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‘Daily Dish’

2012 EcoFarm Conference to be held in February

During the first week of February, the Ecological Farming Assn. will host its 32nd annual EcoFarm Conference in Pacific Grove, Calif. The EcoFarm Conference brings together farmers, ranchers, food activists, merchants, educators and researchers, not to mention those just plain interested in sustainable agriculture, at the largest ecological agricultural gathering in the West. According to […]


Does Paula Deen have diabetes?

Looks like TV chef and butter champion Paula Deen may soon reveal she has Type 2 diabetes. According to Jeannine Stein at L.A. Times Booster Shots blog: The Internet is buzzing with rumors that TV chef Paula Deen, queen of the deep fryer, could soon reveal to the world that she has Type 2 diabetes. […]


Mozza cocktail: Sculaccione

For the longest time, my go-to cocktail has been a classic Negroni, but recently, I’ve been enjoying a Sculaccione from "The Mozza Cookbook" by Nancy Silverton, Matt Molina and Carolynn Carreno. I'll admit, a cocktail with an Italian name made with white tequila seems a bit odd, but this blend of tequila, lime and grapefruit […]


Test Kitchen tips: Freezing stock

While store-bought broths can be good and are wonderfully convenient, nothing beats the intense, pure flavor of a homemade stock. Whenever I can find the time, I like to slowly cook up a batch and freeze it so I've always got some on hand. To freeze stock, pour cooled stock into ice cube trays or […]


Test Kitchen tips: Shucking an oyster

If you've never opened an oyster before, the thought of shucking one might be a bit intimidating. Although the process doesn't take a lot of brawn, shucking an oyster does take care and know-how. And an oyster knife.  Here's a quick step-by-step tutorial: 1. Use a folded towel to hold the oyster and protect your […]


‘Eating Las Vegas,’ again

The boys are back at it again. "Eating Las Vegas 2012" flings three critics — Max Jacobson, John Curtas and Al Mancini — at what they’ve agreed are the 50 essential restaurants there. Much of the time the critics wildly disagree on the merits of any particular restaurant, which makes for interesting reading. Like the […]


Forklore: All that rot

Two of the creepiest-sounding foods of all time were the medieval Near Eastern condiments murri and kamakh. They started as raw barley dough, wrapped in fig leaves and stored in a box for 40 days. When the dough had thoroughly rotted (turned white with "red veins" running through it), it was ground up and rotted […]


Pasadena PinotFest arrives once again

Has an entire year rolled around already? At any rate, it’s once again time for the annual Pasadena PinotFest (the fourth, actually) which kicks off Jan. 15 with a five-course dinner at Altadena Town & Country Club. Each course is cooked by a local chef and paired with a Pinot Noir producer. Chefs involved include […]


Today’s Eat Beat: Tagliolini al limone

Today's Eat Beat features a pasta recipe from our Culinary SOS column demonstrated by Test Kitchen manager Noelle Carter. Reader Janie Orenstein from Pacific Palisades wrote: The lemon pasta at Angelini Osteria on Beverly Boulevard seems remarkably simple. My attempts at re-creating it have been remarkably underwhelming. Can you get the exact measurements and ingredients […]


Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with onigiri

Get into the firey spirit of the Year of the Dragon with a mochi-pounding demonstration and an onigiri contest at the Japanese American National Museum on Sunday. It's all part of a day-long festival called the Oshogatsu Family Festival, which also includes plenty of arts and crafts, entertainment and cultural activities. From 11 a.m. to […]


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