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‘Daily Dish’

iPhone app: Vini d’Italia 2012 from Gambero Rosso

The respected Italian gastronomy review and publisher Gambero Rosso has a new iPhone app: Vini d’Italia 2012 del Gambero Rosso.  OK, it is in Italian, but it’s free and even if you use just one element, it can be useful. After all, the names of the wines are the same in Italian and English. Go first [...]


One-night Test Kitchen at Short Order on Feb. 25

The pop-up series Test Kitchen is back for one night at Short Order, the new upscale burger joint at the Original Farmers Market on 3rd Street. On Saturday, Feb. 25, five chefs, all Test Kitchen alumni, are coming up with five new burgers and four mixologists will create new cocktails.  Kris Morningstar's Flavor Burger No. [...]


La Condesa to open on La Brea in early 2013

Mexican restaurant La Condesa, with locations in Austin and Napa Valley, is planning to open a new outpost in Los Angeles on La Brea Avenue. The planned development at La Brea between 1st and 2nd streets called District La Brea, as reported earlier, is also the future home of Quinn and Karen Hatfield's Sycamore Kitchen.  [...]


Easy fix: Bay-smoked potatoes

Cookbook author Rozanne Gold flies a bit under the wire. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned her cookbooks, especially her first one, "Cooking 1-2-3: 500 Fabulous Three-Ingredient Recipes," to be met with a blank stare. Her recipes are simple but sophisticated. That first book is designed for people who like to cook [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Helping to prevent air pockets in cakes

Occasionally when mixing cake batters, pockets of air can develop from the leavening agent, whether you're using a chemical leavener (like baking powder or soda) and/or mechanically leavening with air from beaten egg whites (as with an angel food cake, or the chiffon cake pictured above). To remove or prevent air pockets before baking, run [...]


Test Kitchen tips: "Natural" versus "Dutch-process" cocoa

Like chocolate, cocoa powder is made from cacao beans. After the beans are processed into a paste known as chocolate liqueur, some of the cocoa butter is removed and the remaining solids are pulverized into a powder. Natural (or non-alkalized) cocoa powder is typically sold unsweetened, and while it may taste rather bitter and harsh [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Resting the dough

If you've ever wondered why your crust shrank as you were baking a pie, or your bread never puffed as it should in the oven, it may be that you didn't give the dough time to "rest" or "relax" before baking. As you form a dough, proteins in the flour are connected by liquids to [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Mexican pot de creme from Carpe Diem

This week's Culinary SOS comes to us from Shirley Burke in Los Angeles: My husband and I recently visited downtown Napa, Calif. The amazing chocolate dessert at Carpe Diem is absolutely the best chocolate dessert I've ever tasted! And I am not a big dessert person. Satin-smooth chocolate with a texture between a pudding and [...]


Beer cocktails blossom in L.A. bars

Beer cocktails, which mix hard alcohol with different varieties of craft beer, are appearing with increased frequency on menus at bars and restaurants across the city. This novel approach to mixing has been spurred in large part due to the boom in the popularity of craft beer in Los Angeles, in addition to the always-creative [...]


Blue Cow opens in downtown Monday

Blue Cow opens its doors Monday in downtown Los Angeles. The restaurant is a partnership between Mario Del Pero and Ellen Chen of Mendocino Farms, which pays homage to the sandwich. They envision the shop to be a good neighborhood restaurant: "We are doing creative sandwiches for people who appreciate that," Del Pero said. The [...]


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