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‘Daily Dish’

For hot days, cold noodles at Ramen Bull

In 92-degree heat in the middle of August in L.A., even the hardiest ramen aficionado might think twice about sticking her face over a steaming bowl of ramen — no matter how hungry for hot noodle soup with roast pork that first issue of Lucky Peach made her. That's where hiyashi chuka comes in: cold ramen [...]


Weighing in on the Triple Double Oreo

The Booster Shots blog takes a close look at the Triple Double Oreo:  Arriving in stores as we speak is the new Triple Double Oreo cookie. That's right, we said Triple Double, as in three layers of cookie, one layer of original creme and one layer of chocolate creme. The calorie count on this Big [...]


Fat Spoon is open in Little Tokyo

Fat Spoon, a curry and pasta joint, opened in downtown's Little Tokyo this week, the third restaurant in this area from owner Michael Cardenas, a founder of Innovative Dining Group. The restaurant is on the smaller side with a handful of tables in the front and a counter in the back with a view of [...]


Zingy zigzag appetizer plates from Missoni for Target

Over at our sister blog L.A. At Home, these melamine appetizer plates, arriving at Target on Sept. 13, caught my eye. The familiar colorful zigzags are the clue that the new line is designed by the famed knitware company Missoni. They're kind of great looking, no?  And you certainly can't beat the price. See more [...]


Now coveting: A handmade South African bowl

It's no secret I have a weakness for beautiful bowls. Here’s one from South Africa via Anthropologie. Handmade stoneware, it has a lovely swoop and form, and comes in either a solid color or this loopy brushwork in orange. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, 8¼-inch diameter. On sale now, reduced to $14.95 from $36. Available online at [...]


5 Questions for David LeFevre

David LeFevre is chef-owner of Manhattan Beach's M.B. Post, an old post office that's now a "social restaurant," as he calls it. LeFevre's a Wisconsin native and Charlie Trotter veteran whose small-plates menu at M.B. Post travels the world: Spain, Provence, Japan, Vietnam….   What’s coming up next on your menu? We’ve recently added a gnocchi [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Storing knives in a knife block

Quick tip on storing knives: If you have a vertical knife block like the one shown above, consider sliding your knives in upside-down, with the blade's edge pointing up. This will prevent the blade from sliding along the wood at the base of the slit as the knife is housed, dulling the edge. You might [...]


Dine like it’s 1981: Saint Estèphe returns

"It was just going to be a casual evening, with a couple of dishes from the Saint Estèphe menu," says chef John Sedlar, "but now it's turning out to be a much bigger thing."  It's the return of '80s-era Saint Estèphe for the month of September at Sedlar's Rivera restaurant. The event celebrates the 30th [...]


Chinese market tour with WP24’s Sarah Johannes

If you don't regularly shop at any of the big Chinese markets in Monterey Park or thereabouts, join WP24 chef de cuisine Sarah Johannes and visiting Shanghai chef Michael Lu on an L.A. Chinese market tour on Saturday, Sept. 10. The tour is organized by Six Taste, an organization started two years ago by two [...]


Events: Rush Street clam bake; full moon at Mar’sel; SusieCakes’ birthday

Clam Bake: The Culver City restaurant Rush Street is paying tribute to an East Coast tradition by serving up a summer clambake every Friday and Saturday evening until Labor Day weekend. For $23, diners get a bowl of steaming mussels, clams, shrimp and andouille sausage served with corn and potatoes. 9546 Washington Blvd., Culver City, (310) 837-9545, www.rushstreetculvercity.com. [...]


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