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‘Eating L.A.’

Pa-Ord Noodle: Fiery and friendly Thai tastes

Chinese broccoli and crispy pork Pa-Ord Noodle at lunchtime has to be one of the friendliest restaurants I’ve eaten at in a long time. After I awkwardly attempted to order my boat noodles "pet ma," which I thought meant "sort of" spicy, a table of four young women giggled at my pitiful attempt and insisted [...]


Artisan House: Downtown’s new multi-purpose room

produce, snacks and jam are available in the marketplace With the massive popularity of Bottega Louie, it was inevitable that someone else would try a multi-purpose spot for Downtown residents and visitors to shop, drink, snack, dine and of course snarf macarons. So next door to Cole’s, Artisan House has risen at the corner of [...]


Short Order: A first taste

Everyone’s heading to Farmer’s Market to see what Mozza’s Nancy Silverton, Bill Chait and the late Amy Pressman have done to wow the city’s burger enthusiasts  So for now, an early lunch at Short Order is the best way to avoid the fledgling burger destination’s inevitable early service glitches. Arriving at noon on Friday, we [...]


Artisanal L.A. pops up in Pasadena

Artisanal L.A. takes it to Pasadena next Sunday, featuring vendors from the Altadena Urban Farmers Market and workshops by the Institute of Domestic Technology. It’s at the Armory Center, which is close to the Gold Line Memorial station. Plus, there’s craft beer and spirit tasting!


Bia Hoi: A little nosh, a little Vietnamese beer

Gingergrass’s new annex Bia Hoi is up and running featuring its namesake beer, a Vietnamese fresh-beer style brew made in collaboration with Eagle Rock Brewery. At $4 a pint, the 3.8% alcohol beers is of course pricier than its 15 cent Vietnamese counterpart. But this is L.A., and it’s a nice light beer just right [...]


L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade: Everyone’s a winner

Best visuals:Jonathan Waxman’s shaved vegetable salad Despite some muddy shoes, the sun came out along with chefs from around the country for one of the best tasting events of the year. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation sprang from the idea of a 4-year old girl with cancer who wanted to raise money to fight the disease. [...]


"Fresh beer" comes to Gingergrass offshoot Bia Hoi

 Here’s a press release about Eagle Rock Brewery’s new collaboration with Silver Lake’s Gingergrass about a new bakery/bar featuring Vietnamese "fresh beer" or Bia Hoi, opening tomorrow. Beer: it’s what’s for breakfast? Local craft brewer Eagle Rock Brewery and Silver Lake’s Gingergrass introduce the unique Vietnamese concept of Bia Hoi or “fresh beer” at the [...]


Wow, check out the chefs coming to L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade benefit

Gabrielle Hamilton Not all food fund-raisers are created equal, and next Sunday’s second L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade benefit looks like it could land near the top of local tasting events. Because it’s hosted by  Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne of Lucques, AOC and Tavern and David Lentz of The Hungry Cat, there’s a stellar group [...]


Maxmiliano: Brunch and patio coming soon to Highland Park’s new Italian hideout

Herbs for the cooks are grown on the patio, which will soon be open for diners Highland Park residents were long overdue for an alternative to Good Girl Dinette, the York and the old-school Mexican choices, and with the arrival of Andre Guerrero’s casual, lively Maxmiliano, the restaurant scene has taken a huge step forward. [...]


Naya: New look, new name, same Tantra chef

Naya’s dining area goes white-on-white  Most restaurants could use a little freshening up every few years, and after 10 years as Tantra, the Sunset Junction Indian spot has gotten a re-do as Naya. Naya’s grand opening is on Monday. We stopped by for the preview night and saw that the menu is similar to Tantra [...]


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