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Supper Liberation Front

Blame it on our nose-to-the-grindstone L.A. County health inspectors, who always seem to ferret out a food festival or suspicious food truck, or maybe it’s the traffic’s fault, but Los Angeles has never had its fair share of underground restaurants (we admittedly find it hard to imagine willfully eating in someone’s attic or basement after seeing Silence of the Lambs one too many times). But pop-up restaurants are thriving here, particularly as of late with the likes of LudoBites, Bloody Bills and now the Supper Liberation Front.

Supper Liberation Front is the pet project of “Sacco and Vanzetti,” the not-so-secret code names for Joshua Gil (formerly chef de cuisine at Joe’s) and Daniel Snukal (formerly chef-owner of the now-closed Three on Fourth in Santa Monica). What started as casual dinners for family and friends has morphed into a mission to “reject the idea that exquisite equals expensive.” The duo cook four-course BYOB dinners three nights a week for $35 at a roving location (typically a closed coffee shop or restaurant, which keeps them just this side of legal) that is revealed with your reservation. Recent dishes have included Tai snapper with oolong noodles and Moroccon smoked lamb with pureed dates, harissa and cauliflower couscous. The chefs hold these dinners in between the occasional catering gig —something they tell us that they, and their families, are enjoying after so many twelve-hour, six-day weeks behind the stoves.

And on that reservation front: The chefs say you need to know one of them personally, or know someone who has dined at Supper Liberation Front, to score a seat. But you can try assuming that they (and you) have a broad definition of “friend” and join their Facebook page, and try buttering them up with a donation of a pot or another item on their kitchen wish list.

Supper Liberation Front: Check the website for menus and to make reservations, supperliberationfront.com; upcoming meals include a vegetarian dinner on March 24, 25 and 26 and an oyster-tasting menu on March 31 and April 1 and 2.


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