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‘Daily Dish’

3 (Halloween) Events: Bouchon fried chicken; Rivera menu; Gonpachi prix-fixe

Ad Hoc fried chicken at Bouchon: Come on, there's nothing scary about fried chicken. But Bouchon's Ad Hoc fried chicken night happens to fall on Halloween. For $36 per person: buttermilk fried chicken, Southern-style mashed potatoes, red wine braised cabbage and New York cheddar biscuits and gravy. So boo! Make reservations online. 235 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, (310) [...]


Newest edition of ‘Eat: Los Angeles’ hits bookshelves

One of local publishing's biggest recent success stories has been Colleen Dunn Bates' "Eat," a restaurant guidebook that manages to be nearly as complete as Zagat yet still feel personal and informed. The 2012 edition is for sale now, with a section on food trucks. It's great fun to dip into to compare your favorite [...]


Japanese hot pot workshop at Tortoise General Store

Author Sonoko Sakai will lead a Japanese hot pot workshop at Tortoise General Store in Venice on Nov. 6. Students will learn how to make nabe – a Japanese soup made in a donabe clay pot, right at the table. Sakai will show participants how to prepare and serve three hot pots: yudofu, made with tofu, [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Defining "al dente"

An Italian phrase, "al dente" literally means "to the tooth." The term is often used in recipes to refer to the texture a food should have when it is cooked, most notably pasta, but also with rice and sometimes vegetables. To check for an al dente texture with pasta and rice as you're cooking, take [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Defining the ‘grain’ in meats

Often, you'll see a recipe say something like, "Slice thinly against the grain." So, what does this mean? And why should you do it? The "grain" refers to the flow of the muscle fibers in a cut of meat. Like wood, the fibers tend to go in a single direction. Slicing a cut of meat [...]


Test Kitchen video tips: Storing oils

  I'm often asked by new Test Kitchen interns why we keep our oils in the refrigerator. Essentially, we refrigerate our oils to keep them fresh and from going bad. Because of their high fat content, oils can go rancid quickly when left at room temperature or exposed to light. Refrigerating them extends their shelf [...]


Golden Road Brewing is open for growler fills

Those who want to enjoy the first two offerings from the new-on-the-scene Golden Road Brewing at home won't have to wait for the outfit to start offering cans, which won't be available until late November or early December. This weekend the brewery will open one of its three warehouses to start selling 32-oz. growlers for $10 apiece. The [...]


‘Bought, Borrowed & Stolen': 20 years of Allegra McEvedy’s secrets

Allegra McEvedy has been cooking professionally for more than 20 years, working her way through a batch of restaurants in London, most notably the River Café and the Cow, in addition to stints at American eateries Rubicon (now closed) and Jardinière in San Francisco, and New York's Tribeca Grill. The Cordon Bleu alumnus was chef-in-residence [...]


’13 Days of Halloween’ at Village Bakery

"The 13 Days of Halloween" start on Wednesday at Village Bakery & Cafe in Atwater Village. On each of the 13 days leading up to Halloween, the neighborhood bakery offers a different scary treat. By Halloween Day, all 13 will be available. It's sort of like an Advent calendar for Halloween rendered in baked goods [...]


The quince: Queen of the fall fruits

Everyone has their favorite fall fruit. For some, it's persimmons; others love apples or pears. For me, it's the quince, oddball fruit that it is. When I spotted the first ones of the year at the Long Beach farmers market Sunday, I felt like running up and down hollering, "The quince are here! The quince [...]


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