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Euro Pane


WHY Breakfast croissants that are the best for many miles, and fab lunchtime sandwiches: egg salad, chicken salad and an amazing BLAT (bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato). Excellent coffee, too.

WHAT Sumi Chang’s extraordinary bakeries are also swell places for breakfast and lunch, especially this newer location, with its huge pecan communal table and large patio; the original location (950 E. Colorado Blvd., 626.577.1828) is more utilitarian. The new place has a larger selection of baked goods, including more whole wheat breads, but it also has many of the same dishes as the original, including the legendary egg salad sandwich.

WHO Pasadena’s intelligentsia read their New Yorkers at café tables over pains aux chocolats or lunchtime sandwiches.

345 E. Colorado Blvd., , 626.844.8804 B & L daily. MC, V.
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4 Responses for “Euro Pane”

  1. […] in San Francisco and Portland and wish we had in our own neighborhood. First central Pasadena got Euro Pane, then west Pasadena got Little Flower, and now South Pasadena has Fiore… our café culture is […]

  2. […] the more daring citrus-beverage connoisseur, Euro Pane offers a more tart, intense lemonade for $2.45. It is only slightly sweet and much less watered […]

  3. […] doesn’t work quite that cleanly). Four times a week she picks up unsold baked goods from Euro Pane and takes them to St. Joseph’s. Euro Pane owner Sumi Chang credits her book club friends […]

  4. […] of our favorite bakers, Sumi Chang, owner of Euro Pane, is hosting a reception for poet Lester Graves Lennon, Sunday, May 19th. He will be reading from […]


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