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‘Eating L.A.’

L & E Oyster Bar: Silver Lake gets its oysters

Apparently the people of Silver Lake have spoken, and they’ve asked for…oysters? It’s hard to say if an oyster bar was exactly what was needed in the former Domenico’s and Michelangelo spot, but judging from the crowds of the first few nights, it was a popular choice. Dustin Lancaster and Matt Kaner of buzzing Los [...]


Tijuana trolley to Manhattan: The New Yorker on Javier Plascencia

In this week’s New Yorker, Dana Goodyear profiles Javier Plascencia, the Tijuana chef who is a vital figure in bringing respect and reason to dining in Baja California. Goodyear made numerous trips to Baja to research the profile called The Missionary: A Food Renaissance in Baja, one of them with our October blogger trip (in [...]


Eating wild L.A.: Foraging with Transitional Gastronomy

Toyon berries are vaguely cherry-tasting and can be made into jam or put in baked goods Even before Noma restaurant and foraging TV shows were in vogue, I’ve wanted to find out what’s edible along local trails. I didn’t think I could figure it out by myself, so I was happy to be invited to [...]


Golden Road Brewing: Yes, we can!

giant pretzel is the thing for beer; kale rolls (left) are…kind of vegan-ey Golden Road Brewing has come together in an amazingly short time compared to most things in L.A., and Sunday was both the grand opening of the pub eating area and the beer’s availability in cans. Just seven months after the brewery was [...]


Gastronomico: Get on the bus to Los Feliz

Gastronomico’s cured salmon sandwich The Gastrobus was one of the earlier stabs a mobile gourmet food, though I never got to try it. As with several other food trucks, the Gastrobus has morphed into a brick and mortar spot called Gastronomico. Tucked in the corner of the same Hillhurst Ave. mini-mall that houses the Drawing [...]


Ramen Jinya: Wilshire’s noodle nirvana

basic bowl of porky ramen bliss Us mid-Wilshire office workers were suffering along with Baja Fresh and Callendar’s for a long time before the food trucks arrived. They brought welcome diversity to office lunches, though not much in the way of seating or healthy food. If you’re looking for burgers or beer, the Counter is [...]


Pat’s not-too-sweet, not-too-expensive kinda healthy best granola

Homemade cherry/cranberry/walnut granola (inspired by David Leibovitz and Nigella Lawson) A few months ago I suddenly started craving really good granola, the kind that’s usually $8 for a small bag and a zillion calories. I hadn’t made my own granola since the Campanile recipe was popular for years, but I remembered it was usually expensive [...]


Pa-Ord Noodle: Fiery and friendly Thai tastes

Chinese broccoli and crispy pork Pa-Ord Noodle at lunchtime has to be one of the friendliest restaurants I’ve eaten at in a long time. After I awkwardly attempted to order my boat noodles "pet ma," which I thought meant "sort of" spicy, a table of four young women giggled at my pitiful attempt and insisted [...]


Artisan House: Downtown’s new multi-purpose room

produce, snacks and jam are available in the marketplace With the massive popularity of Bottega Louie, it was inevitable that someone else would try a multi-purpose spot for Downtown residents and visitors to shop, drink, snack, dine and of course snarf macarons. So next door to Cole’s, Artisan House has risen at the corner of [...]


Short Order: A first taste

Everyone’s heading to Farmer’s Market to see what Mozza’s Nancy Silverton, Bill Chait and the late Amy Pressman have done to wow the city’s burger enthusiasts¬† So for now, an early lunch at Short Order is the best way to avoid the fledgling burger destination’s inevitable early service glitches. Arriving at noon on Friday, we [...]


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