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WHY Bacon in your salad, bacon for your main course, bacon in your dessert.

WHAT L.A.’s foodie sensation is a bare-bones room crammed with people who aren’t even mad that they had to wait 45 minutes… with a reservation. It helps that the staff is remarkably kind, but really it’s because who can stay mad when the food is so damn good? The smart way to go is to share plates, so you don’t OD on the meltingly rich squares of pork belly with kim chee. Owner/chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the ‘2 Dudes’ of brief TV fame, are indeed dudes, but they are not slackers—they work hard to make sure you will be happy with your kale salad with pecorino, polenta with slow-cooked bolognese, crisp-tender pork ribs with a balsamic glaze, and bacon-chocolate crunch bar. If you’re a pescatarian, check out their new Son of a Gun. If you’re a vegetarian, well, sorry they can’t help you.

WHO A thundering herd of handsomely tousled carnivores.

435 N. Fairfax Ave., , 323.782.9225, animalrestaurant.com. D nightly. MC, V, AE.
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