Mark Waters Down Whisky” > Read the full post on Squid Ink


Fresh And Easy Is Imploding; Win a Lunch Date With Jonathan Gold

Not happening Santa Monica Patch reports the Fresh and Easy slated for Wilshire Blvd has been delayed indefinitely. The store met neighborhood resistance during community hearings, and seemed unable to gain further traction since then. The giant Magnolia Audio sits abandoned. On the flip side, Tesco management advised all of its customers and associates this [...]


Kogi BBQ


WHY Taco trucks hit the big time when this Korean/Mexican fusion coach arrived on the scene. WHAT The icon of the nouveau food truck scene, Kogi has a legion of imitators but still makes the best Korean taco in LA, and the hungry masses are eating it up. Wherever one of the five Kogi trucks parks, [...]

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Chinese New Year; Edible Aphrodisiacs; Eating Snake

Three food lovers share their ideas for celebrating Valentine?s Day. One chooses chocolate roses from the 99¢ Store, another opts for beef heart tartare.


Chipotle Raising Prices Soon; Chains Profits From Skinny Menu

Chipotle After weathering rising commodities costs most of last year, this week Chipotle revealed it will most likely raise prices mid-2013 to the tune of $0.20 to $0.30 per burrito. Of course the blame is being placed on the poor cows, but the 1.3% rise in food costs at the end of 2012 also included [...]


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