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‘Daily Dish’

This week’s Culinary SOS: 14K’s tuna tartare

This week's Culinary SOS comes from Matt Euen in West L.A.:  My wife and I recently dined at the 14K restaurant at the Crowne Plaza in Washington, D.C., during happy hour, and we had the most wonderful and addictive ahi tuna tartare. We had it every day we were there. Can you please get the [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Perbacco’s pine nut tart

This week's Culinary SOS comes from Deborah Pollack in Ventura:  My husband and I recently spent a weekend in San Francisco and had a superb dinner at Perbacco. Everything was wonderful, but our dessert was one of the most delicious I've ever tasted. If you could get the recipe for its pine nut and honey [...]


Object of Desire: Tofu spring rolls

It has come to my attention that vegans are angry with me today, what with all the foie gras and all. So as a peace offering, I thought I might point out that Golden Deli, the Vietnamese noodle shop whose crackly cha gio, fried spring rolls, have been fetish objects in the San Gabriel Valley [...]


The foie gras wars get meta at Melisse

Melisse, the Santa Monica restaurant of chef Josiah Citrin, is about as luxe, calme et volupté as things get in Los Angeles, a subdued Santa Monica dining room with two Michelin stars. The $115 prix fixe menus are, one would think, most appreciated by the comfortably well-off, and events here tend toward sedate benefit dinners. [...]


Food FYI: The cost of junk food vs. healthful food

WEIGHING FOOD COSTS The cost of food depends on how you measure it, according to a new USDA report. Junk food isn't necessarily cheaper than grains, dairy and greens. [Los Angeles Times] 'TO CUT A KNIFE' Joel Bukiewicz, a knife maker in Brooklyn, talks about how he decided to make his first knife using an [...]


Open this weekend: Garagiste Festival satellite tasting room

Headed up the Central Coast for this weekend’s 30th annual Paso Robles Wine Festival? You might want to plan a pit stop at 15 Degrees C Wine Shop & Bar in Templeton, which is presenting tastings of small-lot local artisanal producers, a.k.a. garagistes, during the weekend. Producers pouring include AmByth Estate, Alta Colina, Clesi, Giornata [...]


Recipe Box: For the serious snackers

It's three-o-clock in the afternoon and you're feeling low on energy. A growling stomach tells you there's no way your 11:30 lunch will keep you sane 'til dinner. Snacktime is a daily dilemma most everyone faces. It's a serious problem that if not treated quickly or properly can result in severe crankiness. In my case, [...]


New at Papilles: BYOB Tuesday & Wednesday; French wines get in free

When I saw the subject line of the email — “BYOB@papilles,” I thought, uh-oh, not another note from a disgruntled guest who found out, too late, that the Hollywood French bistro doesn’t allow outside bottles. I was already drafting my answer when I opened the message. Wrong — and happily so. This was a note [...]


Forklore: How sweet it is

Manna isn't just a miraculous food that saved the Children of Israel during the Exodus. There are a number of mannas in the modern world, all being sweet things that appear mysteriously. One is Lecanora esculenta, a sweet lichen that grows in the deserts of the Near East. Most mannas are droplets of sugar that [...]


We’re looking for a few (more) good butchers. Can you help?

My story about the return of good butchers drew a couple of email responses that made me think. Wayne DeBord commented: "I can't tell you how I miss the corner butchers that were in every corner grocery when I was a kid. Maybe down the road the Times' food department would consider an investigation to [...]


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