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Caviar Launches High-End Delivery in L.A.


Delivery is a godsend for those nights when cooking is not an option — and it’s a great excuse to order your favorite greasy pizza or Chinese food in those iconic cardboard containers. But Caviar, a San Francisco-based company, looks to be a game changer. Their tagline is “get delivery from your favorite restaurants.” And by favorite restaurants, they mean the likes of Sotto, Jar, the Church Key, Border Grill, Paiche, and fundamental LA — the kind of restaurants you’d normally dress up to go to. Now that Caviar has launched in LA (other locations include San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Boston), you can enjoy food from restaurants that don’t normally deliver, without leaving your sofa. Will this trend catch on?┬áThe $9.99 delivery fee (with no minimum order) doesn’t seem prohibitive.



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