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The Weekend Go Go: English as a Second Language, Light the World, Don the Beachcomber + More

June July gloom is over. Your Slip ‘n Slide is primed. Your Portable Instant Cocktail Refresher?  Patent pending. Time to get this summer started…. Fun with ESL It’s not summer without an outdoor music concert and Eastside Luv wine bar y QueSo, one of Ms. Go Go’s fave Gold Line-adjacent venues, is throwing a great one this Friday:  English as a […]


The Weekend Go Go: Gonzo B-day, Freak Show, Pop-Stop + more

The Weekend Go Go: Freak Shows. Gonzo birthdays. Root beer.
This weekend is not for the timid.
Dive right in.


The Weekend Go Go: Pier Music, Garden Party, Garage Wines, Chinatown Ribs + More

The Weekend Go Go: Music at the SM Pier? Garden Party at the Natural History Museum? Rebel Wines at Union Station? Rib fest in Chinatown?

Just label this weekend “How to convert L.A. haters and be a hometown hero….”


The Weekend Go Go: Grand Park Block Party, Gratis Mike Kelley, Grand Ole Echo

The Weekend Go Go: It’s the 4th of July! Celebrate the Land of the Free: Free fireworks, Free art, Free Music.

That’s how we blow up the weekend….


The Weekend Go Go: Street Food Fest, Tiki Party, Festival of the Masks + More

The Weekend Go Go: three food fests, a grown-up carnival, a tiki party, and so much more.

Welcome to your weekend cheat sheet….


A UPDATE!!! The Go Go: Eagle Rock Comedy Fest, DT-LAB Books & Boozertists’ Books and Cookies

The Go Go: a comedy crawl, a booze-centric celebration of words, and art and cookies. And it’s not even the weekend yet….


The Weekend Go Go: Tacos/Tequila/Love, LA di DADA, Ice Age Hair Ball + more

the Weekend Go Go: Spray can art & tequila, chaos and word/play, and Pleistocene coiffures. Go Go’ers, this is one hell of a weekend…..


The Weekend Go Go: Hollywood Fringe Fest, L.A. Design Fest, 50 Shades of Cake + More

The Weekend Go Go: the best of the fests + parties, cocktails and Depressed Cake.


The Weekend Go Go: Dance Media Fest, Down the Rabbit Hole, Route 66 + More

The Weekend Go Go: See free dance & don’t-miss documentaries at 13th Annual Dance Media Fest, dive Down the Rabbit Hole at Bootleg Theater’s carnvival benefit with host John C. Reilly, get your kicks at the Autry Museum’s Route: 66 exhibition + more.


The The Weekend Go Go: Murakami Makes a Movie Big Parade, Eastside Bites

The Weekend Go Go: A movie with a Japanese monster. A city hike. A roving picnic by the river.

Yes. Summer’s here.


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