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‘Short List’

Pop-up Restaurants, Tasty Goat, and Pricey Lobster

This week on KPCC’s Off-Ramp, EAT: Los Angeles publisher Colleen Dunn Bates spoke about pop-up restaurants, goat meat goodness, and the still-high price of lobster in Los Angeles. Goat cheese is a foodie favorite, but most Americans are wary of goat meat. Eat LA’s Linda Burum talks about how it’s big in India, Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam, […]


Raw Meat, L.A. Style

This week on Eat LA on Off-Ramp, Linda Burum talks about Los Angeles’s new fascination with raw meat. There are plenty of new restaurants bringing raw meat to their patrons–but Burum says that’s nothing new. Korean and Lebanese restaurants, for example, have served Angelenos uncooked meat for decades now. Here’s a list of some of Linda’s […]


DIY Coffee Roasting: A Pro’s Advice

My left hand was cramping, locked in a death grip on the wooden handle of a hot Whirley-Pop popcorn popper as my right hand cranked the stirrer that spun around the pot’s interior. Ian Riley lifted the popper’s lid, squinted at the contents and said, “It’s time.”


What?!?! Noisy Restaurants in L.A.


On the most recent Eat LA on Off-Ramp, we focused on LOUD—places where the food’s good, the décor is smashing, but the noise level is on a par with Runway 24 at LAX. Does too much sound ruin an otherwise good meal? Or does it make it even better? And how do restaurateurs deal with […]


Hope for Cottage Food Producers

This weekend on KPCC’s Off-Ramp, I talked to breadmaker Mark Stambler and California Assembly Member Mike Gatto about the in-the-works legislation to legalize “cottage food” businesses—breadmakers, nut roasters, and other creators of non-dangerous food items for sale. The whole issue first came to head when Stambler appeared on Off-Ramp; then Eat LA contributor Jenn Garbee […]


Fung Brothers Love for the 626

Three cheers for SGV entertainers and video makers the Fung Brothers for this terrific music-video shout-out to the joys of the 626. Sorry, Altadena, they don’t mean you: This love goes out to the south end, where the good food and late-night café action live: Alhambra, San Gabriel, Monterey Park, Rosemead and even El Monte. […]


Eat LA on Off-Ramp: Goodbye to Angeli

This week on Eat LA on Off-Ramp, we visit Angeli Caffé for one last time, before its closing after 27 years, and we talk to owner/chef Evan Kleiman and writer Jonathan Gold about Angeli’s impact on LA dining. We also talk about the closing of Drago and Tre Venezie… and, on a cheerier note, welcome […]


Iberico Fresco, Parsley & Feeding Occupy LA

This week on Eat LA on Off-Ramp, producer Kevin Ferguson goes along with caterer Jennie Cook as she feeds the Occupy LA encampment; Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks to Mark Peel, owner/chef of Campanile and Tar Pit, about that most unappreciated of herbs, parsley; and Eat LA contributing editor Linda Burum talks with Jose Martinez, […]


All Things Pie

In honor of KCRW’s upcoming Good Food Pie Contest, we present a short list of some of our favorite pie destinations in town. But first, know that the Pie Contest is Sunday, September 18th at LACMA, and it’s free, and Evan Kleiman’s behind it, and it will have pies from all sorts of bakers, including […]


Communal Tables, Goat Cheese & Presidential Turkey Burgers

This week on Eat LA on Off-Ramp, we talk about goats and making goat cheese with goat farmer, cheesemaker, college professor and restaurateur Stephen Rudicel; hear about the food at President Obama’s 50th birthday bash from attendee Eric Garcetti; and share Elina Shatkin’s rant about communal tables. Here’s a link to the podcast on the […]


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