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‘Daily Dish’

Forklore: Bigger! Richer! Cake!

Another in our series of rediscovered gems from food historian Charles Perry: Historians debate whether there's a pattern in history. There certainly is one in food history: bigger, richer pastries. Our word cake originally meant small, flat pastry, which is why we speak of something "caking up" when it accumulates a crust. In a word, [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Spinach truffle mac from the Beachcomber

This week's Culinary SOS comes to us from Jan Nunes in Garden Grove: I took out-of-town visitors to the Beachcomber in Crystal Cove, and several of us ordered the spinach truffle mac and were awed with the delicious combination of ingredients in addition to the lovely setting. Is it possible to obtain this recipe? The [...]


Test Kitchen video tips: Breaking down a bell pepper

  At one of my first restaurant jobs after culinary school, my daily prep list often included "breaking down" (i.e., cutting up) a case of bell peppers for my station. It was just one of dozens of items to prepare for the several dishes I was responsible for during my shift. Most restaurant cooks prep [...]


Thanksgiving eve: Time to party with Wild Turkey at Seven Grand

Fancy a traditional corn-hole toss on the night before Thanksgiving? You can compete like a pro at Seven Grand in downtown L.A., and you might take home the grand prize: A turkey stuffed with a bottle of Wild Turkey. Just be sure to pull the bottle out before you put that bird in the oven. [...]


Hollywood nightclub hosts a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway

Los Angeles nightclubs are known for their long lines, dance music and killer style, but what about some good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving turkeys? For the third year in a row, the Muse Lifestyle Group, a hospitality company that represents restaurants and night life venues such as the popular Playhouse nightclub in L.A., is getting in the [...]


Today’s Eat Beat: Smoked sausage stuffing

  Today's "Eat Beat" recipe demonstration continues our Thanksgiving countdown, with Food editor Russ Parsons demonstrating his recipe for sausage stuffing. For the recipe, follow the jump below. Catch our televised recipe demonstrations, which normally air on KTLA Channel 5 every Wednesday and Friday toward the end of the 1 p.m. news hour; you can [...]


L.A. Times Holiday Cookie Bake-Off: Tasting the top 50

It ain't easy being a cookie judge. But Food Editor Russ Parsons, Times Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter, Deputy Food Editor Betty Hallock, Cordon Bleu dean Lachlan Sands and Cordon Bleu student Katherine Berg rose to the occasion — to choose the 10 best cookies from the 50 finalists in the second annual L.A. Times [...]


A chat with Kim and Hong Pham from the Ravenous Couple

Hong and Kim Pham's (aka "The Ravenous Couple") story is as much about love as it is about food. The two met while attending school in Michigan. They dated for four years before tying the knot in August 2011. By day, the couple works in the medical field, Hong as a doctor and Kim as [...]


For the coffee geek in your life: DIY coffee cozies

From the ever-inventive Molly’s Sketchbook  at Purl Soho in New York and the craft shop’s blog, The Purl Bee, charming coffee cozies made from a rainbow of beautifully dyed wool felt. The full instructions are here. It’s an easy DIY project, and an actually useful gift or stocking stuffer that coffee drinkers on the go will appreciate. What [...]


Thanksgiving 2011: Restaurant roundup

Thanksgiving draws near and if you're suddenly panicking about preparing the meal of the year, you have options. There's no shortage of restaurants that will be cooking up delectable feasts — both traditional and wildly creative — to help you and your family get through the holiday in style. Below is a list of choices. [...]


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