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‘Squid Ink’

Higher and Higher

In addition to being Easter Sunday, today is 4/20, the least productive date on the calendar, and serious stoners at the Upright Citizens Brigade will be taking the stage all day to entertain anyone who’s baked and blowing off family dinner. The pot-ty humor kicks off with HIGHrold Matinee Improv… by Siran Babayan In addition [...]


Decline and Fall

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences earlier this month screened The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years, Penelope Spheeris’ 1988 look at hair metal along the Sunset Strip. Tonight, see the documentaries that bookend the filmmaker’s L.A. music trilogy: The Decline of Western Civilization and… by Siran Babayan The Academy [...]



With childlike wonder permeating its quirky potpourri of decades’ worth of pop influences, MGMT’s 2007 debut album, Oracular Spectacular, has become a blueprint for indie-rock bands everywhere. On last year’s self-titled third full-length, the Brooklynites grope for Oracular’s mercurial magic, returning to that record’s producer, longtime Flaming Lips knob twiddler… by Paul Rogers With childlike [...]


Philip Bailey

Vocalist Philip Bailey hit the high notes on the Earth, Wind & Fire hit “Fantasy” more than 35 years ago. He joined the seminal funk/R&B/soul/jazz band directly out of college and acquired seven Grammy Awards plus membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Vocal Group Hall of… by Sean J. O’Connell Vocalist [...]


Nicolas Cage Captures the Hardships of Rural Texas in Joe

It’s been 5 million years since humanity hauled itself from the swamp, and according to Joe director David Gordon Green, we’re devolving back into muck. While the stoners of Green’s Pineapple Express regressed from men to boys after a few puffs of weed, this grimly beautiful drama starring Nicolas Cage… by Amy Nicholson It’s been [...]


The Watkins Family Hour

The Watkins Family Hour is composed of siblings Sean and Sara Watkins (of bluegrass giants Nickel Creek), plus whichever of their friends happens to feel like dropping by for the night. Of course, their friends are a little more unusual than most folks’, and much more than an hour is… by Falling James The Watkins [...]


Arsonists Get All the Girls

Even in the alcohol-free Cobalt Café, this Santa Cruz, Calif., quintet will be the aural equivalent of a spiked drink: a disconcertingly psychedelic, ADHD mash-up of a decade’s worth of extreme metal substrains delivered with mortifying bile. Relentless gunship kick drums and supersaturated swarms of down-tuned guitars somehow couple with… by Paul Rogers Even in [...]


Kid Grift

For three years, Kid Grift performed improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, entertaining crowds of comedy nerds. Now the troupe’s eight comedians are branching out to do their own improv show in Silver Lake, mingling their silly, absurd sensibilities with intelligent scenework that goes beyond the usual improv fare… by Steve La For three [...]


Tacos R Us

The soft warmth of the tortilla. The savory sizzle of the meat. The fresh shock of the cilantro. The sweet crisp of the onion. No one makes a better taco than L.A. chefs, and the competition among the best of them is legendary. This Saturday, Grand Park will again be… by Rena Kosnett The soft [...]


The War on Drugs

Nothing worthwhile or practical ever came out of the “War on Drugs” hysteria until 2005, when a group of friends in Philadelphia borrowed the phrase to christen their mellow indie-rock band. Whereas Nancy Reagan reduced the battle to a simplistic slogan (“Just say no”), singer-guitarist Adam Granduciel speaks more cryptically… by Falling James Nothing worthwhile [...]


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