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5 Questions for Thi Tran

Thi nguyenThi Tran is chef of Starry Kitchen, which she runs with her husband, Nguyen Tran. She's famous for her fried tofu balls, he's famous for more than occasionally wearing a banana suit. The duo who started as an underground supperclub from their apartment have closed the Starry Kitchen restaurant but will be launching a collaborative at Tiara Cafe downtown, called Starry (Kitchen) Nights.

What’s coming up next on your menu? The Vietnamese minced Beef-tacular (FYI, my husband comes up with these crazy names, not me) makes a comeback because we also served it at the LA Street Food Fest at the Rose Bowl. It's not actually an authentic Vietnamese dish, but it's inspired by Vietnamese flavors I grew up on: fish sauce, coconut cream, curry, Thai...

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