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‘Daily Dish’

This week’s Culinary S.O.S.: Pete’s Cafe’s bread pudding

Sometimes nothing beats a warm serving of bread pudding for dessert — that is, unless you top it with a drizzle of rich caramel and crème anglaise! This week's Culinary SOS comes to us from Kim in Culver City, who writes: "Dear SOS: I have had this wonderful bread pudding at Pete's Cafe & Bar [...]


Test Kitchen tips: Cleaning tamarind pulp

Today's really fun Master Class article on ketchup (hold the tomatoes!) by Sang Yoon includes a great recipe for fig and tamarind ketchup. I love the tart, bright flavors of tamarind. Found in cuisines throughout the world, it's a perfect ingredient when you want to add a fresh "zing" to a dish, giving it a [...]


Your new caffeine fix: Cookies

It might be painful, but just for a second, imagine skipping your morning coffee. Gasp! For some, having that morning cup of coffee is not only a ritual, it’s a godsend. And when time is short, sometimes adding a bite to eat is out of the question.  Esther Kang, the owner of Batch from Scratch, [...]


Perch opens high above Pershing Square

Downtown got a doozy of a new rooftop restaurant and bar when former Must Wine Bar owners Coly Den Haan and Rachel Thomas opened Perch last week. Located on the 15th floor of the historic Pershing Square Building on Hill Street, Perch reflects downtown's sleek new leanings with a ritzy, Parisian-themed dining room and a [...]


3 Events: Food Porn Lab; French Laundry pop-up; gyoza bonanza

Food photo workshop: Visual Communications' Food Porn Lab takes place on Thursday, Aug. 11: It's a photography tutorial and food-styling workshop, a photo competition and potluck. Photographers from the Los Angeles Times — Kirk McKoy and Ken Kwok — will lead the tutorial, teaching the techniques of food photography and styling, including basics for beginners, [...]


5 Questions for Mirko Paderno

Mirko Paderno is the executive chef of Oliverio. Paderno earned his diploma from the Cesare Ritz school in Merano, Italy; worked at the Four Seasons in Milan under chef Sergio Mei; and has alighted at many of L.A.'s top Italian restaurants — Piero Selvaggio's Primi and Valentino, Celestino Drago, Dolce, All' Angelo and Cecconi's. At Oliverio, [...]


Today’s no-bake dessert: Chocolate-hazelnut swirl ice cream

Today's no-bake dessert recipe from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen: Chocolate-hazelnut ice cream. If you try this or any of the recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen, we want to see the finished dish so we can showcase it on the blog and in print. You can upload your photos to this gallery. ALSO: [...]


What’s in the box at Father’s Office?

If you've been to Father's Office recently and noticed small cardboard boxes showing up at nearby tables and have wondered what's in them, they're cupcakes. Yes, F.O. owner Sang Yoon makes cupcakes. Or his pastry chef John Park does.  Until now, Father's Office didn't offer desserts, sometimes notoriously, because it also doesn't allow outside desserts [...]


Considering community college for culinary school

  An article this week about a group of chefs who've skipped culinary school to work their way up through the kitchen ranks points out the perils of borrowing to pay for a $60,000 education that might land one a job as a minimum-wage line cook.  But readers brought up the fact that community colleges [...]


The Taste fest lines up chef panels: Ludo Lefebvre, Roy Choi, Lisa Lillien and more

The Taste festival of food and wine, hosted by the Los Angeles Times and sponsored by Food & Wine magazine, will take place Labor Day weekend over four days at three locations (downtown, Hollywood and Beverly Hills) featuring more than 200 restaurants. The list of chefs attending The Taste is still growing — including Michael Voltaggio, [...]


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