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‘Daily Dish’

Pork Watch: Iberico Fresco, Jowciale, LaFrieda burger blend

Undeterred by having seen "Contagion" (Spoiler alert: It's the suckling pig that did Gwyneth Paltrow in!), I recently tried a thick slice of seared pork loin cooked just the way I like my filet mignon — rare, rare, rare. And it almost tasted like beef — rich and juicy and just as, if not more, [...]


Green tea workshops from 300-year-old Kyoto tea purveyor

  Where better to learn about Japanese green tea than from tea masters at Ippodo, a company in Kyoto that has been producing tea for more than three centuries? It was founded in 1717, five years before this country. On Sept. 23 and 24, Tortoise General Store on Abbot Kinney in Venice is hosting Ippodo staff [...]


Food Day 2011 sweeping the nation on Oct. 24

From coast to coast, Americans will have the chance to participate in thousands of events in salute to Food Day 2011 on Oct. 24. For the sake of healthful, affordable food, produced in a sustainable manner, Food Day presses the nation to strive for better diets and improved policies. Sponsored by the Center for Science [...]


Is Budweiser the new Pabst?

We all know that Pabst Blue Ribbon has been singled out by a particular breed of messy-haired gent and intentionally rumpled lady for its ironic qualities. It's one of a few inexpensive brands of mass-produced beer that they can still feel cool holding.  Until recently, Budweiser would never have fallen into that category. It was [...]


5 questions for Brad Winnaman

Master baker Brad Winnaman recently opened Urbano Pizza Bar, a downtown pizza joint that serves Neapolitan-style pizza with a modern flair. He has worked at notable L.A. institutions  including Campanile and La Brea Bakery. Winnaman says he has perfected the pizza crust, one that is flavorful and substantial, yet light and airy. Latest ingredient obsession? Having [...]


Picturing Chez Panisse at 40

There has been so much written about Chez Panisse, Alice Waters and the 40th anniversary celebration at the end of August, but I just stumbled across yet another site that you really ought to visit. It's by photographer Eric Wolfinger, who shoots for Vogue, among others. And the pictures he took of two of the [...]


Google buys Zagat guides

Google is buying restaurant reviewer Zagat in a move that is seen has helping the mega Web company compete better against Yelp, Yahoo and Bing. Zagat, which pioneered crowd-sourced restaurant reviews 32 years ago, albeit in a print format, "will be a cornerstone of our local offering — delighting people with their impressive array of [...]


So you want to be a Test Kitchen intern: Meet Steve Braslaw

Working in a Test Kitchen, you never know what to expect. We're constantly trying different recipes, learning new techniques and experimenting with unusual ingredients. It changes from week to week — sometimes day to day. There's never a dull moment. And sometimes, after an especially long day, we like to unwind by having a little [...]


Prepared-food vendors named for some Santa Monica Farmers Markets

Every year, one third of Farmers Market vendor contracts expire in order to make room for new and old vendors alike to apply, or reapply, through a competitive bid process for a three-year contract at the Santa Monica Farmers Markets. The contracts were up for renewal on three of the Santa Monica Farmers Markets while the big [...]


Tri-tip, yet again

When you develop recipes for a living, there are dishes that come and go, and then there are the ones that last. Things you make over and over. One recipe I've developed that has stood the test of time — at least in my house — is the smoked beef recipe I immodestly titled "the [...]


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