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Grilled Cheese Truck


WHY The comfort of grilled cheese with the sophistication of quality ingredients and modern combinations.

WHAT As the dust settles from the last year of food-truck mania, the Grilled Cheese Truck is coming out one of the winners—not as much of a sensation as Kogi, perhaps, but popular enough to always attract a crowd, and good enough to make the people who wait happy. Our favorites: the tomato soup, the tater tots and the harvest grilled cheese with butternut squash, roasted leeks and balsamic. Our teenager’s favorite: The mac ‘n cheese grilled cheese, every bit as decadent as it sounds. The truck cruises from Pasadena to the South Bay to Venice, with no set schedule, and it’s had a lot of private parties lately, so you’ll have to get online to find it.

WHO The usual crowd of twentysomethings who have no problem standing in line for 45 minutes for a sandwich.

, @grilldcheesetruk, grilledcheesetruck.com. Cash only.
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