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Communal Tables, Goat Cheese & Presidential Turkey Burgers

Steve Rudicel and a couple of his girls.

This week on Eat LA on Off-Ramp, we talk about goats and making goat cheese with goat farmer, cheesemaker, college professor and restaurateur Stephen Rudicel; hear about the food at President Obama’s 50th birthday bash from attendee Eric Garcetti; and share Elina Shatkin’s rant about communal tables.

Here’s a link to the podcast on the Off-Ramp blog. And here’s a link to the Institute of Domestic Technology, which will be hosting the second of Rudicel’s cheese-making classes on September 10th.

Here’s our short list of happening restaurants with communal tables. We’re not so keen on the communal tables, but we’re awfully fond of these places, or at least most of them.

Son of a Gun, Beverly/Third
Canelé, Atwater
Gjelina, Venice
Umami Burger, Mid-Wilshire and other locations
Waterloo & City, Culver City
Market on Holly, Old Pasadena
Le Pain Quotidien, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pasadena and beyond
The Gorbals, Downtown

2 Responses for “Communal Tables, Goat Cheese & Presidential Turkey Burgers”

  1. Arthur says:

    Also to the list, Wurstkuche and Aburiya Toranoko.
    Chego used to be communal as well while standing.
    Mangiare in Famiglia (Mozza To Go family dinner) is very nice.

  2. […] of The Urban Homestead; Stephen Rudicel, owner of the Press Restaurant in Claremont and a goat farmer and cheesemaker in Altadena; and Karen Klemens, owner of Mother Moo Creamery in Sierra Madre. The […]


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