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Mike & Anne’s


WHY The lovely rosemary-lined patio and the refreshingly uncomplicated modern American food: grilled sandwiches, crisp-skinned chicken, a terrific burger, and its decadent deep-fried trio of delight: sweet potato fries, french fries and the best onion rings in Pasadena.

WHAT South Pasadena has become a really good town to be hungry in, and this place is one of the foodie focal points. The sunny-by-day, twinkle-lit-by-night patio is the place to be in good weather, but we also like the bar and the brick-walled dining areas. The kitchen stocks its larders from the local farmers’ markets, including the Thursday one across the street.

WHO A typical South Pas mix—Republican Junior Leaguers next to Koi-clad artists.

1040 Mission St., , 626.799.7199, mikeandannes.com. B, L & D Tues.-Sun. MC, V, AE.

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