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Mildred Pierce, By-Gone Restaurants, and a Slice of Pie

It could be argued that “Mildred’s”, the fried chicken and fruit pie franchise started by Joan Crawford’s character in the noir melodrama MILDRED PIERCE, was the first artisanal empire.

On Saturday, June 16th, American Cinematheque and the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles will present an illustrated talk on the kind of 1920’s-1940’s restaurants that inspired novelist James M. Cain’s “Mildred’s”.

Los Angeles Magazine columnist/preservation and vintage culture expert Chris Nichols and Veronica Gelakoska, author of Pig ‘n Whistle (part of the Arcadia Images in America series), will talk about the Pig ‘n Whistle, Melody Lane, Hody’s, and other popular but now by-gone Los Angeles restaurants.

Presumably, most of those establishments  weren’t started by martyred mothers trying to satisfy the demands of their spoiled, diva daughters but come on Saturday to find out for sure.

Larry Edmunds will host a book signing of Pig ‘n Whistle with Veronica Gelakoska after the lecture and prior to the screening of MILDRED PIERCE.   Slices of Mildred Pierce’s famous fruit pies will be for sale at the screening.

No martyred mothers required to attend.

LOS ANGELES RESTAURANTS OF THE 1920’s-1940’s/MILDRED PIERCESaturday, June 16th @ 2pm; $7-$11  — Egyptian Theater, 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood 90028 http://www.americancinemathequecalendar.com/


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