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Tar Pit Bar: Happy Hour Classics

No bones about it, the Tar Pit’s just-announced happy hour menu of drinks and snacks might ease your work-to-play transition beautifully. The sleek ’30s-supper-club-style bar-with-food, opened about six months ago by Campanile’s Mark Peel and Jay Perrin, offers a small selection of $6 classic cocktails (about half price) and a revolving “Aperitivo of the Week” created by  bar manager Dave Kupichinsky, also $6.

For snacking, the popular fries with spicy lemon salt and garlic and aioli are just $2.50 (how much more classic can you get?) and you can order pickled deviled eggs, calamari or mini mac ‘n cheese for $5 each.

The happy hour here is called the “Guilded Hour,” but we couldn’t get a satisfactory explanation for the name — though if we stretch it, we think the wordplay of gild (as in gold) vs. guild (as in craft union) almost brings to mind the Golden Age of Hollywood echoed in the bar’s decor. Something to ponder while we sip a  Bee’s Knees (the Prohibition-era concoction of gin, honey and lemon) or a Brown Derby (the L.A.-born cocktail of bourbon, honey and grapefruit).

The Guilded Hour at the Tar Pit
Nightly 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
609 N. La Brea Ave., Hollywood, 323.965.1300; tarpitbar.com



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