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Street Food, Tunes & An Open Bar

There’s no denying that street food is some of the best in the world. Something about being outside just makes it taste better. But unless you’re willing to sacrifice your reputation by carrying a bottle in a brown paper bag, you can’t enjoy your meal with a cocktail, a beer, or a glass of wine…or four.

These is a genuine dilemma, but fear no more, because chef Susan Feniger is hosting a soiree for her new cookbook STREET FOOD, open bar and all.

On Sunday, Street will put on a night of cool music (curated by Amoeba), hot food, and good company. Guests can try such appetizers as shiso shrimp, Cantonese radish cakes, and Korean short-rib skewers.  Susan Feniger and Kajsa Alger will also demonstrate their favorite dishes. Have your iPhone notepad ready; they’ll be sharing spice-market tips while they prepare Burmese melon salad and spiced millet puffs before your very eyes. Resist the urge to get sucked into Words with Friends, because you won’t want to miss the free spice packet giveaway.

Seventy bucks will get you in with a copy of the book, personalized by the author, but if you’re just in it for a good time, $50 will do the trick. Reservations are essential; the first 50 to RSVP get gift cards to Amoeba Music.

Street Food Launch Party
Sunday, August 26, 5-8 p.m.
742 N. Highland Ave., Melrose, 323.203.0500



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