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The Robert Brown “World’s Greatest Wino,” Dies at 73

Robert Brown A true character of The Venice Boardwalk has reportedly passed away from cancer, as Yo! Venice! announces the death of 73-year-old Robert “Bobby” Brown, the self-professed “World’s Greatest Wino” who would gladly trade you a joke or a drinking song for a dime. Usually, the shanty went, “Jingle bells, Jingle Bells, help me [...]


Sundown in Taco Town: Taqueria Chihuahua Closes in Santa Monica; Bandini Concludes The Great Taco Hunt

All dressed up with nowhere to go. L.A. is typically able stay well ahead of any hemorrhaging of its legendary taco scene, with fresh traditional and chef-driven taquerias, as well as new sites of taco-worship, materializing out of the blogosphere and city streets every week. Sadly, two stalwarts of the scene are going the way [...]


Stone Brewing Co. Invades Short Order; Suckling Pig at Chez Melange

The Stone Brewing tasting room in Pasadena Alta Dena: Chef Paul Ragan recently opened AltaEats for an eclectic assortment that includes grass-fed burgers and paella. [LAW]Beverly Hills: This Saturday, April 27, Cecconi’s chef Andrea Cavaliere and chef de cuisine Alessio Biangini will host an egg-cooking class for $65 from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. The [...]


Giveaway: Tickets for 2 to Le Grand Fooding Paris-LA Crush Preview Dinner, 4/25

from Wolvesmouth’s crawfish-themed dinner in June 2012 Le Fooding, a French culinary movement described by The New Yorker as “what the New Wave was to French cinema. The hidden goal was to Americanize French food without becoming American, just as the New Wave, back in the fifties and sixties, was about taking in Hollywood virtues [...]


Tsujita Annex Opens Thursday To Invitees Only

Tsujita Annex, opening Thursday in West L.A. Relief for ramen fans will arrive this week at West L.A.’s Tsujita Artisan Noodle, as the tonkotsu and tsukemen specialist announces on Facebook that it will open its ramen-focused Tsujita Annex this Thursday in the former home of Miyata Menji, across the street from its first U.S. location. [...]


Sous Vide Steak

Dining date: 4/13/13 While the most profound sous vide application may best represented in long-duration braises of the tougher cuts, breaking down connective tissues while keeping meat a medium-rare temperature, its applications for “simpler” cooking can be just as rewarding. For example, a steak can be prepared very well either on the stove top or [...]


The Restaurant Show: Trois Mec, Kitchen Culture, chi SPACCA

Los Angeles restaurant Trois Mec is causing a stir by selling tickets rather than taking reservations. Plus, a psychologist profiles “the back of the house.”


Paul and Ringo Couple Up at Cecconi’s; Miley Cyrus Gets Blunted at Greystone Manor

Meet The Beatles Living Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were spotted in West Hollywood this week, chowing down at Cecconi’s with their wives and respective entourages. We’re sure Paul would have had more ordering options at Seed or M Cafe, but nonetheless it’s nice to see the lads getting back together, innit? In other [...]


Superba Food & Bread Approved On Lincoln

Superba Snack bar chef Jason Neroni Superba Food & Bread, the offshoot of Paul Hibler’s Superba Snack Bar, has been approved by the Venice Neighborhood Council to take over 1900 Lincoln Boulevard, the site of the shuttered Rudy’s garage. Yo! Venice! reports that the concept will be similar to the original Superba with the addition [...]


Colori Kitchen (Los Angeles, CA)

Colori Kitchen 429 W 8th St Los Angeles, CA 90014Dining date: 3/22/13 Colori Kitchen has been a popular spot downtown for as long as I’ve been living in the area. It’s popular with the Yelp crowd and been one of the lone noteworthy Italian restaurants in the area up until recently (Drago Centro, Bestia, Maccheroni [...]


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