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‘Daily Dish’

Evan Kleiman to close Angeli Caffe after 27 years

Evan Kleiman, the host of KCRW's "Good Food" and the owner of Angeli Caffe, says she will close her 27-year-old Melrose Avenue restaurant next week.  "I was open for years when I probably should have closed," Kleiman said over the phone just after she'd told her staff about the closure. "It was my personal mission [...]


Restaurant roundup: Yet more New Year’s Eve options

We've already listed several restaurants in and around L.A. that are celebrating New Year's Eve. But if you're still figuring out your plans for Saturday night, here are even more additions to our previously posted restaurant roundup: Ammo: Ammo's celebrating with a special New Year's Eve menu that includes options such as blini with caviar and caraway [...]


From the bookstore: ‘Mourad New Moroccan’

This has been a great year for Moroccan cookbooks. We got Paula Wolfert's "The Food of Morocco," which takes a very traditional approach — and the recipes all work, brilliantly. But this year also brought "Mourad New Moroccan" from acclaimed San Francisco chef Mourad Lahlou of Aziza. In this book and at his restaurant, Lahlou [...]


Forklore: What’s sauce for the Christmas goose?

In "A Christmas Carol," the center of the Cratchits' Christmas feast was a roast goose. Probably it was really a gosling — a full-grown goose is pretty tough for roasting, particularly if we're talking about one of the aggressively free-ranging farm geese of earlier times — but even a small goose is a good-sized bird, [...]


Last chance: ‘Waylynn’s Pantry’ at Fonuts

Fonuts co-owner and pastry chef Waylynn Lucas has set up "Waylynn's Pantry" for the holidays at the West 3rd Street shop specializing in baked doughnuts. Available at the shop are chocolate bourbon pecan pies, chocolate grab bags of marshmallow, pretzels, almonds and corn flakes in dark chocolate, and salted chocolate caramels. Get them while you [...]


How to roast a prime rib

Big holidays demand big roasts, but you just did turkey a couple of weeks ago. So now it's on to something else. For a lot of folks, judging from questions we get here at the Food section, that means a standing rib roast — or as it's often known: prime rib. Good choice. There are [...]


Mother Moo makes medlar ice cream

Karen Klemens spent much of Tuesday and Wednesday turning 10 pounds of medlars into 1-1/2 gallons of ice cream. Klemens is the owner of Mother Moo Creamery, the 3-month-old ice cream shop in Sierra Madre. And the medlars are from Craig Ruggless of Winnetka Farms, whose medlars also made a cameo appearance last year at [...]


Holiday cookies: Cinnamon marshmallow stars

Marshmallows have gotten a bad reputation — they’re the sticky sweet things you float on top of hot chocolate, stick in a s’more, or layer on top of sweet potato puree at the holiday table. But a well-made marshmallow is really something special. It’s hard to think of something much better than these cinnamon-scented ones [...]


Stocking stuffers: Dish towels, a canister and honey sampler, oh my!

Christmas is right around the corner and whether you are a planner or procrastinator when it comes to shopping, there's still time left for stuffing, I mean really stuffing, those stockings. We've posted gift ideas over the last month and, with a little under a week to go, here are a few more: The poppy [...]


Wine classes offered monthly at the Huntington Library

The Huntington Library in San Marino holds a wine class one Wednesday evening a month. From 5 to 7:30 p.m., Brad Owen — chef, sommelier and instructor at the Art institute of California Orange County — lectures on various topics relating to wine at the cultural and educational center near Pasadena. Earlier this month, Owen [...]


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