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‘Daily Dish’

A chat with Bon Appetempt’s Amelia Morris

Amelia Morris is the 29-year-old author of Bon Appetempt, a local blog that tests recipes from major publications and documents the results. When she's not cooking in her cozy West Hollywood kitchen, she's working at Heath Ceramics and spending time with her husband, Matt. Morris didn't have a love affair with food from the beginning: "I [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Houston’s couscous

 This week's Culinary SOS comes from Meghan Tilley in Venice, requesting the recipe for the couscous at Hillstone (formerly Houston's) in Santa Monica. We loved the fresh flavors and bright colors in this dish. Couscous and bulgur wheat are tossed together with green onions, radishes, raisins, almonds, tomatoes and whole mint leaves, then brightened with [...]


Eat Florence, an app

A friend heading to Florence next week just asked me for some suggestions re where to eat. I could give him a couple of the usual suspects. But for more up-to-date info, I checked in with two blogs from food writers living in Italy:  Faith Willinger and Elizabeth Minchilli in Rome.  Emiko Davies in Tuscany is a [...]


New in the O.C.: Communal table and cult wines

An ambitious new restaurant has just opened in Brea (for the geographically challenged, that’s north Orange County). It’s called Two 40 South after its address on Brea Boulevard, and it’s a safe bet to say these parts haven’t seen anything quite like it before. The owners and designer have made sure to bring in every [...]


A week of food on ‘Fresh Air’

Had enough of listening to people talk about food? Not yet, you haven't. National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" is devoting this week to the topic and I could listen to Terry Gross interview paint drying. Not that that would be a fair description of their lineup: Monday's show had chef Grant Achatz talking about fighting [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Stabilize your cutting board

Sometimes there's nothing more annoying (or potentially dangerous) than dealing with a slippery cutting board when you're busy in the kitchen prepping a recipe. It's easy to stabilize a cutting board, and you don't have to spend a ton of money on expensive non-slip boards, grips or liners to do it. Next time you're out, [...]


5 Questions for Tony DiSalvo

Tony DiSalvo is executive chef at Whist at the Viceroy Santa Monica Hotel and was formerly executive chef of Jean Georges in New York (he cites Jean-Georges Vongerichten as the chef who has influenced him most). His menu at Whist is Mediterranean-inspired (he's Sicilian), but don't be surprised to come across a slider. What's coming [...]


From the L.A. Times recipe archive: Chicken tarragon salad

Francine just sent in a Culinary SOS looking for a chicken salad recipe from our archive: Several years ago the LA Times printed Julienne's Taragon Chicken Salad.  I unfortunately have lost it.   I would appreciate if you could E-mail or send me a copy of the recipe.  Thank you! A quick search turned up the recipe [...]


This week’s Culinary SOS: Old Venice’s Greek lemon chicken

This week's Culinary SOS comes from Phyllis Ruderman in Manhattan Beach. She writes: Old Venice in Manhattan Beach makes excellent Greek and Italian food, but its lemon chicken, from the Greek side of the menu, is especially wonderful. I can still taste the delicious sauce. Any chance of getting the recipe? I'd love to make [...]


Renee’s Garden seeds on sale

Though most of the country is coming to the end of this year's vegetable gardens, here in California, we're just turning the page to the next chapter. So now's the perfect time to cash in on the end-of-season sale by Renee’s Garden, reliable purveyor of extraordinary seeds for the kitchen garden. The list of seeds [...]


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