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‘Daily Dish’

5 Questions for Thi Tran

Thi Tran is chef of Starry Kitchen, which she runs with her husband, Nguyen Tran. She's famous for her fried tofu balls, he's famous for more than occasionally wearing a banana suit. The duo who started as an underground supperclub from their apartment have closed the Starry Kitchen restaurant but will be launching a collaborative [...]


SEE-LA hires new executive director

The nonprofit organization that runs the Hollywood farmers market and six others, Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles, has hired a new executive director. James W. Haydu, who is currently chief development officer of the Mar Vista Family Center and who worked from 2006 to 2011 as director of communications, policy and marketing for Pike [...]


Test Kitchen video tip: Choosing a bread wash

Bread recipes often call for some sort of "wash"  or glaze before baking, sometimes egg, sometimes milk. Even butter. Different washes are used to achieve different results: Brushing with beaten whole eggs will give both color and sheen to a bread. Egg yolk provides rich color, browning easily in the oven. Egg white provides a [...]


Kitchen gadget: Bismark tip

Have you ever wondered how pastry chefs and doughnut shops are able to pipe those perfectly puffed eclairs and plump jelly doughnuts with their glorious fillings? It takes a very long piping tip. Better known as a Bismarck pastry tip (named after the doughnut), these handy little gadgets make simple work of filling all sorts [...]


Forklore: Root loop

In an old-time Western, the good cowboy never ordered anything at a saloon but "sasparilla." The bad guys would snicker, because it was like bellying up to the bar and demanding a root beer. In fact, sarsaparilla is one of the traditional flavorings of root beer, along with other roots such as pipsissewa, a euphoniously [...]


Bedside wine reading: ‘A Carafe of Red’ from Gerald Asher

Down with bronchitis last month, I languished on the sofa, catching up on some reading I never seemed to have time for before. From the top of the pile I picked up “A Carafe of Red” by Gerald Asher (University of California Press, Berkeley, 2012, $21.95 paperback). It’s a collection of pieces Asher wrote mostly [...]


The Great Dinnerware Exchange at Heath Ceramics

For the month of August, Heath Los Angeles is offering an irresistible deal: Bring in your tired old dinnerware and get 25% off on the equivalent piece of Heathware. So if you’ve had your eye on a cobalt blue cereal bowl ($28) or a cardoon soup bowl from the Chez Panisse collection ($37), now is the time. [...]


Tsukemen from a different kitchen

The Sawtelle corridor, which was for a while called Little Little Tokyo but is now pretty much known as Little Osaka, has become the epicenter of Japanese noodles in Los Angeles, stand after stand, cheek by jowl, many of them serving among the best ramen in town. If the stretchy, springy, fantastically wheaty tsukemen, dip [...]


The Goin-Styne empire expands to Montecito

Chef Suzanne Goin and business partner Caroline Styne already have Lucques, AOC, Tavern and the most recent Larder at Maple Drive (and Goin and husband David Lentz share three Hungry Cats). Now Goin and Styne are adding their first out-of-town property, a farm-to-table restaurant in the tony Santa Barbara suburb of Montecito. The as-yet-unnamed restaurant [...]


Twitter #Weekendeats highlights: Here come the unique eats

Some Mondays, during our #weekendeats chat, a clear theme emerges. Maybe people felt like pasta over the weekend, or cravings for chocolate were insatiable, but this week, things got interesting. There wasn't so much a theme as there was an appreciation for unique eats. Here are the highlights: First, let's start with a snack. How [...]


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