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‘Eating L.A.’

What to check out from L.A. Weekly’s Plate event: Oleego, Palsaik, Tsujita and Chego Chinatown

Chego’s Roy Choi says "Yes, we’re coming to Chinatown" L.A. Weekly’s Plate on Sunday was a great chance to catch up with old friends like Jazz at Jitlada and Nguyen at Starry Kitchen, but I was glad to also get to try a few places I haven’t been yet. I’m looking forward to introducing friends [...]


How many forks did Silver Lake’s Black Hogg get in the Los Feliz Ledger?

Popcorn bacon: fun for a bite or two, but pork fatigue may set in Like nearly everything else these days, the Los Feliz Ledger restaurant review is online-only this month. Here’s an excerpt from this month’s review of super-trendy gastropubbish Black Hogg on Sunset Blvd. Read the full review here, and find out how many [...]


Men-Oh: Bowling a perfect 10 in Little Tokyo ramen

Tokushima ramen with a richly porky broth Men Oh Tokushima is certainly no secret – it was named Little Tokyo’s best ramen by Jonathan Gold in this exhaustively helpful guide to ramen published on Super Bowl weekend. But it’s still so new that on the very day the article appeared, the ramen shop wasn’t even [...]


Quick bites: RivaBella, for meeting with your producer

RivaBella’s various seating areas all have different moods. What: A collaboration between Angelini godfather Gino Angelini and Innovative Dining Group (Boa, Sushi Roku) RivaBella is a super-sized, super-swank version of Angelini. Let’s hope Angelini’s always-thoughtful renditions of Italian classics don’t get lost under the weight of chandeliers, Beverly Hills housewives and mid-level celebs.


Guisados Echo Park: New on the near-Eastside

Cochinita pibil (pork), left; camarones (shrimp), right Since Guisados opened in Boyle Heights exactly two years ago, the slightly adventurous eaters have all made pilgrimages to the slow-stewed assertively-spiced meats packed into housemade tortillas. But for many of us, it wasn’t convenient as an everyday spot. Guisados’ new Echo Park location, on the cusp of [...]


Quick bites: Hinoki and the Bird freshens up Century City

David Myers helps ready duck breast hors d’oeuvres What: Hinoki and the Bird is Comme Ca owner David Myers’ latest creation, with former Sona chef Kuniko Yagi in the kitchen. There’s no one named Hinoki; it means Japanese cedar wood, and it’s just one of the many ways Myers pays tribute to his love for [...]


Quick bites: Spoonful’s Southern soul on Caheunga

seared red snapper with black eyed pea succotash Quick Bites are EatingLA’s express way to introduce a new or new-to-me restaurant, bar or menu. What: Spoonful is "traditional Southern with Los Angeles flair" from Georgia native Frank Foley. Where: 3413 Cahuenga Blvd West, in the former Henry’s Hat location near Universal Studios,  phone: 323-512-4800 Open [...]


Crispy Pork Gang: The gang’s all here for crunchy pork bits

With a fun-to-remember name and open 24/7,  Crispy Pork Gang and Grill has beome one of Thai Town’s newer hits. Located at Hollywood’s veritable nexus of Thai goodness (the mini-mall at the corner of Hollywood and Hobart that also houses Ruen Pair, Red Corner Asia, Ban Khanom, etc.), Crispy Pork Gang departs from the all-too-familiar [...]


The Taste: Bourdain and Lefebvre serve up a preview of their new cooking competition show

Bourdain and San Diego restaurateur Brian Malarkey sample Ludo’s chicken ABC’s new cooking competition show The Taste premieres next Tuesday, January 22, and it looks like a fun twist on the "Top Chef" or "Chopped" formats. Contestants can be either professional chefs or home cooks, and they have to impress judges Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, [...]


Treasures of the San Gabriel Valley: Spam musubi croissants, fine falafel and innovative Indian

Spam musubi croissant Everyone knows that the San Gabriel Valley is the place to go for dim sum, dumplings and sumptuous Chinese seafood banquets. But with a roiling hotpot of cultures in the valley, there are plenty of other places to discover. Bloggers GourmetPigs, FoodGPS E*starLA and I were invited recently to try Azusa’s Mediterranean [...]


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