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4.20 (Weed+Chinese) Herb Dinner — Yes, *That* Herb

Gee, those leaves look familiar: Cannabis Monkfish Congee

Medical Marijuana users, this bud’s for you.

Also for you (and others): the chicken, the monkfish, the spareribs, the steak culotte, the panna cotta, the beer, and the cocktails — all  for $100.

The 4.20 (Weed+Chinese) Herb Dinner — the second by  Laurent Quenioux (formerly of LQ Bistro) and Thi Tran of Starry Kitchen (a.k.a. LQ+SK) — will take place at a super-secret DTLA location that, along with meet up/pick up details, will be revealed only to “confirmed ticketholders” closer to the day of the Big Event.

So far, secret password not required.

The chefs will focus on the flavor of a particular strain of marijuana in each dish.  The five course meal will feature delights such as: “Monkfish, Congee, Cannabis Epazote Pesto, Nettles, Shiso Buds, Young Carrots” and, instead of the expected hashish brownie, “Osmanthus Panna Cotta, Rhubarb, Frozen cream, Blood Orange sorbet, Cannabis Soil” for the final course.

Yes, Cannabis Soil.

To drink (and, presumably, to combat dry mouth), you’ll sip paired cocktails by Daniel Nelson and the Writer’s Room.  “Cho Sun One – Ganja Sesame oil on perilla leaf – korean pear, american moonshine” will accompany the  aforementioned monkfish;  “Bhang Lassi – garam masala, milk , almonds, hashish” will be paired with the sweets course.

You probably won’t have to remind yourself to save room for dessert.

4.20 (WEED+CHINESE) HERB DINNER  – Friday, April 20th; starts between 7&8 pm; $100+ticket feeLocation TBA

NOTE FROM THE ORGANIZERS: “You MAY have read that we’ll be checkin’ for Prescription Cards… and that MAY NOT be entirely true *wink wink*”

Click here for 4/20 Herb Dinner info and tix.  For additional questions, email weed@starrykitchen.com


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