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Koreatown Galleria Market

WHY Paradise for Korean food-lovers and cooks, right in the middle of a glitzy shopping mall. While you’re in the mall, check out Ho Won Dang, which sells special-occasion cookies. Try the tiny yellow cookies (their color comes from pine tree pollen) and the crisp, fried cookies coated with crushed pine nuts.

WHAT It’s worth a trip to Koreatown just to shop in this vast supermarket, which stocks everything to prepare a Korean meal and is often bustling with demonstrations and tastings of dumplings, meatballs or fried noodles. The produce section is lush with greens, soy sprouts, a half-dozen types of Asian mushrooms, lipstick peppers and fat Korean zucchini. There’s also a large section devoted to panchan, the side dishes served in Korean restaurants, as well as dinner-ready hot dishes, marinated meats, shelves of kim chee and gorgeous trays of sashimi.;

3250 W. Olympic Blvd., , 323.733.6000, koreatowngalleria.com. Daily. MC, V, AE.
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