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L.A. Foodie’s #GetPorked Event at Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach

L.A. Foodie's Get Porked at Beachwood BBQ

Memorial Day just ended, but that doesn’t mean the grills are cooling off anytime soon; in fact, L.A. Foodie and Beachwood BBQ and Brewing are firing up a sizzling event tomorrow evening! The gathering is called #GetPorked, and as you probably guessed, the night is going to be full of succulent swine. The event costs $40 and will run from 7-10 p.m., with the sit down dinner starting promptly at 8 p.m. The four courses are:

  • Hickory smoked pork served with mustard sauce, Chowchow, and Texas toast.
  • Oak smoked pork with spicy Jack Daniel’s tomato sauce, tobacco onions, and grit cakes.
  • Apple wood smoked pork. Dry rubbed with Beachwood rub, served with vinegar BBQ sauce and vinegar cole slaw on a pretzel bun.
  • Pecan smoked pork with stone fruit BBQ sauce, served with a sweet potato pancake

That’s just the beginning, however, as each course will be hand paired with a carefully selected Beachwood Brewing craft beer, chosen by the chef and brewer on the night of the event. Furthermore, there will be 4 desserts, provided by Mwokaji Cakery:

  • Sponge cake with passion fruit filling, whipped frosting topped with fresh strawberries, blackberries, and mangoes.
  • Red velvet bacon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
  • Dark chocolate verrines.
  • Chocolate chip sprinkle cookies.

If that wasn’t enough incentive, just take a look the gift bags every guest will receive: pork jerkey from KRAVE Jerky; full size bags of Popsalot gourmet popcorn; samples of rich and decadent TCHO Chocolates; $20 Uber gift cards; and Yelp can koozies.

But this isn’t simply an excuse to indulge in food and free goodies, because #GetPorked will both satiate and educate. During dinner, L.A. Foodie’s Ben & Drew will record a live LAFoodiePodcast about American BBQ styles and the best craft beers to pair them with. You’ll get an insider’s view from behind the curtain while Ben & Drew crack wise and engage in general jackassery with their special #GetPorked guests.

Alright so you’ve read all this and are getting pretty excited right? Remember how we said all this costs only $40? Well the fine folks at L.A. Foodie have offered a special deal to you, our loyal EAT: LA readers. Click this link and you’ll instantly receive $10 off the ticket price, for a total of only $30. This should certainly be an exciting evening and we hope to see you there!

210 E 3rd St., , getporked.eventbrite.com/. Wednesday May 29, 2013---7-10 p.m.
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