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‘Daily Dish’

Fashion + Food: Band of Outsiders is cookie-crazed

"If you don't like cookies, you might not have a soul," reads the header of Scott Sternberg's cookie blog. Sternberg is the designer of the Los Angeles-based clothing company Band of Outsiders. When he's not dressing up celebrity friends in his label's latest getups, Sternberg likes to blog about cookie finds far and wide. His […]


Forklore: The roots of pepper

Another in our series of rediscovered gems from food historian Charles Perry: Our word pepper comes, by way of Greek, from the Sanskrit name of a cousin of black pepper known as long pepper (Piper longum). While black pepper comes in little round wrinkled peppercorns, long pepper takes the form of curved stalks about three […]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Coral Tree Café’s vegetable soup

This week's Culinary SOS comes to us from Emily Baker in Santa Monica: I have never been able to find a vegetable soup that comes close to Coral Tree Café's. I know they must have a secret ingredient in there that gives it that extra something special! With fall approaching (and hopefully cooler temperatures), I […]


Marc Vetri and music that cooks

When Phil Roy, R.J. Cutler and Marc Vetri, first got to know each other in Los Angeles back in the 1980s, Roy was a struggling singer-songwriter, Cutler was a struggling filmmaker and Vetri was a struggling guitar player paying the rent by working in the kitchen. My how things change.Today, Roy's songs have been recorded […]


Short Order: The burger’s promised land to open Nov. 18

The buzz surrounding Short Order, Nancy Silverton and the late Amy Pressman's new burger restaurant, has been as sustained as a motion in a courtroom drama and just as riveting. Since word first leaked out to food bloggers several years ago that the two revered chef-friends would be collaborating to bring seasonal gourmet burgers to […]


When to plant what: A gardening calendar for SoCal

Elinor Nissley owns and operates Krank Press, a letterpress company based out of Silver Lake. Incorporating woodcuts and drawings into her hand-printed works, Nissley's creations include gardening calendars for specific growing regions such as the Bay Area and Southern California. Each calendar month features a linoleum block print of a seasonal fruit or vegetable and […]


Test Kitchen tips: Roasting garlic

Roasted garlic: It's one of the most amazing flavors in the kitchen. Add it to soups and stews, whisk it into a vinaigrette or tomato sauce, brush it onto grilled steaks, use it to lend extra flavor to your secret recipe for mashed potatoes. Or simply rub over toasted bread, like butter. If you've never […]


5 Questions for Randal St. Clair

Randal St. Clair is the executive chef of Mohawk Bend in Echo Park, a restaurant known for its craft beer and vegan dishes. Before heading the kitchen at Mohawk Bend, St. Clair was working on organic farms. (He's a veteran of the Beverly Hills Farmer's Market.)  The Mohawk Bend menu is mostly vegetarian — more […]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Limoncello tiramisu

This week's Culinary SOS comes to us from Jery Wall in Corona del Mar: A wonderful restaurant in Newport Beach called Il Barone has by far the best tiramisu in the world. It is limoncello tiramisu, irresistible and worth whatever calories it contains. It is very light, moist and unforgettable! We would love this recipe! […]


L.A. Times Test Kitchen video tips: Measuring ingredients

  Oftentimes when people have problems with a recipe, it's because ingredients were measured incorrectly. That's particularly true with baking. Check out the video above for tips to help you measure more accurately. – Use liquid measuring cups for liquid ingredients, and dry measures for dry. Honestly, I can't stress how important this is; nothing […]


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