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‘Daily Dish’

We’re looking for a few (more) good butchers. Can you help?

My story about the return of good butchers drew a couple of email responses that made me think. Wayne DeBord commented: "I can't tell you how I miss the corner butchers that were in every corner grocery when I was a kid. Maybe down the road the Times' food department would consider an investigation to […]


Book review: ‘At Home on the Range’ by Margaret Yardley Potter

You've probably never seen the fine art of bread-making broken down quite like this in a recipe: "Now relax. Sit down, light a cigarette, write a letter or make your own plans for the next fifteen minutes while the dough 'tightens up' as we bakers say. "Is your cigarette finished? Let's go. This is fun." […]


Longtime chef D.J. Olsen leaving Lou

D.J. Olsen, the popular longtime chef at Lou wine bar near Hancock Park, is leaving the restaurant. This is not unexpected, since founder and original owner Lou Amdur recently sold the place to a new owner, Troy Stevens. Olsen says he's given notice with a final day of June 7. Olsen is widely regarded as […]


Behind the scenes at the Beard Awards

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date" kept running through my head as I sat stuck in New York traffic on the way to the James Beard Restaurant Awards on Monday night. I'd just rejoined the awards committee, but had never attended the actual event, held this year at Lincoln Center. It's a […]


Food FYI: Is the craft beer bubble about to burst?

SO MUCH CRAFT BEER Craft beer sales are gangbusters, but some wonder whether the burgeoning number of breweries will clog distribution channels, the Washington Post reports.    POWER OF THE BIG MAC The Big Mac is a technological marvel and an international barometer of economic activity beyond even the Economist's annual Big Mac index, the […]


Wines Til Sold Out flash sale on May 16

Looking to stock your wine cellar? Brace yourself. Wines Til Sold Out, the Internet discounter, is having a flash sale May 16. Billed as "Cheapskate Wednesday," the site will be offering a different wine every 15 minutes for 12 hours, with every bottle priced less than $19. Among the featured wines will be such notables […]


Dinner tonight! Spring herb salad with warm blue cheese

This spring salad — tossed with a simple, bright vinaigrette and chopped fresh herbs — makes for a great meal combined with crumbled blue cheese. But imagine coating the cheese with some  panko crumbs and briefly cooking the cheese until the panko is lightly browned and the cheese just starts to ooze, and you can […]


Forklore: Biscuits, cooked once

Everybody knows that biscotti are cooked twice. Well, in Latin "twice cooked" is bis coctus, the expression from which biscotto comes, but that doesn't mean that when you ask for a biscotto in Italy, you'll get something that has been cooked twice. The original biscotto certainly was a twice-cooked bread made from barely leavened dough. […]


Getting your goat at Tar & Roses

Word travels fast when it comes to the special goat menu at Andrew Kirschner's new Tar & Roses restaurant in Santa Monica. Some friends were having dinner there one night and spotted the big platter of golden roasted meat coming out of the kitchen. "What's that?" they asked. When they learned the details — a […]


Bar Amá new Tex-Mex to open downtown

Josef Centeno, the chef behind downtown restaurant Bäco Mercat, expects to open a new Tex-Mex spot called Bar Amá this fall, located in a 2,100-square-foot space that includes the former Urban Noodle (which closed last weekend) on 4th Street. If all goes as planned, "it's going to be a bar with a heavy emphasis on food," Centeno […]


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