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Cookbooks Plus


WHY To score that near-mint copy of The Silver Spoon, or another highly collectible cookbook.

WHAT Not enough foodies know about the treasure-trove of cookbooks tucked away in Santa Clarita, just a half-hour north of L.A. This is one of the last of an endangered species: the bricks-and-mortar cookbook shop. Mimi Hiller’s store offers some 17,000 new and mostly used cookbooks. Some of the inventory is online, but if you’re an addict like us, you’ll want to visit and poke around. Stop in during the Old Town Newhall Farmers’ Market on Thursdays from 3 to 7 p.m.—it takes place on the store’s doorstep.

24267 Main St., 661.296.4455, cookbooksplus.com. Closed Sun. Cash only.

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