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‘Eating L.A.’

Griffins of Kinsale: A wee trip to Ireland via South Pasadena

corned beef and cabbage at Griffins EatingLA recently reviewed South Pasadena’s new pub Griffins of Kinsale for the South Pasadena Patch. Though locals are divided over whether Griffins is really an "authentic" Irish pub and whether it should have printed menus, a formal sign and other niceties, Griffins is a very welcome addition to South [...]


Nine more reasons to eat in Israel

My last post covered only central Tel Aviv, but that’s only the start of what we tasted in Israel. Here are a few more only-in-Israel experiences — and we barely even scratched the surface in Jerusalem! homemade tahini ice cream with halva, pistachios and date honey Tahini time: Sesame-based treats are everywhere in Israel. If [...]


Hot summer food fests: East L.A. Meets Napa es muy picante; L.A. Times’ the Taste lowers prices

East L.A. Meets Napa tasting sampler: Nopales sopa, mole tamales, cochinita pibil sopa, ceviche, oh my! Is it really time to start planning for July and August events already? Actually, si, and the first thing to mark on your calendar is East L.A. Meets Napa, a benefit for community health organization AltaMed that brings together [...]


Places you must go: Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market, Yemenite and Neve Tzedek neighborhoods

Spice shops in Tel Aviv’s Carmel market show a Moroccan influence When I told my office about my trip to Israel, one coworker predicted lots of gefilte fish and bagels, while another said he had heard the sights were great, but not so much the food. Well, sorry, but wrong and wrong. Whether you’ve heard [...]


Mo-chica’s grand opening downtown is today: Alpaca si, guinea pig comes later

Peruvian chef Ricardo Zarate’s Mo-chica seemed like a wonderful  find when it opened in Mercado la Paloma south of Downtown three years ago. Zarate was quickly hailed as a talent to watch, and for a while Mo-Chica remained, if not a foodie secret, at least somewhat under-the-radar with its early closing and no-alcohol policies. Then [...]


Altadena Farmers Market: Big Mista, Plow & Gun Coffee, Oysters, Fox Pizza Bus, Mother Moo and Molonay Tubilderborst bread !

The new Altadena Farmers’ Market opens Wednesday and if it sounds like one of the most interesting ones around, it’s not surprising — it’s the brainchild of Joseph Shuldiner, founder of the Institute of Domestic Technology and designer of the Eat: Los Angeles books. Sponsored by Altadena Heritage, this is a farmers’ market unlike the [...]


Fusion Burgers: Highland Park gets a familiar burger menu with a local twist

Mexican BBQ burger at Fusion Burgers Drive down York Blvd. in Highland Park and it’s hard to resist stopping for a $1 taco at one of the smoky open air taco tables dotting the street between Figueroa and Ave. 50. The tables doling out the best pastor tacos are distinguished by the pineapple speared at [...]


Are you friend or foe of foie gras? Taste some now before it goes away June 30

Montes rose of syrah has a label drawn by Ralph Steadman! Like the first time I set foot in Paris, the first time I had foie gras was a sweetly memorable experience. I was 23 and leaving Paris soon, moving back to L.A. for good. My French boyfriend wanted to take me too a really [...]


Tom Bergin’s: Better beer, shinier shamrocks

Afternoon delight: an Irish coffee at Tom Bergin’s vintage bar Except for an awkward blind date with a guy named Michael Bolton (don’t ask), most of my visits to Tom Bergin’s have involved standing up in a packed the bar area, saying goodbye to somebody leaving Variety. Tom Bergin’s Fairfax location makes it a perfect [...]


News from Square One, Gingergrass and Glassell Park’s new Lemon Poppy Kitchen at Taste of the Eastside

Pharmacie’s Talmadge Lowe, left, demonstrated technique for tasty whiskey sours: Buffalo Trace bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, Old-Fashioned bitters. Sunday’s Taste of the Eastside wasn’t just a chance to try some great bites from restaurants around Silver Lake, Echo Park, Atwater, Eagle Rock and Highland Park, but also a good place to catch up with [...]


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