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M Café de Chaya


WHY Macrobiotic, organic, vegetarian and/or vegan cooking that’s better than you might think is possible.

WHAT Shigefumi Tachibe, founding chef of the late lamented La Petite Chaya and executive chef of Chaya Venice and Chaya Brasserie, became an avid student of macrobiotic cooking years ago, and his studies finally paid off with this chic little restaurant and deli, which has spawned a larger offshoot in Culver City. His menu eschews red meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and refined sugar—and yet it’s full of delicious things to eat. A fine place for a lovely, light meal.

7119 Melrose Ave., , 323.525.0588, mcafedechaya.com. B, L & D daily. MC, V, AE.

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