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‘Daily Dish’

Bake along with Marion! Baking powder biscuits

Marion Cunningham, who died Wednesday at the age of 90, was one of America’s great home bakers. So what could be a more fitting tribute than to cook along with her as she makes her famous baking powder biscuits? The recipes and photos are from a story she wrote for The Times in 1999, based [...]


Kitchen gadget: Barbecue mop

If you love outdoor cooking, there's nothing like taming a tough cut of meat through the mastery of a low and slow fire, or deftly handling a lean cut quickly over a hot grill. But often it's that signature touch — a thoughtfully honed sauce — that separates barbecue masters from weekend warriors. And while [...]


Summertime dinners — what could be simpler?

It's summertime, and as the song should have said, the cooking is easy. How easy? This weekend we started with this dish of lemon cucumbers from our garden seasoned very simply and served with little bricks of fresh feta cheese. These cucumbers are so sweet and crisp, all I did was dress them with a [...]


Forklore: Stuffing stuff

Cooking one food inside another would seem to be one of those obvious ideas. People put a stuffing inside a roasting bird or animal in country after country, and it's the most common thing in the world to stick something into dough before baking it. Stuffing vegetables is a little less obvious. Leaves, sure–before there [...]


Market Fresh: Breba figs

Figs, for the most part, are a late summer crop, coming at the end of August into October. But for many varieties, there is a very small early harvest as well, called breba figs. Most figs grow on new branches, but breba figs grow on branches that developed last season. Connoisseurs debate whether these figs [...]


Joseph Mahon turns up in Fullerton to open Early Bird

Ever wondered what happened to Joseph Mahon? He is the onetime chef at the celebrated Bastide restaurant in West Hollywood, the guy who took it California casual (and earned good reviews while doing it). He's popped back up again, this time in his old stomping grounds of Orange County. Mahon's been running a semi-permanent burger [...]


50 Shades of Food: A boozy berry shortcake

Pull up a chair and settle in for our 50 Shades of Food series, where we introduce you to mouthwatering, shiver-inducing, hot, sexy food porn. It's safe-for-work browsing, sure to get your heart racing and your palms a little sweaty, and the only drawback is a possible hunger pang or two after viewing. "You never [...]


Q & A with Post & Beam’s Brad Johnson

The Times' Patt Morrison has an interesting question and answer with Brad Johnson, the restaurateur  behind such various locations as Roxbury, Memphis and BLT Steak. Guess what? His father was restaurateur Howard Johnson. OK, as he says, "not that Howard Johnson." And, he says, Post & Beam is drawing people to Ladera Heights who might [...]


For summer sandwiches: Shun Classic U2 Ultimate Utility Knife

My husband was in Sur La Table the other day, looking at knives, his big weakness in the cookware category. He overheard a French chef raving to the clerk about a Japanese knife on special. "This is a fantastic knife," he told her. "Everywhere else, it’s over $150 — and you’re selling it for $79.95? How [...]


Fourth of July 2012 dining guide: Holiday food and drink specials

Throwing a Fourth of July backyard BBQ is a fun way to spend the holiday, but sometimes it's nice to sit back and have someone else worry about the cooking. Here's a list of restaurants around town offering special Fourth of July cocktails, menu items and discounts: Rock & Reilly's Irish whisky bar is having [...]


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